Thursday, July 22, 2010

Deal and frustrations....

I know we can all relate to being on a tight budget, and here it has been difficult trying to get back on our feet since my husband lost his job, before finding his new one. We are finding the joys in the simple things in life. So saving and scrimping by. Well I have always loved makeup, ever since I've been little I've been giving everyone makeovers. I always wanted to be able to help cancer patients and burn, or accident survivors feel better about some scars they may have. I just felt there was something magical about makeup. When I put it on, I felt special. So that has carried into my adult life. I've sold Avon and Mary Kay in the past because I enjoyed it so much. As soon as I wake up it's the first thing I do, apply makeup LOL. It's just me.;-} So when I woke up and saw my blush had cracked apart in it's case...(ever had that happen ?) I was not a happy camper knowing it would have to be replaced. So the deal here is CVS, one of my favorite places to shop. The money saving deals you can get there are awesome! So I had some ECB's ( extra care bucks) I was saving for something I needed...lo and behold blush! My bill after ECB's was $2.10. I was quite happy about that! Last week I got $120.00 worth of items for $23.00. Using deals, coupons and ECB's. It helps too that the store is literally minutes from my house. :-)

   The frustrations of my evening have to do with Bank of America and the heartache we have been going through dealing with them. We spent 3 hours and 15 mins. on the phone with them this evening, transferring from dept. to dept. and getting no where. That's a long story in itself, but I am emotionally drained tonight.

  I am looking forward to the weekend and getting to see family again. :-) However I could pass up the long ride to get there. So tomorrow I will be packing and cleaning, and doing regular activities with the girls, busy, busy. Then praying Elvis and Princess will be o.k. for 2 nights alone. We have self feeders in place, but I hate leaving them. The pups of course will be traveling with us. Going to be another extremely hot weekend, again not a plus for me.

 I should get to bed, I have not been sleeping well, lots of worry on my mind....things to sort out.... and lots of prayers. I know God has a plan and I'm putting all my trust in him right now, that this too shall pass.
 Hope you all have a great weekend! Hoping I get a chance to post tomorrow.

Blessings, Jill


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Hi there! You stopped by my blog awhile ago (I've been on a blogging break), so I thought I'd pop in and say hi back. I love meeting other mommies of redheads :)

So sorry to hear things are not going well for you financially. I'm praying God will see your family through this difficult situation. He has done that for us many times. The thing I've noticed is He is usually a last minute, making us build our faith. I pray you will continue to trust in Him. It sure does take strength and I'm praying His Spirit will give that to you.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh Jill, that's awesome you found the blush you needed. I love it when God does that for that's just too cool :) :) :)

I've been there financiallly and am there now. My father and I have both been layed off from our jobs since February. WE just found out that the company is outsourcing one of our long-time satellite call centers to a third party vendor...and no one's sure if we'll have jobs this season or not...and unemployment...doesn't cover everything..I'm talking just the bills and living expenses...NO EXTRAS...but still we continue to have faith and trust in God...even when it's sorta scary...especially then :) :) :)

I'm going to try and send an email. Oh, Bank of America...we had some problems with them too and haven't been happy with their customer service..In fact, it was because of how my father was treated one month in particular that I said "Enough..." My father and I both walked in and closed our accounts. He'd been a customer for about 40 years or so...and me for 20 years....We went to Chase. They're nicer to us there.. Well, I don't want to hog all your comment space...but I'll try and send you an email. You've got a friend/prayer partner in me!!! Love and hugs in Oregon, Heather :)

Kat & Steve White - The other White House said...

Hi Jill,

I hope you have a fun trip. We leave our cat at home while are away too, but we've not tried the self feeders because our cat is a piggy.
I'm sorry about your make-up problem today. I have sold MaryKay and Avon as well. I love make-up and jewelry and clothes. What a great desire you have to put make-up on burn victims and others. I think that is so sweet. I do love make-up and agree it does make you feel better when you can cover up something you hate about yourself.
Wow you really saved a lot of money at the CVC. We have one I think but I do not go there. I should!
I always go to Target instead. Have a great trip! big hugs

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I forgot to mention that I used to sell Mary Kay too. I had to stop because life happened :) :) I love the product!!! Now when I do wear make-up it's Bare Minerals. I also like Jane Iredale..but it's a bit spendy..but it's supposed to be really great/safe for cancer patients.

I think that would be great if you had a chance to do that... I'm always amazed at how a little pampering can go a long way to restoring someone's confidence and making them feel better :) :)

I don't there's a CVS where I live. I'll have to check the phone book!! Hugs, Heather :)

Sheila said...

I'm sorry things are so rough for y'all. I pray things will continue to look up for you and your family. Just think of all the good you are doing your girls by showing them you don't have to spend tons of money to be able to do things you love. Think of the values you and your husband are instilling in them. We've been in your same situation and it is hard but we survived. Looking back now, I do have to wonder how we did it. I think it made us appreciate even more the things we do have now.
I put make-up on once a year or so any more. I used to not leave the house without it!! It makes me feel good too but it's been so long since I've bought any that I would have to start over from scratch--and that adds up really quickly!!
I hope Elvis and Princess are the best of friends when y'all get back!!
I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend away. Take care!! Sheila

Adriane said...

I can totally relate to this. And I'm sorry that things are tough and frustrating for you right now. (But you did get some great deals too!) I hope that you have a great weekend!

~Krystle~ said...

Have fun on your trip, and I know how you feel on your budget we are going through the same thing right now and having to tighten our budget yet again. We are trying to get out of debt and following the Dave Ramsy plan but its so hard to start off, but I know it will be worth it. Family time will be just what you need to help ease some of the pressure! Family is amazing that way so enjoy yourself! ~Krys~

Jill said...

@ Jackie, Welcome! So glad you stopped by! Thank you for your kind words, I greatly appreciate that! Looking forward to getting to know you better. :-)

@ Heather, I will be emailing you! ;-)

@ Sheila, Thank you so much for your comforting words. You always make me smile, and so glad I have gotten to know you.

@ Adriane, Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I hope things are looking up for you as well. I have been keeping you in my prayers.

@ Krystle Thanks for your kind words! We did Dave ramsey awhile back and he has a wonderful program. Definitely follow through on it, you will not be disapointed!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for all the kind words!

Jill said...

@ Kat, I love CVS and their deals, I'll have to do a post laying out the savings. Target you can deal there too another of my favorites. I do wonder if we will come home to two very fat cats! LOL Have a great weekend!