Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blessed days....

I want to thank everyone for your kind warm wishes and condolences for our loss. It means a lot to me and my family. :-)

 As for my picture of the old home, I was thinking it be fun if you all who were also interested; could find and post some on your site, but please link back or refer to my original post. :-) I love meeting new people! I'd love to see the ones you find and I know there are more in my area too.

Perhaps we can post them along with a story.... could be fun. :-)

Kat, I LOVE covered bridges too! When I use to live in NC there were some. I would love to see your pictures of those! Or if you've already put it in as a post, please let me know which one it is. Thanks!

One thing I am very grateful for in our area is beautiful parks. In the evenings we gather up our family, including our fur babies and head out to explore! There is nothing like the beauty of nature to calm us. With all the craziness it's nice to go and hike and sit by the water and explore and reflect. Staying light out later now in the summer is such a blessing. After dinner we get everyone together and just go to the parks and enjoy!

This little guy is the only one brave enough to get in the water and he's the smallest! LOL

I always call Kathleen "Little Ms. Hollywood" She's always striking a pose and dressing up!
Patches, our Jack Russell mix just can't get close enough to you! He was actually a housewarming gift to us when we moved here. He has the sweetest personality, and such a lover!
Skippy is our spoiled little Yorkie. When we found Skippy at a shelter we were told he was starved and tied to a tree all the time. He had never been groomed. He was one big knot ball! We couldn't believe someone could do this to a Yorkie! He's barely 12 lbs! So we took the task of loving him. However his hurt ran deep, and he was biting at us all the time. Still we persevered. He does not like being groomed at all because no one worked with him when he was little. Groomers turn him away cause he's vicious. Vet's told us to put him down. NEVER! He is not a mean dog, he is terrified and has trust issues, he does not deserve to end his life. So my husband and I started gradually trying to groom him the best we could, and yes he freaked and bit, but slowly over time he has started to trust. We're not all the way there with a perfect groom, but we are closer than before! We love this little guy....we won't give up on him.
Sally is 11 1/2 years old, next month she'll turn 12 and she is my baby. I love this dog and she has weathered so many storms with us. I pray she has many more years, because the day she goes to heaven, I will be no good. ;-(
Kathleen always takes the time to explore the world around her. 4 is such an exciting age. I love her curiosity!
These photos I zoomed in from across the field, she is carrying wildflowers in her hands, just so happy!
Trying to get them all in the picture and all looking at the camera but didn't go so well! LOL Sally stayed by me, Kathleen was laughing cause Skippy kept turning around. LOL, I of course seem to always be behind the camera. We had a great night and it was just nice to be as one with nature for the evening.

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Sheila said...

Just visiting your blog makes me smile. You can tell how much you and your husband love your girls. Y'all seem to have so much fun as a family--it reminds me of when we were younger and our kids were small. We were always doing things with our girls then I got sick and things stopped and the girls grew up. I love all the furbabies--and yes, Skippy just needs some love and time. I'll have to take some pictures of abandoned houses around here and post them on my blog. OOPS--sorry to write a book!! Have a blessed evening! Sheila

colonialhomestead said...

This is so wonderful you and your husband share time with your girls as a whole family. I have very few photos of me with any of my children. I always take the photos. I recently did see a small tripod at walmart and if your camara has a timer just maybe that would work. The boys are outside spraying each other with the hose. It is so hot here again. That stream Skippy in enjoying would me nice about now. Have a good weekend.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Jill,

What a sweet post. I'll have to read the older post since I think I missed something..These photos are great and your family...both human and four-legged furry are adorable!!!

That park looks like fun.I love parks and covered bridges too...although there aren't any in my area!!!! It looks like a very family-friendly place to be!!!!

Thanks for sharing this, Jill. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)