Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Text Tag

I haven't done a link up in awhile and when my daughter Hayley tagged me in doing one I could say no. :-) Thank you Hayley, this is a different one I haven't seen before. Be sure to stop over at Hayley's blog Reflections of Me and say hi. I'm super proud of her getting her blog together and just writing whatever comes to mind, her poems and stories are really great and I always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

The rules:
- Thank the person who nominated you/give a link back to their blog
- Answer the original 6 text-themed questions
- Add a typography/word related question of your own for those you tagged to answer
- Tag at least 6 bloggers and let them know
- Include these rules in your post

 - The Questions -

1. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?
I'd have to say a J, I like writing them really fancy in cursive.

2. What are three words that you love?
Mommy, breathless, intriguing

3. What are three words that you hate?
Prejudice, stupid, whatever

4. If you were to create a word, what would it be, and what would it describe?
Transportalia! Ridding the world of bad things by transporting them into space :-) 

5. What are your three favorite punctuation marks?
!    ?   &

6. What are your three favorite fonts?

Several in the word program, hard to choose but Ariel is one :-)

Hayley's question: What phrase or quotes motivate you?

" In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"  Nikos Kazantzakis

My Question for the bloggers I have tagged is what does writing mean to you?

I am tagging:

Have a fantastic night!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Around Our Yard in NC Late March, Early April

These are some pictures from mid March and early April when we first moved into the property. It was so pretty seeing all the trees that were blooming.

           So pretty, but they don't last very long unfortunately. These pink blooms are from the weeping cherry tree, Jerry's favorite tree. :-)

                                             Lots of beautiful dogwoods throughout the yard too.

The girls are always out enjoying the yard and I caught them in this shot being silly! I think Hayley may have been considering tossing Kathleen into the water, lol.

New life popping up everywhere.... it's just taking the time to slow down and appreciate the little things around us.

This time I walked to the other side of our property to get a different view without the neighbor's houses behind us. I absolutely love our park like setting here.

So peaceful here and just being able to sit and listen to all the sounds of nature each day is such a blessing.

I still make time to cook with the girls, Kathleen just loves to bake with me so we made some cookies the other day :-)

This little momma duck from our pond, we discovered has laid her eggs in front of the house near the beginning of the driveway tucked under the bushes.

Jerry has been mowing after work and already knows the mower we have is quite small for a yard this large, lol. It takes 2-3 evenings to get everything mowed.

"Earth teach me to forget myself as melted snow forgets its life. Earth teach me resignation as the leaves which die in the fall. Earth teach me courage as the tree which stands all alone. Earth teach me regeneration as the seed which rises in the spring."   William Alexander

                    I've been baking some banana bread too for us and to send to Jerry's work. It is nice getting my kitchen back in order and this one is larger than my last so I have lots of room. :-)

We also were able to get a fence put in for our dogs and will be picking them up from my parent's house soon. We can't wait we've missed them so much!!!! I know they are going to love this yard and house and all the room they will have. :-)

                                            Kathleen is blending right in with trees. :-)

                                Kathleen in the morning at the bus stop near the duck eggs.

  See them nestled inside? Mama ducks doesn't really doesn't sit on them though. We are concerned they won't make it.

          We found a little local restaurant that sells hot dogs that they make and Kathleen loves them.

                           She also found another pig, lol. So of course we had to get a picture!!
                                                                   Until next time.....


Review of Valentia exfoliating scrub

                                                           (Photo credit: Valentia)
 (Photo credit: Valentia)

 (Photo credit: Valentia)

Below I added a picture of the scrub when it was opened so you can get an idea of the texture and what it looks like.

* I received this product from Valentia for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. *

This exfoliating scrub is nicely packaged and it does have a light scent to it. It reminds me a little bit of the scent of Noxzema though not quite as strong. It applies easily with a cool, gel feel and the little microbeads you can really feel working on your skin to help smooth and condition it with repeated use. I enjoyed using it and could see a difference in my skin after a few days. I have reviewed several of their products and have been pleased with the results.

Below is a product description from their company:

"Product Description
VALENTIA'S ETERNAL YOUTH EXFOLIATING SCRUB is more than just your ordinary beauty scrub. It is rich in natural ingredients that provides hydration and rejuvenates your skin to help keep your face looking young and radiant. Let's have a look at these natural ingredients:

ALL NATURAL BUTTERS: Specialized moisturizing ingredients including three different types of tropical butters hydrate dry skin, helping to repair signs of aging that leave skin dull and lifeless. Aloe Vera, a nutrient rich plant firms and hydrates skin leaving it feeling smooth and looking luminescent all day long.

VITAMIN RICH INGREDIENTS: Nourishing vitamins such as A, B1, B2, D and E work to smooth rough and uneven skin, combat the signs of aging and softens skin. Anti-inflammatory properties from white and green tea give skin a smooth, youthful glow.

REFRESHES & REJUVENATES: Antioxidant-rich green and white tea fights wrinkles, dry skin and other signs of aging, while Jojoba beads gently scrub away dead skin without damaging healthy skin cells. The result is brighter, tighter skin.

ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES: All of our natural ingredients work together, creating a powerful formula that fights the signs of aging. Obliterating free radicals through a deep cleanse, this scrub will leave skin feeling like new. Dry and sagging skin will be firm and moist so you look your age...or younger!

REMOVES TOXINS: A gentle scrub releases toxins and free radicals that work to leave skin looking dull, grey, and lifeless. Cleanse and rejuvenate skin regularly to keep it looking vibrant, fresh and youthful.

Valentia believes in the power of nature and therefore we proudly treat nature with the utmost respect and care. Inside every Valentia product you will find ingredients that are organic, natural, toxin and paraben­free, made using sustainable energy, vegan friendly, animal cruelty free, and made in the USA.

Our experts have scientifically formulated products that are highly concentrated with only the most potent natural medicines, meaning a little goes a long way. In our firm conviction that everyone deserves self­care and to have access to luxury skincare solutions, we always keep our products priced fairly."


Review of the ebook Ghostsitter by Shelly Brown

* I received this ebook for free from Future House Publishing in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own *.

This book is new and is geared towards middle school children and older as it deals with the paranormal. It will release officially on Amazon on October 1st and there will be a launch announced on Future House Publisher's web site. This is perfect just in time for Halloween and a great ebook to read. Tiffany and Justin, the characters in the book find themselves trying to figure out what is happening around them and how did they get the ability to see the ghosts. It's an enjoyable read and I think middle school children and adults will really like it. I liked the book because the author keeps you interested and fully develops the story line making you want to read more and find out what will happen next. It's suspenseful and entertaining and a pleasure to review.

Below is a description of the book from the publisher:

"Tiffany Hart dreams of one thing, to be class president. But dreams turn to nightmares when she ends up almost dead in an abandoned slaughterhouse and develops the gift of ghost-seeing. Unfortunately she only knows one person who can help her shake her ghoulish problem, her neighbor and the weirdest boy at school, Justin Henderson. Justin has been seeing spirits since he was nine, a creepy claim that has earned him the privilege of eating lunch by himself for years. Together they start to unravel a mystery with dead orphans, a white witch, and phantom spiders. To save their lives (and afterlives of innocent children) they must face a terrifying specter and a ghastly woman who isn't afraid of hurting kids, dead or alive." (Future House Publisher)


Friday, April 29, 2016

Review of ebook Parrish by Shannen Crane Camp #FutureHousePub

* I received this ebook for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. *

If you enjoy ghost stories this one is quite intriguing. A group of friends that venture into the world of the "unknown" so to speak to try to explain the unexplained. You can receive this ebook for a limited time on Amazon for only 99 cents April 28th-30th, originally it is $3.99.

I found the book to be a good read and an interesting story line. I think it is well suited for a young adult audience and definitely keeps you guessing about what they will uncover with the "ghosts". In the process they learn a few things about relationships, each other and how things tie together. What could those noises and bumps in the night truly be?

The writing by the author is well done and she draws you in with paragraphs such as the one I have included here. It's always been interesting to me to find out what a ghost or spirit may be trying to communicate. In this paragraph they heard something while investigating and they are listening to the sound they captured back on the tape they recorded.

"I couldn't quite understand why, but the voice made the hair on the back of my arms stand up. This
childlike sound made me feel uneasy. Looking around the cramped bathroom, I could see I wasn't the only one. Deacon had stopped making faces and Jefferson had his eyes closed, trying to figure out what was being said" (Camp, chapter 9 location 1228, 24% on a kindle).

This is the first book in a series and I am looking forward to reading more and following along on the adventures. Overall I felt it was a good book :-)

Future House Publishing will be giving away a few copies for the book's launch starting today. You can find out more by visiting their blog on their website.

Here is a brief blurb about the story taken from Future House Publishing:

Parrish Blurb:
Sadie Smith was absolutely certain of three things: (1) ghosts were indisputably real; (2) she and her three friends were some of the best (if not the most . . . conventional) ghost hunters in Oregon; (3) her teammate Jefferson Parrish was always the scariest thing in the room—even during a paranormal investigation. In a face-off between supernatural beings and Jefferson's lack of social skills and Tim Burton-esque vibe, there really was no contest. But ghosts—unsurprisingly—aren't great at helping to pay the rent, so when Sadie and her friends receive an anonymous letter from a mysterious client offering an undisclosed sum of money in return for finding the link between four haunted locations, it's an easy sell. Going on blind faith and a few vague instructions on how to reach their first location, the ghost hunters set out only to see clue after clue falling into place. As they piece together a sinister mystery reaching back to the 1800s, the group starts to wonder if they're in over their heads, or if they're on the path to unraveling a love story that was buried long ago—and one that should stay buried.