Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday, More crafts for American Girls :-)

The girls were so excited getting things ready yesterday to celebrate their Daddy's 40th birthday. I had really wanted to do a big party for him, but with his job loss in Feb. I was just unable to financially. My sister in law is giving one for Garry this Sat. so we'll be traveling to that. At least he'll get to see a lot of people there. We did have our neighbors over to celebrate with us. They are from England, and just the sweetest people ever! Our kids have grown up together.

Kathleen wanted to dress up for Daddy, so she got her and Kit ready for the evening.

Then we of course we had to let the neighborhood know he was turning 40 so they each made a sign to hang on the mailbox. :-}

On the way back up our driveway we found a beautiful butterfly on one of our wildflowers we have growing by the house.

For his special birthday dinner I made chicken, steak, shrimp, potatoes, beans, asparagus, and crescent rolls.

We were joking with Hayley, she loves steak so much she picked it up to eat it and had it all over her face LOL. Of course I just had to get a picture. ;-}

Happy birthday Jerry! Many More!!
( L to R Oliver, Harry, Spence and Jerry)

Today we did two crafts for their American girl dolls. The first is a basket. They chose to put the doll's pets in it and use it as a carrier.
This is the materials we started with:

I suggest using plain white paper plates, but these were all I had on hand. First you need to cut the edge off the plate and just be left with a plain circle.
Have them color both sides of the plate (different solid colors on each side)

This is an example, but it would be colored before adding the holes, and cutting.

Then you fold up the edges, tuck sides inward and tie ribbon around the outside. Once this is done, punch holes on either side, twist two colors of pipe cleaners together and put through side holes to form the handle.

Then they decorated with stickers. :-)

For our next project, we made photo boards for our dolls to hang up.

You will need to choose fabric of choice, or you could also use wrapping paper to cover the cardboard pieces. Be sure to only glue around the edges or it will leak through fabric.

Then poke holes through at the top, and thread string, wire, yarn etc. through. Whichever you choose. There are many variations and choices for this project.
Then you criss cross the rubber bands and add your favorite photos and get ready to hang it up!

Kathleen loves Hayley so much, she chose her school picture to put in.

Hayley chose a picture of her and her Daddy at the Brownie Father/ Daughter dance.

I had to capture this next picture, as I love my animals so much. Sally was nestled in among the toys watching us craft with intensity and love....I love this dog so much. :-)

Now Hayley is diligently working on creating more jewelry to take down with us this weekend. She's trying to earn as much as possible before we go to American Girl Place!! Kathleen is playing with her dolls and using the carriage to take things back and forth to Hayley as she needs them. LOL Teamwork, gotta love it!
Please don't mind the mess, when her creativity kicks in, it takes over!

Hope you have a great afternoon!

Blessings, Jill


SonyaAnn said...

Even though your husband didn't have a huge party it looks as if he was quite spoiled by everything that you did for him.
It does seem to be quite a bit of fun at your house!

Karen Long said...

Hey Jill.. thanks for stopping by to visit..and Happy Birthday to your husband,, I remember turning 40,, a few years ago.. it hasnt been toooo bad, but a lot of body changes happen..But I am looking forward to the Golden 50s soon..:( ok with age,, it happens to all of us..
Well have a great day.. and I will be in touch soon.. God Bless.

Kat & Steve White - The other White House said...

HI Jill Happy Birthday to your husband! where do you live? what a gorgeous street you live on. I Like the way those houses look from the outside.
Sounds like you had a busy day and you will be having a very busy weekend as well. Turning 40 was awful, but it sounds young to me now because I am a big passed that now. I have bigger numbers coming. LOL! well and hopefully so does your husband.
Haley and Kathleen were busy little girls in preparation for their daddy's birthday and Kathleen making her jewelry for her trip to NY. that is gonna be so fun! Have a great Wednesday! big hugs

Kat & Steve White - The other White House said...

Jill those are cute pet carriers, very cute idea!

Sheila said...

Jerry looks like a very happy man who is enjoying his birthday dinner! I love the signs! Hayley and Kathleen look to be enjoying themselves too. I love the crafts y'all do. Where do you get all the great ideas? I think it is wonderful that Hayley found something she loves to do and she is making money at it!! What a great start for her. Sally is gorgeous--wish we could have a bigger dog but Jessi--my youngest daughter is deathly afraid of big dogs. I hope y'all have a wonderful week!! Sheila

Jill said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments! I have a few years yet before I turn 40. Now he doesn't brag so much about being older than me. LOL Kat, we live in a nice suburb, we bought it for resale value because we moved a lot with his other job. We would love to have an older home on acreage, particularly a Victorian. :-) And yes SonyaAnn we tend to have lots of fun in this house. Being thankful for what we do have. ;-)
Have a great night everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Amanda said...

very cute!

~Krystle~ said...

I love all of your American Girl craft ideas so cute!!!!! Punkin might get her first this Christmas we will have to see budget wise but I really want her to have one. All the little girls I know with them adore them and light up when they get them...can't wait to see pics of your trip either I know ya'll will have a ton of fun!

Adriane said...

It looks like y'all have been having a great time there! My oldest daughter got an American Girl doll last Christmas. She loves that doll.