Monday, August 31, 2015

A Peek Inside Our Homeschool Days

It's been two weeks so far since we have started our new home school journey and we are loving it! We start our day with a healthy breakfast bright and early. I've been loving my new pitcher with the infuser inside. I've been adding fresh fruits and also fresh mint from my garden, delicious, refreshing and calorie free! :-)

Homeschooling leaves room for exploration and new discoveries and sadly the other day when we were outside we discovered the farmers field behind us was being marked with property markers. We are praying it does not mean they are selling the land ... but it doesn't look good. Kathleen was quite upset and kept saying "no! They can't do that!" The logics of a 9 year olds mind... I wish it was that easy to make them not sell it, it would be sad to see businesses or developments move in.....

They are all over and in our neighbor's yards too.

On a good note, our garden has been awesome among all the weeds, lol. Although the chickens are happy when we pull them as they get a treat! ;-) They leave us lovely eggs every day :-) Delicious!

We start homeschooling early to leave time in the afternoon to do different things. Elvis has become a pretty permanent fixture during the day in the room with us. Kathleen loves that she has the option to hang out in PJ's to do her work and get comfortable where she wants. One of our favorite topics is History and we enjoying expanding beyond the lessons. The other day we were learning about William Harvey. Well we extended into books, and other readings and then YouTube videos about the circulatory system and how the heart works. Well needless to say I almost passed out from some of them, not a fan of seeing blood or needles.... lol... hey I'm a teacher not a nurse and for good reason! :-)

A couple months back we found this old school desk at a yard sale, actually we picked up two of them. Jerry loves new projects so he took this one apart and sanded it all down, painted it, stained the top and reassembled it so Kathleen would have it for her room.

As with everything he does it turned out beautiful and she was so happy and surprised to see it. He is currently working on a chair to go with it since the folding chair we have in there now is a little big. Will post updates soon.

We also started our first science project to see what will decompose in the soil in 2 weeks time. Some of our objects were: fruit peels, paper, egg shells, aluminum foil, etc. We accidentally captured a couple ants and they have been busy working so will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Kathleen made me this picture 2 years ago and I have cherished it ever since, It hangs proudly in my den, now also school room. The other day at a yard sale I found this home school sign for 50 cents and knew it was perfect for our classroom. Also got to talk to the mom holding the yard sale that home schooled all her kids over 15 years! Pretty cool, very nice lady. :-)

Art is another one of our favorite subjects, here Kathleen is working on mixing paint colors to create her color wheel.

This photo was a random shot Hayley took of Kathleen and Patches in our yard... just love how it turned out. :-) Thanks Hayley!

Something else we love to do together is gardening. My roses have been a little neglected with all the craziness here, so Kathleen and I set out to tackle them after class work was done. Those weeds are gone and we dead headed the tops and chased off the beetles!

Seriously....could she be any cuter in the hat?

We have this strange grass that just started popping up randomly in our front yard and it is very green and lush. The chickens love it and Kathleen loves gathering it to give to them. She made me laugh when she said "I will pick that grass but only in my bare feet!" Off went the boots, socks and gloves!

And there she is in the middle of it all collecting the grass for the chickens in her hat.

In her bare feet because that's what country girls do! ;-)

And we bake! As part of her math assignment she made chocolate chip muffins! Yummy!!

Oh and we just have to share this cute Rooster jar we found to collect our egg money in :-) Now that co workers at Jerry's job have tasted fresh eggs they are eager to buy. Eggs here are $4.00 in the store for brown eggs, crazy expensive! We charge $2.50.

We are all watching and waiting to see how much bigger this tomato is going to got!
We have so many different kinds of tomatoes! The chickens are enjoying them too.

We even have our little school bell we use between lessons and for some lessons so she can let me know she's ready to move on. We are really enjoying this time together.

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away" Thoreau

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire" William Butler Yeats

"Nothing is so contagious as example"  La Rochefoucauld

"When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is inevitable"  Elizabeth Fross

I am so very thankful that I have the ability and resources to have this journey with Kathleen. I'd still like to home school Hayley as well but she wants to try high school and the 31st is the big day as a 9th grader :-)

                                                              Have a fabulous week!!! :-)


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dinosaurs and History at Cedar Point

Having season passes to Cedar Point makes it easy to go and enjoy the day with the girls. Unfortunately some of the people at Cedar Point and their behaviors leave a lot of disappointment the last few times we've been there. Also the amount of disrespectful smokers that smoke anywhere they choose instead of the designated smoking areas. To those of us who don't smoke (I'm allergic and Hayley has asthma) it leaves us with no choice. They do it at the eating areas, walking, games etc. Rarely do the park employees enforce it and it honestly is bad enough it has ruined a lot of our trips. Considering not renewing it next year due to several things we've noticed there.

But on a good note....

One of the things included with our passes is the dinosaur exhibit. This particular day we went was when Hayley had her best friend Breanne from back home visiting. While they were riding roller coasters since Hayley just was cleared from her concussion; we decided it was a great time to take Kathleen back in time.....

First we got to see the dinosaurs..... ;-)

There were a couple exhibits that were interactive. You could hear them roar, make them breathe and move different parts of their bodies.

Unfortunately they should have had DO NOT SMOKE signs there as well and someone to enforce it because they still came through smoking and on a very narrow path :-(  Which means it was difficult to move away from. Jerry attempted to say something nicely and these people flew off the handle so rudely, it is sad to see. We wanted to keep the day happy for Kathleen so we avoided the smoke the best we could.

A lot of interesting facts about their lives, habits and demise along the way. All great knowledge to incorporate into a lesson for homeschooling.

Pretty neat to see them life sized and Kathleen was really enjoying herself.

Wouldn't have wanted to run into him in the woods!

Cool fossil prints were stamped into the concrete.

Jerry being "brave", lol.

Did you know they had roller coasters back then ?   ;-)

After a lot of walking Jerry and Kathleen sat down to enjoy a foot massage.... lol, for 25 cents you can't beat it!

Kathleen was laughing so hard saying how much it tickled her feet. :-)

And it seems somehow we always manage to leave with a stuffed animal of some sort.... What a parent does to make their children smile :-)  We also took some time to watch a few live shows that were nicely done.

We took a little time to walk around their historical museum that tells all about the history of Cedar Point. Was so cool stepping back in time. We all really enjoy history so take advantage of every opportunity to learn more.

The creepy lady telling fortunes we could have done without seeing... lol, notice her in the box? I should have taken a close up picture!

Can't visit amusement parks without a carousel ride! ;-) Or in Kathleen's case, several rides to be sure to get on a different animal each time!

Kathleen has always loved riding on the ride called the whip since she was really little. Sadly this will be her last year to... she was slightly over with height, but the lady let her enjoy her last time riding it.

So we've been keeping very busy around our home and garden and school room, more updates to come!.... We've been making zucchini bread using them fresh from our garden....

And enjoying hikes around the lakes before the weather turns. I love fall, but here it happens briefly and before you know it there's snow... not liking it at all.... dreading another winter here.... so enjoying all the nice days outside that we can because before long we will be stuck inside again battling freezing and below freezing temperatures. :-(

                                         Hope you are all enjoying your Saturdays!

"We do not remember days, we remember moments"  Cesare Pavese

"Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"  Buddha