Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Enjoying Autumn and recipes for kale pesto fettuccine and one pot zucchini mushroom pasta

I love autumn! Always been my favorite time of year! So much beauty to enjoy and I just love to take photos of how quickly everything changes. Even a simple dog fence finds beauty among the leaves falling.

"There's nothing as fine as an autumn day, with the smell in the air of fresh mown hay. Each tree is a wonder, of beauty untold. Each leaf brushed with color, a sight to behold. There's a nip in the air-crisp, cool and clear-to remind us that winter soon will be here! But for now we have autumn, the "show-off" of seasons! My favorite, by far, and these are the reasons!  ---June Kellum

These are the trees we get to enjoy from our backyard :-)

                                                            Breathtaking beauty......

                                                                     Gorgeous sunrises......

I love how much the girls appreciate the sunrises and sunsets too....they always run to get their cameras to capture this beautiful moment.

We have decorated our new home for fall. This is a bit from out front. Always wanted a front porch to decorate for the holidays and now I have one!

Walking around my yard, and finding more beauty....

This was a photo of the tree before we trimmed it back this past weekend. We needed to trim it away from the house and clean it all up :-) I love the rich red so had to get a before picture!

A bench we found at a yard sale fits nicely underneath the willow tree. Such a peaceful place to sit and reflect or read....

Also a great spot for an adorable little red head! ;-)

Some more decorating with my girls, the beginning process...

Having a large yard means everyone pitching in to help. I'm so proud of my girls and how they take pride in what we have. Both were wonderful helpers! Hayley didn't want me to post pictures of her "working" in the yard, but she was a big help as well!

We also took a time out on Saturday to go to a Halloween party at Kathleen's school. She went as Brier Beauty from Everafter High!

Hayley was having a blast being a minion! Her personality and sense of humor always has us laughing.

Since our temperatures were in the 70's this weekend, we were able to get a lot accomplished. Kathleen took a break to spend some quality time with the dogs. They were in their glory...especially with the quilt outside to lay on!!

Bella....soaking up the sun....

The leaves kept blowing into the dog bowl even after cleaning it out a bunch of times. Owen didn't seem to mind.... ;-)

We added several birdhouses and bird feeders around the yard too. The birds found one so far...but not the others just yet. Knowing how bad the winters will be here we wanted to care for as many as we could.

While we all worked....Elvis enjoyed soaking up all the sun in the house anywhere he could!

And of course the sunsets here are just as beautiful!

I have 2 recipes to share that we really enjoyed this past week. This first recipe I found in the November, 2014 issue of Rachel Ray. We really enjoyed it!! Tastes great reheated the next day too.

                                                                   Kale Pesto Fettuccine

1 small bunch curly kale, trimmed and torn
1/2 cup EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
1/2 cup toasted walnuts
3 cloves garlic
2 tsp. lemon juice
1 lb. cooked fettuccine
3/4 cup heavy cream

Blanch kale in boiling, salted water for 1 minute. Rinse in cold water; squeeze dry
In food processor, puree with next 5 ingredients.
Toss with pasta and cream
Serves 4

Then this week we took a break at Cracker Barrel while Cooper was getting groomed. We love all the choices and yummy foods they serve!! Plus having fun playing checkers and enjoying the rockers :-)

A few more pictures of the Halloween costumes and party at the school! :-)

Had to share Kathleen's birthday wish list. Her birthday is in November, but she loves Rainbow Loom and making things for others. Had to smile when she handed me this list.

A new candle to enjoy the warm glow on my fireplace.....

Another delicious, quick recipe I made last night is:

One pot zucchini, mushroom pasta. Another big hit!

1 pound spaghetti
1 pound cremini mushrooms sliced
2 zucchini thinly sliced and quartered
2/3 cups peas
2 garlic cloves
2 sprigs of thyme
1/3 cup grated Parmesan
1/4 cup heavy cream
4 1/2 cups water

In a dutch oven over medium high heat, combine spaghetti, mushrooms, zucchini, peas, garlic, thyme, 4 1/2 cups water and season with salt and pepper.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer uncovered until pasta is cooked through and liquid has reduced; 10 mins or so. Then stir in Parmesan and heavy cream....serve hot and enjoy! :-)

Of course it wouldn't be autumn and the joys of being young if not for raking and jumping in leaves! I see feet.....

"Come little leaves", said the wind one day, "come to the meadows with me and play, put on your dresses of red and gold, for summer is past, and the days grow cold". Soon as the leaves heard the wind's loud call, down they came fluttering, one and all. Over the meadows they danced and flew all singing the soft little songs they knew"   ----George Cooper

                                              Gathering Leaves     By: Robert Frost

Spades take up leaves no better than spoons. And bags full of leaves are light as balloons. I make a great noise of rustling all day, like rabbit and deer running away. But the mountains I raise elude my embrace, flowing over my arms and into my face. I may load and unload again and again, till I fill the whole shed and what have I then? Next to nothing for weight and since they grew duller from contact with earth next to nothing for color. Next to nothing for use, but a crop is a crop, and who's to say where the harvest shall stop?"

Pure joy.... never too old to enjoy a jump in the leaves!

Thanks for visiting today!! Enjoy the beauty of the season and perhaps even the warming comfort of one of the hot recipes above :-)