Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drive In Movie

Tonight was the first time the girls went to see a drive in movie. We had gone to see movies under the stars at a local park, but nothing like this. They really enjoyed it, and even with the sweet treats they still managed to fall asleep on the way back fairly quickly. ;-)

 We saw Despicable Me and I have to say I wasn't that impressed. It kinda dragged on and didn't have the best plot. The kids enjoyed it though and that's what's important, but I certainly wouldn't run out and buy it or anything.

They had a little playground there to help pass the time...

Have no clue who the boy is, must have snuck between them LOL

This was so funny Kathleen was playing with a little boy and they kept sticking their heads in and out of the holes and laughing so hard, it was so cute to watch and of course was making lots of people smile! :-)

They also got to pet the pony :-)

Not only beautiful, but an indication the movie was about to start.

Great night...great memories :-)


Sheila said...

What a nice drive in. It looks like the girls had a blast. I've never been to one that had all that! Have a wonderful day. Sheila

Joyce said...

Drive in movies for the first time is always fun. Brings back memories of taking my kids. No drive in movies by us any more. I have to think on the eggless recipes as I am at the beach house so when I get back home I will look. Pie would be a good dessert option and William Sonoma has the cutest little pie pocket molds.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

How fun is that. I haven't experienced a drive-in. There aren't any drive-ins in my immediate area..but I did see a really cute documentary on drive-ins on PBS once...learning about the ones still in existence, they're slowly making a comeback, the history everything.. It hink that's great that there were activities for the kids before the movie started....oh, how fun!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Kat said...

Hi Jill what a treat for the girls. I have heard of that movie but don't remember what it's all about. I will have to check it out cause Steve and I watch a lot of movies. The girls look like they had a lot of fun. I like the photo of Kathleen with her head in the out of the hole, she was probably paying peek a boo! have a great weekend! hugs

Jill said...

@ Sheila... Thanks! We had a great time, hope your weekend is going great!

@ Joyce, that sounds great about the recipes! We make lots of cookies and pies too, she enjoys them. Especially when we go to birthday parties and she can't eat the cakes.

@ Heather, if you ever get a chance to go, they are really a lot of fun. I do recommend bug spray though! LOL This one has been there since 1946! Had concession stands and everything. Good time!

@ Kat, thanks for stopping by and yes, I believe they were playing some kind of hide and seek game in the portholes. They were laughing so hard!

Hope you all are having great weekends!