Thursday, December 5, 2019

Catching Up!

Hello December! :-) It's been quite busy here and recently Kathleen turned 14!!!! How is that even possible?

We bought her a sweatshirt from one of her favorite YouTubers and she put it on right away. I think you can tell by her smile how much she loves it :-)

We had a little cake for her birthday and it was so strange not having Hayley there to celebrate as she was still at college.

However for Thanksgiving when we had everyone around we did get another cake and celebrated it with her again.

Our niece Neve drove to Appalachian state with my sister and got to see Hayley's dorm and campus and spend the night. Then they brought her back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.

  I wish we were all closer to spend more time together. These girls are growing up so quickly!!!
                                           Neve is 15, Hayley is 18 and now Kathleen is 14!!!

On Black Friday, Jerry, myself, my sister and Hayley went shopping for awhile. Hayley started out in heels initially which I told her she was crazy for wearing that day, lol. Needless to say she saw a great sale on slippers in Torrid and bought them and wore them around as we were wrapping up the night. :-)

 Before she headed back to college we started their Advent calendars. Chocolates and Harry Potter this year!

Jerry made this wooden Christmas tree and star for his work and added lights to it for decoration. He also made the girls each a wooden Christmas tree a little smaller version and let them paint it. I told him I wanted him to build me one of the bigger ones for our yard, lol ;-)

                       We've started decorating around the house and the outside is all finished!

Both trees are done inside and again it was strange not having Hayley there to decorate with us. I miss her so much!

                                                 It was Jerry's night to move the elves, lol......
                           We still do it as a family tradition and now the girls are in on it too. ;-)

    This is very suitable for our home this year having 2 decorated trees inside with 3 cats! LOL

I've been busy this month taking part in Vlogmas on YouTube, which is basically creating a vlog video every day until Christmas, some go through the whole month which I may do! I'm posting the first 5 here in case you'd like to follow along. It's been a lot of filming and editing, but so worth it for the memories!

                                         Have a fabulous weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!

                                                                       Many Blessings,

Friday, November 15, 2019

Reviewing 100% Pure Water Lentil Superfood Supplement

Taking care of our health comes in many forms, but one of the most important, along with exercise, is eating a healthy and clean diet. When I was asked to review the water lentil superfood product from Real Source, I decided to give it a try. It is a nutrient dense plant based superfood dietary supplement.

 Along with offering many nutrients and possible health benefits, it is also vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and probiotic.

  Lots of vitamins are included such as vitamin A, iron and calcium, plus it is one of the only plants                                                                to contain vitamin B-12! :-)

                                                                As well as amino acids.

   The powder is a very fine consistency and lightweight to the touch. It comes with a scoop to                                                             measure the proper amount for recipes.

I added a scoop to a glass of water to try and honestly found it a but too strong for me that way. A little of a bitter taste due to the concentration of the greens. However their website offers many recipes for incorporating the powder into other options so the taste isn't quite as strong that way. It all comes down to personal tastes and preferences. :-) One of their peanut butter banana smoothie recipes is listed here and looks delicious! Adding it in with other healthy foods would certainly improve the taste as well as offer a magnitude of health benefits.  There are also no pesticides used on their farm when growing the lentils in the pond.

To receive a 40% discount on trying this product and others like it click this link and be sure to add my code JILLKH to receive your savings!

Also to keep up with all the latest deals that Real Source offers, you can check them out at this link on the Dealspotr website.

                                                         ( Photo credit from Real Source)
                                                         (Photo credit from Real Source)

                        How are you getting your greens and extra nutrients into your diet? ;-)


          *I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own*

Monday, November 4, 2019

Fall Changes and Halloween :-)

            Fall is my favorite time of year with all the beautiful leaves and cooler temperatures. :-)

                         Snapchat was my go to for my Halloween costume this year, lol. ;-)

       We found a cute little pumpkin patch that we took Kathleen to and we had a great time :-)

                                      Still hard to believe how fast she is growing up!

They had great little stations set up all around, just a neat little place to go to and pick out our pumpkins.

Kathleen likes to pick the ones that are a little irregular because she knows others will probably leave them behind. ;-)

After the pumpkin patch we went to see Maleficent 2 in Imax and it was wonderful! I loved it! Even teared up in a few parts.

              This month I've been making some treats for Halloween.... yummy shakes......

                                                Candy marshmallow Frankensteins :-)

                          We also enjoyed decorating pumpkins on a really beautiful fall day.

Here's a little sneak peek of the pumpkins we decorated. If you'd like to see more you can watch one of my YouTube videos about that day. I listed that one and some other videos I've made recently down below.

Halloween night was rained out in our area so it was moved to the following night. It actually worked out well because Hayley came home to visit us for the weekend so she was able to go along.

                                            Kathleen was Daphne from Scooby-Doo!!

                      Hayley made an impromptu Scooby Doo outfit since it was last minute.

                 She also had 2 of her friends dress up and go along with her. Velma and Fred :-)

                          Here are a couple of my recent videos if you'd like to see more :-)

                                                  Hope you have a wonderful week!! :-)


Review of Adagio Teas Advent Calendar

It's that magical time of year and one of my favorite things is an Advent calendar to get a little surprise each day. :-) What better treat in the mornings then a nice hot cup of tea? Especially when each flavor is a mystery ;-)

I received this Advent calendar from Adagio teas to review and share with all of you. If you've read my blog you know how much  I enjoy their teas so I'm always happy to review new products. I didn't want to spoil the surprise of every day, since I want to start it in December..... but I did open the first day to get a sneak peek of the first tea. The calendar is $29.00 for 24 days of tea and if you spend $49.00 or more on their website you will receive free shipping. You can also earn reward points too!

It comes in a box with perforated edges that make it easy to display and also to open the tab and remove your tea bag for the day. This makes a wonderful holiday gift for any tea lover you may have on your Christmas list. Also great secret Santa gifts as well! Even better if you can wrap it up and give to someone on Thanksgiving so it's all ready for the start of December! :-)

Here is the first tea I received in the calendar, though I will be tucking it back in to try on the first day of December :-) I'm planning to do Vlogmas on my YouTube channel this year, which is a video every day in December up till Christmas or through the month if someone wants to finish the full month. I'm already planning to feature a tea a day, along with other goodies, decorating, how-to's and more! :-) I can't wait to try all the teas in the calendar as so far every tea I've tried from their company I really enjoy.

Have a wonderful week!!!! If you'd like to see my video review of their Halloween tins filled with tea you can click below on the video :-) Giveaway has closed!


*I received this Advent calendar for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are my own*

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Winner of the Adagio Wicked Teas Giveaway & Quick Halloween Craft!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway!

                                                                     The winner is......


                                            More Halloween goodies  content to come :-)


Friday, October 11, 2019

5K Race, Visiting Our Girl at College & Potato Soup & Beef Stew!

Hello everyone! :-)

Fall is finally beginning to show itself here in the South and just in time for Kathleen's 5 K race last weekend. She beat her time from last year and came in second place for her age group. We are so very proud of her. She is currently training for a half marathon!!

After the race we took a nice long ride up to see Hayley at Appalachian State! We've been missing her and we had a great day!

Kathleen really misses having her around! If you like to see my first vlog on YouTube about our weekend you can watch the following video :-)

                               I started another great book that is super hard to put down!

Can start to see some changing leaves, although due to the drought most have turned brown and fallen off the trees quickly. :-(

Since the evenings have been cooler I made a potato soup and beef stew that were a big hit! You can see how I made them by watching my latest YouTube video I posted today :-) I have really enjoyed building my channel and I think it will be nice to look back on through the years. I only wish I'd started sooner; especially when the girls were young so I could watch them grow up on camera.

        Hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are! :-) Have a wonderful weekend!!!