Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Anniversary and a Birthday!!!

An update is pretty long overdue and a review like my prior post wasn't my plan for a recap of all that's been going on. I see there has been updates to blogger for editing so I'll be going over that as well, but I just wanted to take a moment and capture these 2 important days.

May 28th, 2020 Jerry and I celebrated 26 years of marriage and together for a total of 30 years! We've been through so much together and it it just keeps getting better. We've changed a little in looks over the years, but our love has only grown.

Another big day is May 29, 2020 and Hayley turned 19!!!!
My little girl is all grown up!


She is dating a very sweet young man named Emmanuel and he treats her so well, we're happy she has found him. She's working hard full time with Jerry at his work as she prepares to go back to college in August. Everything feels like one big whirlwind.

More to come soon!


Review of Projex Arcade Game

Hello and thank you for joining me today as I review this fun arcade game with my daughter Kathleen.
I received this video game for free to review and give my honest opinion and it's the perfect time with this quarantine to do so! Projex comes with all the items you see above and two people can play or a person can just play solo. It runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included) and does not include a power cord. I like the idea of being able to play it outside or inside without having to worry about plugging in a cord.

We initially tried it outside on our shed wall, but quickly realized it needs to be a darker area in order for the target to show up properly to play the game, so we moved inside and closed some blinds to check it out!

       In this picture Kathleen is intently getting the target focused on the wall before the game begins.

This is a picture of her holding the trigger as she is trying to follow the target and score points. Our cats were quite intriqued as it uses a blue and red lazer to project on the wall and connect with the targets, so they were playing along as well, lol. The triggers light up to let you know they are ready to go.

This is to give you an example of how it lights up and shows the different levels you can choose. It also will keep score for each player. I do recommend having a large blank wall area with not a lot of furniture or pictures in the way as it hinders the scoring. This game includes 5 different built in games that really help test your speed and skills. It starts off at a beginner's level and moved through advanced. We tried all the levels and it definitely gets more challenging.

It has 2 different slides you can plug in to play and you can blast ducks or  UFO's. Also the slides change your levels of difficulty. For example blue (targets) is easy, red (UFO's) is medium and white (ducks) is difficult. They also each have their own sound effects.

You can play this game alone, head to head or even have a choice to do a Co-Op where 2 players team up and combine the scores. It gives you the feel of participating in a tournament even with no one else needs to be around. You have the option to try and beat your own score! The triggers you need to pull back and reload after firing off about 6 shots. So it adds in the excitement of doing it quickly so you can score more points in the game.

Here is a view of the console and next to it is the 3 game levels you can choose in the different colors. Very easy to insert and remove. The triggers plug in easily either one or both at a time.

The targets move quickly but I was able to get a few shots on the wall to give you an idea of what they look like. This was a target that Kathleen hit with her trigger.

Our other cat was intently watching this UFO go by and at times they were also trying to catch it. So if you have any cats at home, it's plus for them too. ;-)

 The next couple photos just show how it has a LED lighting display and it lights up to choose levels, the scoring, etc. You will need a table for the projector and at least 5 feet away from the wall. The red button is the power button and you have 45 seconds to adjust the focus of the targets before getting started. Then you just press the red button again to select which game to play 1-5. The blue button selects the level at which you desire to play.

As you see here one of the targets is on the chair, but it didn't work when trying to shoot it as it needs to be a flat, plain surface.

Overall it was a fun game to play and Kathleen is already talking about playing it with her friends soon. This game retails for $49.99 and you can find it at both Target and Walmart. Enjoy!


*I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.*

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Who's hungry and needing some meal inspiration this week? :-)

My latest YouTube video has ideas for some yummy options to add to your meal planning. It includes both vegan and regular ideas for the week.


This avocado toast was so yummy! I'll definitely be having this a few times this week.

Have you ever tried a tuna salad without tuna? ;-) This one is made with chickpeas and so yummy!! It calls for a red onion but I left that out as I don't like raw onions too much, but it was so good, in fact I think it was even better the next day when I had it for lunch! ;-)

This is one of my family's favorites and freezes well also. Chicken taco soup! There's more I share in the video ;-)

Each day with all this craziness going on in the world, I always try to make sure I can get outside for a bit and soak up some sunshine. :-) Thank goodness it didn't happen in the heart of winter as I think that would have been even worse....

All our dogwoods are in full bloom!!

                              Nature always makes me feel better and calm and at peace.

                 Love these blooms on one of my favorite trees in our yard. Our camelia tree :-)

I hope you are all doing well and finding ways to cope each day. 
In my last blog post if you haven't seen it I share ideas for passing the time while in quarantine. :-)
Until next time.....


Friday, April 10, 2020

Ideas For Adults And Children While Quarantined 2020

"The greatest joys in life are found not only in what we do and feel, but also in our quiet hopes and labors for others"  Bryant McGill

The Coronavirus has brought many different emotions to all of us during this difficult time and how we deal with what life has offered to us. My heart and prayers go out to all personally affected by the virus and their loved ones; as well of those who may be losing income. It can be quite a challenging time for so many. Despite the hardships, please also focus on the fact there is so much to be thankful for to those of us forced to slow down for a bit while this all takes place.

I see many people posting about boredom and I wonder how can anyone be bored when there is so much to do running a household and just everyday living? It is a great time to pursue activities and hobbies that many may not have had time for before. Here are a few ideas to stay busy and find joy in being able to have some extra time :-) The list is for adults and children too ;-) Enjoy!

~ Learn to cook some new recipes (So many ideas on Pinterest, blogs and more!)
~ Read a good book or several ;-)
~ Write a book
~ Journal
~ Scrapbook
~ Landscaping your yard
~ Home projects
~ Write a letter to someone and send it and give them a little surprise in the mail.
~ Exercise (videos on YouTube, walking or running outside)
~ Draw
~ Coloring Here is some places to find free printables for adults and children :-) https://www.justcolor.net/   https://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/adult-coloring-pages/
https://www.crayola.com/featured/free-coloring-pages/  http://coloring-4kids.com/
~ Watch movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube. There are also free apps such as Pluto and Tubi.
~ Many libraries have free ebooks and online courses to take advantage off during this time.
~ Complete a puzzle
~ Teach yourself a new language. YouTube videos or download an app such as Duolingo.
~ Meditate :-) There's a great app called Insight Timer that is free and I really enjoy using it.
~ Pamper yourself with a spa day! If you're interested in some naturally based products check out my Perfectly Posh website :-)
~ Painting artwork
~ Crafts
~ Board and card games
~ Organize rooms in your home.
~ Bake some goodies.
~ Knit or crochet
~ Video chat with friends and family....Facetime, Skype, Facebook messenger.....
~ Geneology
~ Scavenger hunts (kids love these!)
~ Catch up on some sleep
~ San Diego zoo is offering free information about different animals in their zoo. Quick easy registration and learn something new! https://sdzglobalacademy.org/coursewereheretogetherfreespecies.html

Ideas for kids too!

~ Make a fort with blankets etc throughout the house and don't forget cardboard boxes!
~ Treasure hunt
~ Watch live video cams of the animals such as beluga whales at Georgia aquarium georgiaaquarium.org
~ Bingo!
~ Take an online tour of Louvre in Paris, France louvre.fr
~ Cincinnati zoo will livestream animals on their Facebook page at 3:00 PM
~ Have an indoor picnic!
~ Make elephant toothpaste! find the how to link on scientificamerican.com
~ Take a virtual field trip to Yellowstone National Park nps.gov
~ ABCmouse.com
~ Sesamestreet.org
~ PBSkids.org
~ Coolmath.com
~ Time magazine has a neat site for kids TIMEforkids.com
~ National Geographic Kids.NationalGeographic.com
~ Howstuffworks.com
~ Starfall.com  Great for reading!
~ The kids page has a lot of learning games and activities, puzzles and more! TheKidzPage.com
~ NickJr.com
~ BBC history for kids bbc.co.uk
~ Highlights for kids  highlightskids.com
~ Old farmer's Almanac for kids   almanac.com
~ Playdough
~ Read lots of books
~ Simon Says
~ Red Light, Green light game
~ Play songs
~ Dancing!!

               My latest YouTube video just to give a sneak peek of what we've been up to!

I hope this helped to give you some ideas of what to do while stuck at home :-) There are plenty more but this is to get you started, lol. Stay healthy and safe my friends and enjoy every moment with your loved ones! This too shall pass.....

                                                                 Many blessings,

Friday, April 3, 2020

I'm Back! :-) What's Been Happening Since This Coronavirus Outbreak 2020

Hello! How is everyone?!

My last post written was in December of 2019..... I don't think I've ever gone that long without updating my blog, yet the time has passed so quickly...... How is everyone coping with the whole coronavirus outbreak? Some scary and uncertain times we are living in right now. Hayley's college has sent the students home to do their work online and Kathleen's school as well. So we moved Hayley out, which was sad and disappointing for her as she didn't get to finish out her freshman year in the dorm, not to mention the abruptness of having to go and not a lot of good byes were able to be said. We are very fortunate to have access to the internet and the ability for me to be at home with them to get assignments done. It is definitely strange being on lock down and the only place I've gone is to the grocery store. Thankfully Jerry's job is seen as essential so he is still able to work, but he takes lots of precautions so as to not bring anything home. My dad has been staying with us since March when he had shoulder surgery done as he is healing and it was a pretty extensive surgery. He's not able to be with his 3 dogs right now as they would jump on him too much, so Jerry, Hayley and I have been caring for the dogs and house while he heals. Either Jerry or Hayley spends the night to take care of them and I go over during the day to let them out, clean, get the mail, etc. Plus still caring for our home here and all the animals etc. It's been a bit of a balancing act, but we are managing pretty well.

 Spring is arriving here in the South and I love being able to walk around and get some pictures of the early changes. I also shared a video on YouTube if you'd like to watch it. :-) It is really calming to just enjoy all the beauty around us.

I've been busy keeping up on family obligations, still running my Perfectly Posh business and I also started selling Pampered Chef. I'm also trying to find the time to get more YouTube videos done, but haven't had as much time lately. When things go back to being more normal of a schedule after my dad is able to go back to his house, I may have more time to produce and share them. Plus hoping to keep up with my blogging as well! I miss visiting everyone and will be trying to get caught up on that over the next few days.

I love dogwoods and wish their blooms lasted longer :-) There have been many changes in my yard just since I've taken these pictures!

         The beauty of these flowers get me every year! So gorgeous and such a rich pink color!

I think Kathleen is enjoying homeschool for the most part, though I know she is missing her school friends.

Part of her homeschooling includes daily outside time and some form of physical activity. She is currently practicing her roller skating skills.

The cats are happy to have us home and are quite content, though don't really like to share the furniture, lol.

                 Penelope was not happy to have a computer and paperwork on her table, lol....

I'm still cooking lots of different meals. This was a healthy parmesan chicken in my air fryer from Pampered Chef. It was a big hit with my family. I've started transitioning to a totally vegan lifestyle to help my health so no more meat, dairy, oils, etc. It's been quite a change!

I'm also still baking for Jerry's coworkers and he says they really appreciate it and the goodies don't last long! :-)

I also thought it would be fun to post a few pictures of the girls when they were little. Time has flown by so very quickly.... I miss those days..... More blogging to come, I promise ;-) Just wanted to do a quick catch up and let you all know I'm still here and say thank you to all who have reached out to me, I appreciate it. I hope you are your families are doing well at this difficult time. Please stay inside and safe as much as you can.

Kathleen has never liked keeping her socks and shoes on, lol. Anytime I would look back in the car seat, this is what I would see. Can't say I blame her though.... I also would rather be barefoot! Lol.

She's always been a good little helper too...still to this day! Hard to believe she will be getting her license soon!!

My dear, sweet Hayley.... always smiling and she always loved going to Friendly's for their cool kid servings and ice cream :-)


Monday, December 16, 2019

Totally Random Catch Up Post! :-)

December 16th already..... Christmas is almost here and a new year is fast approaching. What a year it's been! Last year at this time I was in the hospital finding out I have heart failure and almost not making it.... I am so thankful they treated me in time and that I'm here another year to celebrate. I feel so incredibly blessed.

I wanted to do a little blog catching up and also to share a link to a great website for designing your own online cards, digital invitations and more. I have enjoyed using it myself and I know it can bring a smile to those receiving it. It is called Paperless Post and this is the link Enjoy!

I've been doing some baking and these are some hot cocoa muffins, not too sweet! You can add icing to make them sweeter if you prefer ;-) 

Now if you are really looking for sweetness, you'll want to make this Gingerbread fudge I made! So very sweet! Good though, tastes just like Gingerbread :-) I sent a bunch to Jerry's work and they were pretty happy.

This is one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches to make. It is a scrambled egg on toast with mashed avocado! So yummy :-)

   Salmon is also another one of my favorite dishes to make, I added roasted parsnips and sweet         potatoes along with steamed green beans for dinner one night. So delicious and healthy!

Christmas decorating is complete and most of my shopping is done. Here is some of the decorations we have on our porch.

Our porch swing is one of my favorite places to be. Even today here in the South it is almost 60 degrees! Makes it easy to enjoy outside time for most of the year.

                                       One of our trees inside that we have in our sunroom.

My dad has his trains set up and this is just a couple pictures of them. Always turns out so nice every year.

                                       I'm still busy wrapping a few last minute presents!

Advent calendars are in full swing! The girls have a chocolate one and a Harry Potter one this year also that they open each day.

                                          The elves have been very mischievous this year ;-)

                  This one was Jerry's idea, lol..... we all have fun moving them around now.

We did get some bad news the other day. A very good friend of ours whom we consider family fell 40 feet out of a tree stand and by sheer grace of God survived.... however he landed on both feet breaking his shin bone through the skin and shattering his other foot. He is still in the hospital and receiving several surgeries to try to get everything back together. He could certainly use any available prayers. We've been visiting him at the hospital and taking care of their home and cat while they are there. There is a Starbucks at the hospital and Kathleen was enjoying a cold cocoa drink, we stopped in there on the way home one day.

Hayley is back for winter break from Appalachian State and we are so happy to have her home. We missed her so much!! I know it's going to fly by!

They are going to be playing in the bowl game in New Orleans this weekend!!!! Way to go App State Mountaineers!

                         And for your viewing pleasure a sweet photo of our cat Penelope, lol.

One evening I was sitting down enjoying a great book Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner and enjoying the lights of the Christmas  Tree.

If you'd like to see some of my recipes and more of what we've been up to, I will post my latest YouTube videos down below. I have been participating in Vlogmas, which is basically posting a video every day in December. It's been a challenge to get them up each day, lol. But I've been enjoying it. I'll post a few and you can find more on my channel. Thanks for watching and helping me grow my community there!

                                              Hope you are having an amazing December!

                                                                      Many Blessings,