Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Walt Disney World Vacation Part 8

I love taking pictures and recalling all our amazing memories we create as a family :-) I am posting some of my favorites from Disney World but not all ;-) It is nice to be able to go back and enjoy them for many years to come all in one place :-) Bear with me through several more posts sharing our fun times there.

Breanne loves Alice in Wonderland so we made sure to get as many pictures as we could with the Alice in Wonderland theme.

                  Hayley of course loves Stitch and the Lion King is one of her favorite movies!

  Kathleen was happy to find places she could play games to win prizes and enjoy carnival like rides.

               She also loves the movie Brave and Merida!! Nice to see a red headed princess ;-)

                                     Taking some time to get refreshed from the heat :-)

                                                   We had such a great time with Stitch :-)

                                                                Her smile says it all.....

       I love riding the ferry back and forth, it's my favorite way over to the Magic Kingdom!

         The parades are always great too! Here is just a few of the many pictures I took that day.

                                                A little magic in the air.... Tinkerbell!!!!

                                                                       More to come........


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Walt Disney World Vacation Part 7

    Visiting some of their favorite characters was a big part of our Disney trip and they had a blast! :-)

Jerry was cracking me up as he had to go around to every princess we saw and get a selfie with her. The magic truly does touch everyone ;-)

Visiting Epcot we were able to see a variety of different shows from different cultures. Very enjoyable!

                                  Breanne was having fun playing with the puppets, lol :-)

We also came across this neat train set up, a lot of work went into it. It made me think of my dad right away as he likes to collect and set up trains too. We enjoy it as well, though or collection is small right now. Mostly set up at the holidays. :-)

                   As night approached we got ready to watch the fireworks over the water......

 The girls found a little booth that was taking digital pictures and had a blast, there were many photos but I'm sharing a couple, lol. Kathleen's faces make me smile!

       The neat thing about Disney World is how they make everything so magical and special. :-)
Each night we came back they would have the beds all made up and have them decorated in different ways for Kathleen. :-)

                                                                   Stay tuned for more!!! :-)