Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Story of Us :-) Part One

Today being Sunday I wanted to tell a small history of how my family came to be. Starting with how my husband and I met. Now October will be 20 years of us being together, but this past May 28th we celebrated our 16 year wedding anniversary. 20 years of trials, tribulations and love.....

I'm certain God had a plan....

Our first encounter was when I was in middle school and I was taking dance classes in a building with a small store inside. After my Mom would pick me up from class we'd go to the store for a drink. That's when I had my first "crush" on Jerry, who at the time really had no clue I existed! He was four years older and worked at the store. I remember he was very friendly and silly, and I loved his amazing blue eyes. :-) That's always one of the first things I notice about a person, and I believe you can see so much in a person's eyes.

So fast forward a few years... I was 15 years old and staying overnight with my friend at my sister's apartment. My sister went out with a friend and I decided to try out my learners permit and take my sister's car for a spin around the block. So into the car my friend and I went! We were invincible you know (lol) So my plan went great except that when I parked the car back out front I could not get the key out of the ignition! To my unknowing 15 year old mind...there was a trick! So in a panic I called one of my best friends Chip, and told him my dilemma. After he could control his laughter, he LEGALLY drove over and showed me there was a release button in this particular car to get the key out. I think he just wanted to see my face when he showed me! Along with him he had Jerry. Apparently he had Jerry, Jerry's girlfriend and some other friends at his house. So he asked if my friend Susan and I would like to go back to his house and hang out. We said sure! So after carefully locking the car door off we went. The whole night Jerry kept ignoring his girlfriend and talking to me. I felt so uncomfortable and kept trying to walk away but he usually found me. I had also been seeing someone, but it wasn't really going well and we were on the outs anyway. Plus his girlfriend was giving me some pretty heavy glares. So after Chip finally took us back home we were so relieved we were back before my sister and her friend. Well what I didn't realize is she figured something was up because her car door was locked and she told me she never locks her car doors there. Uh oh, so I begged her not to tell...but later her roommate ratted me out. :-( Oh well I wouldn't have changed the experience, it was a great night and one that still brings a smile to my face.

So after that night Jerry apparently in his words had a love at first sight moment. But I had moved past my crush. I had also heard he was trouble and I was the "good" girl so to speak. For weeks Chip called me, told me that Jerry had broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to take me out. I kept saying no. By this time I had already broken it off with my boyfriend at the time.
A couple times Chip called he said "no, he's not here" but I could hear Jerry in the background telling him what to say. LOL

Then an awful night happened, Jerry had a serious car accident and was almost killed. His face went across the pavement at 55 miles an hour, and was a mess, he also had destroyed his nose for the second time in his life. This just a week before his twin brother's wedding. Something in me clicked that this was a defining moment towards our future, hard to explain but we started seeing each other. Through his nose reconstruction and his healing I was by his side. We were two people from two different worlds and backgrounds, yet we were falling in love. All our friends and even family said we'd never make it. But we proved them wrong, I was 16 years old and he was 20 years old and that's how our love story began.


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Anonymous said...

That truly is a beautiful story. Gods plan, not yours or Jerry's.
Thank you for sharing.