Saturday, June 26, 2010

Visit to Adventure Aquarium in NJ

Isn't he cute??

Good Evening!

Ever have a great day out that just leaves a big smile on your face? Today was one of those days. My family and I headed out early to spend the day at Adventure Aquarium for a Brownie trip for my oldest daughter Hayley. Next year she'll be in juniors! Hard to believe how quickly she is growing up right before my eyes!

After a great day at the aquarium we headed to the movies to see Toy Story 3 and what a great movie! The girls loved it and clapped enthusiastically at the end. It has a very touching message in it, so brought tears to my eyes.... Definitely worth going out to see! Then we wrapped up our evening getting dinner at Bob Evans. Nice when Mommy gets a day off from cooking!

We took lots of pictures today, but just wanted to share a few. Hope you enjoy! We had a great time and seeing the enthusiasm on the children's faces just filled me with joy! I treasure all these moments! They go by so very quickly.


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