Sunday, June 27, 2010

Accident prone??? Hmmmm

Well as I was happily completing my Wii active exercises last week, I somehow managed to hurt my ankle. I thought it would get better but after walking around the aquarium yesterday the pain is excruciating. Looks like a call to the Dr. is in my future for tomorrow and toting along my girls. Living far from family makes things like this a bit more of a challenge. Especially hobbling around. LOL At least this time it is not the foot I drive with. See back in Feb. I fell down the stairs while carrying my daughter. Luckily she was fine but as I went to brace myself on something I stuck out my foot and it got mangled in my banister. So I almost severed my pinkie toe and I broke 3 of my other toes. Long recovery, plus that was the day my husband called to tell me his plant was shut down and everyone had lost their jobs. That's another post to come and perhaps what prompted me to finally start my blog.

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