Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sick :(

I have been so sick with acute bronchitis and pneumonia the past 2 weeks. Just wanted to quickly update, hope to be back to posting soon and visiting everyone blogs to catch up. So far behind here and so much I wanted to get done! Not the way I wanted to start summer vacation with my girls. ��. 

Be back soon!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wrapping up the school year,chickens and more

Mother's Day weekend I found this chicken statue and picked it up for when the coop was ready. :-) It may end up on a little table outside the coop, but for now it sits by the gate outside.

The chickens are adjusting really well and like their new area, it's cute they all push for spots near the windows. The one on the bottom to the left is a loner, she's different than all the other ones. Very tame and so sweet! One of my favorites!!

They love looking out and watching us to see what we are doing. LOL. Little hard to see, but I thought it was such a cute picture!

Jerry built a nice octagon shaped flower bed for around the flag pole out front. This past weekend we bought 6 knock out rose bushes to put in there. They will bloom into the fall.

They turned out really nice and the colors are so pretty.

We got red.... they fade to pink before dying off.....

And yellow... they fade to white before dying off....yellow has always been my favorite color of roses.

This little beauty is still finding 4 leaf clovers and even some 5 leaf clovers! The crocheted shawl she finished after teaching herself from YouTube.

She loves hanging out around the yard and taking each dog for a walk. Bella and Owen and Skippy were groomed this weekend so I'll have to post updated pictures of them. All ready for the warm weather!

Beautiful flowers all around the yard still blooming.

Jerry also made me this lovely trellis to put my clematis on that I got for Mother's day. :-)

These purple Irises were so pretty, but didn't last very long.

We found a crazy big Asparagus in the garden the other day! Yes, still getting a bunch of them each day and I've been freezing them about every other day! :-) Should have plenty this winter.

Was so happy another little bird made a nest and laid her eggs right outside my kitchen window. She sits there every day protecting them. Can't wait till they hatch. :-)

Kathleen finished the year with straight A's on the honor roll and all kinds of awards and a trophy!!

Hayley also made honor roll and won awards as well as received recognition for her success in Power of the Pen.

So very proud of both of my girls!!! Goodbye third grade for Kathleen and goodbye eighth grade for Hayley! Next year on to high school... time sure flies by.

We also found a wonderful new lake to enjoy with a walking trail, playgrounds and pavilions not far from the house. :-) It was a perfect weekend to enjoy it!

Lilies....some blooming....

Kathleen by the buttercups :-)

Hayley was collecting goose feathers to make a project I'm sure she will feature on her blog soon.

Lots of momma geese with their babies and duck mommy and babies too :-)

Just drying some dill in my kitchen window. Since putting my herbs in planters outside they have really taken off well.

Last day of third grade was Monday, the 8th! All that was needed was her lunch bag and a gift for her bus driver. :-)

Wouldn't be a picture without Cooper at the bus stop.

I made this with sign to kick start the summer for the girls when they came home from school. Activities are planned and let an awesome summer begin!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Building the chicken coop

Building this coop has been a labor of love process. We see our chickens as pets and have them for getting fresh eggs. This coop was also a time for Jerry and Hayley to bond as father and daughter as he taught her how to build it as they went along. There are lots of pictures so hopefully you will stick through till the end :-) I love documenting these moments in our lives. So neat to look back and reflect upon.

First thing Jerry did was measure and pour concrete to place base of coop on so it would be up off the ground from predators. In each concrete place he put the date and our initials. 

Next since the ground was not level, he measured off to make sure the coop would be level as he built it. After creating the frame he put trex decking on top for easy cleanup and it will last a long time.

We began building it around Easter and it was still fairly chilly outside.

I could not be more proud of Hayley for working by his side very long hours!

We wanted to add a few windows for ventilation in the coop.

When Jerry builds something, he puts 100% into it and it always turns out amazing :-)

I have to admit watching Hayley handle the nail gun sped my heart up a bit, but it's a great learning experience and is fostering her self confidence. :-)

This little cutie photo bombed my picture, lol. I didn't even realize it at the time until later when I downloaded all my photos!

Slow but steady progress as we had so much going on in a few short months!

We built it behind our shed near the garden to help cut down on some of the wind that whips through. However as strong and sturdy as Jerry built it, I think it's going to be o.k.! ;-)

Hayley was great at placing the windows and learning how to install them.

Some days were really cold, but they kept going!

Just to point out, Hayley is using the nail gun, :-)

                                                Finished product before it was painted :-)

                                          No matter what, she'll always be daddy's girl!

Jerry built the whole fence area and the top is enclosed, it stands 6 feet tall so we can easily walk in as well.

The outside material is concrete board. It will hold up longer and deter predators and bees, etc.

Time to paint! It will now match the shed (which we will be repainting soon) and the color of our home.

All painted with a flower box too, just have to do the white trim to cover nail holes. We love it and they did an awesome job!

The chickens are so happy to have more space! They weren't sure how to react at first. We left some of the grass in there long for them to enjoy.

Our neighbor had old cabinets he was going to throw away and asked if we wanted them. We said yes and decided we would turn these in to the nesting boxes for the chickens. I wanted to spruce them up, so I painted them white.

Jerry cut an area out for them and they worked out perfectly!

We have cords wrapped around it now so the chickens can't open it and get through.

This is where he cut the holes out in the other side. Kathleen had fun in these pictures, lol.

She is excited about the whole experience with the chickens and I'm so happy we have a property where we can do this now.

Jerry did an amazing job building their perch and areas to get around, like the little ramps.

These will work out so nicely for when we are able to get their eggs! A few more months before that happens.

He built their door to go outside and added a hook and eye  to hold it up for them during the day. It has a lock on it for the evening time when they go back in the coop.

He made the door also as well as the steps leading into the coop.

Some pictures before it was painted...

A few shots of the inside. I will add more pictures later, but this side is to gather the eggs and store the food, etc. we need for them. I think the flooring turned out really well.

This is leading into the other side, Jerry also built the door.

Before winter we will add insulation, etc. for them to keep them warm.

Here's a better picture of the door he made that leads to the chicken's side.

Jerry never ceases to impress me with all his talents and the things he can do and build/design.

Kathleen picked out flowers and planted them in the flower box that hangs outside. We found shelving brackets at a yard sale and Jerry cut some wood and drilled right into flower holder to place on side of coop. Inexpensive, but effective!

This was when we were carrying them out to their new home! So thankful to finally get them out of the garage! It was not smelling too pretty!!!

Even Hayley was right on board bringing them out. :-)

Happy chickens! :-)

We added some wood chips in their nesting boxes and around the floor.

Kathleen was giving them some strawberries out of the garden :-)

                                                               Have a wonderful day!!!