Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cute crafts for American Girl dolls (or any other doll!) :-)

Wanted to get today's craft's posted since we have lots planned for tomorrow too! :-) We had such a good time doing this tonight. I just can't stop smiling! :-)

Please overlook the condition of our kitchen table. This is our well loved table as we call it. LOL It's where lots of quality time spent as a family occurs. So it may be a little worn, nicked and painted on, but the memories are grand. Nothing a fancy tablecloth can't cover when company arrives! ;-)

Our first craft was making hermit crabs....

I chuckle each time I look at this picture, craft glue can at times be difficult to get out of the tube! LOL
We lined the bottom of plastic (from a pack of batteries) with glue

Then they used their fingers to spread the glue (cause you know it's fun to get your hands messy!)

Then we added the sand and let it dry....

Then we measured 1 inch legs (using twine)

Add some google eyes and legs...

Kathleen's We realized after putting it together the natural lines in the shell make him look sad. :-(

Love the look of concentration when she was cutting the paper....

Boy, my table really looks rough here! Thank goodness we have a dining room too!

Putting it all together...

Next we made a tray with goodies on it!

These the girls wanted to make pink lemonade. We used clear storage containers, removing the lid and added a large pink pom pom we cut in half. Then put in the straw.

More it! Here she is putting the icing on her cookies (red paint on buttons) Then they sprinkled white glitter over top for sugar.

Soda tabs were glued on the bottom for handles. This is Kathleen's.

Hayley's, who of course had to add the fairy detail!

She also went a step further and made Dunkin Donuts! LOL

Thanks for stopping by, we are looking forward to more crafts tomorrow. It will be very hot here tomorrow so I don't think we'll have too much opportunity to get outside. We have to stay busy to keep our minds off the sadness. Tomorrow is Aunt Barb's memorial service and since my husband has not been in his job long ;and it's not immediate family, we are unable to attend. Plus we live over 3 hours away and the service is at 11 AM. This is what makes living far from home very heartbreaking.

Hope you all enjoy your days tomorrow!



Alea said...

What fun crafts! I had so much fun doing these type of activities with my daughter when she was young (I can still do the hermit crab with my youngest son). My duaghter and I both enjoy when we can "borrow" little girls for the day to do crafts. Your daughter's projects turned out so cute that I had to tweet this post!

Kat said...

Wow I wish you were my mommy! that looks fun. I love crafts. The sweet girls of yours do look like they enjoyed that very much! Hugs

Lea said...

Hey Now... I wanna come play at YOUR house! I totally love crafting and those lil hermit crabs are adorable! Way to go girls! Wish I had me a sip of that lemonade!
Have fun crafting!

SonyaAnn said...

I love the projects that your girls made!
And we have the same table as you! It has been well loved over the 16 years it has been with us. Ours is green in one place where egg coloring snuck through the plastic one Easter! And it was burned by dear Anna in another!
Have a great weekend!