Thursday, January 18, 2018

First Snow of 2018! #snow #snowday

A little interruption in the posting of the warm weather vacation photos series to bring you our first snow fall for 2018! All together we got about 9 inches, a surprise for living in NC as it doesn't happen often. Girls were off yesterday and today and I'm guessing they will probably be off tomorrow too. The roads are pretty bad and it is quite cold so whatever may melt just becomes ice.

I loved walking around in it and enjoying the beauty of it. I was thankful Jerry stayed home from work yesterday and today.... he has a 2 1/2 hour commute one way so it was not worth risking it. I also included a few videos throughout this post to enjoy.  :-) This first one I took from my sunroom, it was my view when I first woke up :-)

               This is our home in the snow, may have to save it for Christmas cards this year :-)

 Here is another video from the front and back side of our home. You can hear the birds, even a woodpecker :-), the train and wind chimes.....

                   We made sure to take good care of our birds and they were quite thankful. :-)

                                   Kathleen saved this bird that got caught in our bird feeder.

                       Don't think we will be using our pool or picnic table any time soon, lol ;-) 

                                                                     Our pier and pond.

                                                 Jerry refilling more of our bird feeders.

Jerry getting ready to feed the ducks and I just have to share this video I made and added music, the music makes it a bit ;-)

     Here are 3 of our 5 dogs, Owen on the left, Skippy on the right and Bella hiding in the back :-)

Annabelle and Ruby weren't too crazy about coming out in the snow, but finally they did venture out for a little bit. So I took a little video of them :-)

                     Today the sun is out, but our temperatures are still quite cold. So pretty.....

                   Kathleen made a snow cone slushie from the fresh snow that was falling....

She also got one of her cookbooks out and made a delicious chicken noodle soup!! Perfect for a cold day.

Then she did her specialty of baking and made cupcakes and the icing from scratch. Everything was absolutely delicious. Love this girl so much. :-)

Have a wonderful day! Stay warm!!! More vacation posts coming soon and another update to our family :-)


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Universal Vacation Part 4 Bubba Gump's Restaurant #bubbagumps #universalstudios

Another movie we love is Forest Gump and we knew we had to check out the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant at Universal Studios. Not to mention we were pretty hungry with all the walking we were doing and a nice air conditioned spot with good food was just what we needed. ;-) Have you ever seen the movie?

                                   Hayley and Kathleen sat down to fill some big shoes! ;-)

This shrimp was very friendly and was following us around the store for a bit, then Jerry had to talk about how he would be ordering the shrimp and made him a little nervous until he decided to run off ;-)

      Lots of neat gifts in the gift shop to look at. We picked up a few items while we were there.

 The restaurant was very clean and very friendly staff too. We learned a few things about these license plates and when to flip them. Also some fun trivia questions with our waitress.

Kathleen's drink cup lit up on the bottom and she was able to take it home with her after having a few refills.

        Food was really good too! If you ever have a chance to eat there, I highly recommend it!

                                                The kids meals are presented super cute!

        Of course being vacation we had to be sure to try the dessert sampler between Jerry and I :-)

                                       Kathleen ordered ice cream with all the fixins :-)

               For their birthdays Breanne and Hayley were able to get free cupcakes to celebrate!

Then the sillies possessed Hayley and she pushed Breanne's cupcake into her face..... it drew attention to us to say the least....

                                                Look out Hayley says Breanne..... your turn!

We were all laughing so hard... Hayley literally had tears streaming down her face at one point. Lol.

          All in fun.... good times..... if only we could hit the rewind button on life sometimes....

                                                                      More to come!!!