Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hayley Gets Her First Car!!!!

We have a very happy teenager in our house :-)

After looking at numerous car dealerships and online listings, we finally found a car that Hayley really liked in her budget. Clean, well cared for and it doesn't hurt that it's a Mercedes for safety ;-)

                  Meet Hayley's 1995 Mercedes Benz :-) She named her Mercedes Cynthia :-)

A nerve racking experience for me as her mom and choosing a car that's safe, but I know it's part of growing up. Right now she has her learner's permit so still needs to drive with us and get so many hours completed before getting her actual license, but she is doing great! We are so proud of her! I know my mom would be proud of her too and I wish so much she was here for this moment.

I know she'll be the angel on Hayley's shoulder though :-) Everywhere she drives too, her Nana will be there guiding and protecting her.

              She brought Mooshoo along and he was one of the first things she put in her car :-)

The interior was in wonderful shape considering how old it is. We bought her new tires, a steering wheel cover and new floor mats and it practically looks like a new car!

It has a nice upgraded stereo system in it also. She said whatever car she found had to have a DVD player or it was a deal breaker, lol.

                 It even has a sun roof!!! Although I advised her against driving like ;-)

It was quite windy and I kept taking multiple pictures, love her laugh and her smile in this picture. :-)

My dad, her Pop Pop was even brave enough to drive with her :-) He always had nerves of steel when teaching my sister and I. My sister had a history of hitting trees and also ran into the side of our house when learning, lol luckily no major damage! That was 30 plus years ago now.

I love this girl so much and my heart sure beats faster when she's out on the road. I pray for her safety as I know she is a responsible girl, it's the other drivers on the road I worry about!

We think it's a great starter car for her and hopefully it will last her for awhile :-) Especially since it's fully paid for!

This photo credit goes to Hayley, when she ordered her keychain from Amazon and went out to take this picture, I loved how it turned out and had to share it. :-)

So proud of you Hayley girl!!! Enjoy your new car and have many great memories as you grow more into an incredible young lady!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kathleen's First 5K Race

In October Kathleen ran her first 5K race! She started in an after school program called Go Far, which is training to run a 5K. Her first race was supposed to be November 4th (which she will still be running in along with Hayley :-)  But then her teacher let them know this race was coming up and she wanted to give it a try so we were supportive of her in doing so :-)

These were a few pictures we took before the race. As you can see it was an overcast day, yet not too hot so a perfect day for running.

Jerry has always loved to run as well and was super excited when Kathleen took up interest in it also. He's had some set backs to training with foot problems and surgeries... but he still hopes to one day run a marathon. Despite the doctors advising him against it. But I know Jerry if there's a will there's a way. :-)

My sister was in town to visit my dad for his birthday so she was able to watch her too. It was great to have her there!

Hayley, always supportive of her little sister.... was able to get a good picture of her and my sister Kim.

One of the men in the race saw us taking pictures and brought the cones over and told the girls to hold them for the picture... they were laughing...

My dad was there showing his support too. We are so happy to have him close by! I know my mom was there in spirit but we sure missed her presence....

                       We have always been a very close family.... I pray that never changes :-)

This is one of Kathleen's teachers and also her coach, Mrs. Mosher... a very nice lady and very supportive. She ran the race also!

                                                            New shirt and goodie bag!

                                          On your marks..... get set..... and ready to run!!!!!

                                                          But first a big smile for dad :-)

There was a lady next to us that took this picture on her phone and sent it to me and I just love it so much!!!

                                   Afterwards she was pretty tired out and sat down to refuel :-)

The big news is she won FIRST place for her age group in the girl's category!! First time she's ever run the race and she takes first. We are so incredibly proud of her!!!!

                                  She even won the raffle drawing and got a nice candle :-)

I know you were watching over her mom... we miss and love you every day but even more so on these events and things that we are so used to sharing with you.....

So very, very, proud of you Kathleen!!! You did an amazing job!!! Second race this weekend and it's even bigger than this one :-)


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Halloween Recipes and Crafts from Pinterest

Hi everyone! Halloween is fast approaching and I thought I'd write a post sharing some fun ideas from Pinterest all in one place for you to enjoy :-) I did a similar post to this a few months back and you all seemed to enjoy it so I will do these every so often as a resource for different holidays and events. I'll list all the links below the pictures from Pinterest. I'll also be sharing some of my past Halloween posts :-) Enjoy!! 

Here are a couple of mine....there's a few more too ;-)

Last year's blog post for Halloween

From 2015

Some fun eyeballs to eat ;-)

                           * All the pictures listed below are from Pinterest and public pins. *

I thought these Monster Eyeballs Rice Krispie treats were super cute to do with kids :-) Well o.k. adults will love them too!

                                                          You can find the details here

                                      Pumpkin pecan cobbler looks absolutely delicious!!


These look very easy to do, but boy are they super creepy! So I just had to share, these would be fun for a Halloween party ;-)


                                        This would be a really neat craft to do for Halloween!!


Anything that has pumpkin involved in it, just has to be delicious right?? LOL, yes I love pumpkin everything and these look delicious!


                                                  These look like they are fun to make :-)


                                                            These are just too cute!!


                                                Super cool ideas for dressing up your lips :-)


                                Another super easy, but adorable idea for a Halloween snack :-)



                              I bet there is the perfect blend of salty and sweet in this snack ;-)


                                                                   A cute drink idea!


Thanks for stopping by today. What are some of your favorite traditions and recipes for Halloween?


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Remembering My Mom on her Birthday. Visiting Pilot Mountain, Old Salem and a Memorial by Our pond.

"I miss you visiting favorite places, I miss you going to new spaces. I miss you late into the night, I miss you at dawn's first light. I miss you when sadness is around, I miss you when joy is found. I miss you when the lights come on, I miss you when the day is done. I miss you on your special day, I miss you like it was yesterday. I miss you at no special time, I miss you today with every rhyme. "  Tanya Lord

On September 23rd, 2017 my mom would have turned 71 years old. I miss her so very much, my heart just hurts all the time. Still in shock of how suddenly she was taken. Still angry that she had finally moved closer to me and then she is gone too quickly... hard to process. I'm taking it day by day, the best I can and thinking of the good times.... spending time with my dad.... wishing my sister was closer too. Just a hard time all around.

I wanted to do something special for mom to honor her memory and my mom always liked to travel and see and try new things. So we picked up my dad and had him spend the day with us celebrating my mom and things she would have enjoyed doing.

Pilot mountain was a perfect choice. The beauty and the peacefully found here was needed that day. This is one of the places my dad said him and mom wanted to see so we made sure to include that in the day.

The views from where we climbed up too were just incredible. I could feel her presence with us and we saw several black butterflies flying near us too through out the day. Those of you following me for awhile know what the butterflies mean. :-)

There are quite a few pictures in the post, but I couldn't not include them. All part of this beautiful day.

 Yes... I wear pigtails proudly, lol especially in 90 degree temperatures, but I was determined to hike it for my mom.

                 There were a few foggy/hazy patches but breathtakingly beautiful nonetheless.

                                                   Girls found a cute little caterpillar :-)

                                                                Can you see him?? :-)

That's my dad on the top left overlooking the beautiful view. 72 years old and climbing and hiking easily. It's always been one of his favorite things to do.

                                                             Well worth the hike I'd say ;-)

                                  Pure beauty, peaceful ... I needed this time with nature.

                                                                            Jerry and I

                                                    Kathleen and I, she's my mini me :-)

                                                                           Hayley and I :-)

If you notice our necklaces, they are memorial necklaces and they were made with some of my mom's ashes intertwined in the stone we chose a blue one for her birthstone. I wear it always to have her near me. My dad, Jerry and the grand girls and my sister have one too. My dad and Jerry have crosses.

                                       Me and my dad.... we may or may not look alike ;-)

After hiking at pilot Mountain we decided to take my dad to Old Salem to enjoy some history. Another thing both my mom and him enjoyed. I had been wanting to take them.

                                                    Beautiful flowers outside the museum.

We enjoyed a great lunch at the Flour House tea room. My mom always loved tea and tea parties and passed that love on to me and the girls. We had to have her birthday lunch here and it was perfect. The tea room is located inside Old Salem.

        This hummingbird plate reminded me of her too, she loved hummingbirds and so do I :-)

                                                       Hayley loves her macaroons! ;-)

We had to laugh at Jerry as he was trying hard to finish some of the leftovers but just didn't have much room left, lol.

          A wonderful lunch and great service. Highly recommend it if you are ever in the area. :-)

We toured several of the houses while we were there, but being later in the afternoon didn't get to see everything. Loved all the history and the tour guides are very knowledgeable and kind.

                                 Just a little tour through some of the things we saw.

                            Such a simpler way of life.... we could all use this some days.

How many feet must have roamed these very halls and still do today! I love learning about the past and their families and ways of life.

                                    Anyone else's linen closets this neat and bare? ;-)

Afterwards we went to a great little ice cream shop for a treat! I thought Hayley's chocolate ice cream looked like a gorilla from the side! LOL What do you think? ;-)

      We told dad he had to try the apple pic ice cream and he was happy he did! So delicious!!!

                                        Hayley was really enjoying her chocolate cone :-)

                                      Another must visit place if you are ever in the area :-)

                                   Silly girl...... lol.... definitely enjoyed her ice cream too!

                     Jerry has sensitive teeth so he opted for the chocolate covered strawberries :-)

                                      We had to have a little snapchat fun with dad, lol!!! :-)

After a long day we came home and spread rose petals across the pond from my mom's dear friend Sheila. She sent them to my mom for her birthday in her memory. We had such a beautiful day and a nice time. I know mom would have enjoyed it. Tears.... yes lots.... but we feel she would have love the day and we know she was with us in spirit.

Me with my dad and the girls and my mom and dad's fur babies Henry and Stella. They miss her so much too. In the background is the memorial bench Jerry made for my mom.

                           I miss you every day mom... everything is different without you....