Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

This mother's day I wasn't able to spend with my mom as she is back in Maryland, though we plan to celebrate when we get together. I will update more about that soon and share with you all! :-)

I love my girls so much every single day and though they are always thoughtful it still melts my heart with the things they come up with to make my Mother's Day so special. This year they planned a scavenger hunt and Jerry made a big breakfast for us. This is Kathleen holding one of my surprises from the scavenger hunt. :-)

                              That I found under another bag of surprises in our pantry :-)

The scavenger hunt took me inside and outside to find everything and what a beautiful day we had!

                            These antique dishes were in the box and I absolutely love them!!

The scavenger hunt consisted of several mother's plates from Germany, a series and they are so pretty.

They also got me this chicken trinket box. One day soon we will have chickens again and be able to enjoy all the fresh eggs!

                                                                My beautiful Hayley :-)

                                           Love this picture of the three of us together :-)

Kathleen made this card for me at school....

                                           Our table for breakfast simple, yet elegant ;-)

                                  My beautiful Kathleen :-) Fresh picked daisies from our yard.

Now this plate was the only one that kind of creeped me out because of the clown, lol... I'm not a fan of them and even the little girl in the picture doesn't look too sure about him.. lol.

The card  Kathleen gave me was for a free TCBY yogurt at our local location. Love how she added in that she would like one too, lol.

                                               So yummy! Perfect treat for a hot day!

Then they took me out shopping and we had a great time. This guy here carried our bags and drove us around all day. He's always making me smile and I just love him. :-) Thank you all for such a wonderful Mother's Day!!! I really enjoyed myself and the time I got to spend with all of you. Much love to all 3 of you!!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Giveaway Winner of Motion Activated Bed Light and Review of UV-C Sterilizer Wand

We have a winner of the motion activated bed light and we pulled names the old fashion way by placing all the names in a hat :-)

Kathleen was my helper in choosing a name :-)

                                                                    And the winner is..........

Congratulations Terri and thanks for joining in with the giveaway :-) I will be emailing you the details!

I was also given the opportunity to review this UV-C Sterilizer wand and found this to be a really neat device. 

                                                               (photo credit Amazon)

This item uses ultraviolet ray lighting/LED so it is safer to humans and pets, rather then items that have mercury in them. It is friendly to the environment and this product DOES NOT contain any mercury and it is safe for sanitizing Ipads, phones, pillows, toilets, faucets, toys and so much more. It is also lightweight and compact with a carrying case included so it is easy to carry around and travel with. After reviewing the directions I found it to be easy to use and nice to be able to sanitize without a bunch of harsh chemicals. One thing to note since it uses LED lighting is to be sure to keep the light part away from direct eye contact. It will need 4 AA batteries to operate, I like to stock up on these from the dollar store and then I will have them on hand when I need them :-) This would be a great product for anyone who travels a lot and also uses the computers at work or at school to help cut down on the spread of germs. Would also be a great idea in nursing homes, hospitals and also daycares too for sanitizing toys and more.

                                                                     (photo credit Amazon)

         *I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own*

                                                                   Have a wonderful Monday!!


Monday, May 1, 2017

Review and Giveaway of Forpow Motion Sensor Bed Light

Well I must say we were quite excited when I was asked to review this forpow motion sensor bed light, as I knew  Kathleen had been wanting to try one for when she has to get up in the middle of the night. :-)

When you open the box everything is neatly packaged and includes clear instructions on how to install and use the lights which are LED so they should last a long while :-)

Jerry installed them for me as I still can't get down on the floor too well after my surgery, but we knew we wanted to try them right away! He mentioned that getting the strip off the back to apply the lights was a little tricky and suggests perhaps a small tab to grab to get it started may be helpful. But once it was started it was very easy to peel off and get ready for placement.

Then you just line it up where you want it on your bed frame and rub over it with your finger to be sure it sticks well to the frame.

Clamps are also included to help hold it up where the wire hangs down near the sensor. They also have a sticky tab on them to keep them in place. They worked really well and easy to install!

                     Here is a close up of the lights and how they stick on to the bed frame.

Then you simply attach the sensor piece where you want it to pick up the movement at night. You can adjust how long it stays on. The sensor has a sticky back for the wall and you just need to have it fairly close to an outlet for the power source. The cord is quite long so it will reach a good distance.

 Here is how the light looks when it is activated. Just bright enough to see what you need to and not trip on anything in the middle of the night.

Kathleen was extremely happy and so was Mirabelle our cat who enjoyed turning the lights on and off ;-) LOL.

This is a great product for kids who may be afraid of the dark and just need that reassurance that the light is nearby. Or if they are like Kathleen and older but like the idea of it coming on automatically so they can see getting up at night.

It works for everyone who can't sleep with bright lights on and would like something discreet to see when getting up in the middle of the night. Also great for a baby's room and for parent's that need to check on them and change or feed them in the middle of the night, then they don't have to turn on the bright overhead light. Very convenient and a great idea to have!

Forpow is generously giving away one of these bed lights to one of my lucky readers :-) Just leave me a comment below and tell me why you'd like to try this product and I will be choosing a name next Monday (May 8th) Good Luck!! :-)


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tea Cup Exchange Reveal!

Good day everyone! Today is the day we reveal the tea cup exchange hosted by Stephanie! Bless her        sweet heart for arranging all the exchanges and matching us all up with wonderful people :-)

First I will share what I received from Teri in my tea cup exchange :-) Such a delightful package I received!

                             Inside were these adorable ladybug notes, perfect for Spring!

She also knew I was in NC and remembered how beautifully the dogwood trees bloomed so she thought the dogwood blooms on the tea cup would be perfect to send and she was right! I love it :-)

This is a dogwood sculpture she had a friend make and I will treasure it. I love handmade things so very much and it will remain special to me and my family.

Also included was a cinnamon scented candle, one of my favorite scents and it was to compliment the tea choice.

                                   Really love this tea cup and saucer... can you tell? ;-)

                                     Teri also included a handmade note and chai tea :-)

THANK YOU again so very much Teri I truly enjoyed my package and all the goodies! So very thoughtful of you :-)

                                     This next reveal is what I sent out to Beverly :-)

Can't wait to visit everyone's blogs and see all the exchanges :-) Such a great idea! Thank you again to Stephanie for arranging everything and doing such a great job!! :-)