Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fishing fun!

I remember when my husband and I first found out we were expecting after trying seven years and being told we'd never have children. He initially was hoping for a boy, to fish and hunt with. Then when Hayley was born he literally melted and she certainly wrapped him around her little finger. He was so smitten with her that the hospital had the local newspaper come and write a story on us and feature it for Father's Day. When Kathleen came next his joy grew more. They are certainly "daddy's little girls" and as he found out....girls can certainly fish too! What a beautiful day we had. This was Kathleen's first time, Hayley had been out with him before, and me, well I'm usually the picture taker LOL.
She was so excited she set her chair up outside the back of the van and grabbed her pole! We had to get her to understand we needed to sit by the water! LOL

Hayley brought Lanie, her new American girl doll along for the adventure!

Daddy getting the lines ready.

Ol' pro waiting for her fish. LOL

Holding a worm in her hand and wondering where the fish are!

First fish of the day....Daddy had a tear in his eye!

Touching Hayley's fish she caught.

I just love this one of the three of them.

Still waiting.......

She did it! First catch and look at that face. ;-)

She had to say hi and stroke the fish before throwing him back.

Silly Daddy! Pretending to kiss the fish!

Hayley and Lanie, my nature lover.

We truly had great belly laughs over this one....Daddy caught the SMALLEST fish of the day! LOL

We had a wonderful time and part of what I love so much about my husband is he is very involved with the girls and their lives. He is so proud of all they do.

Hope you have time to enjoy the "little" things today, that just make you smile!


Sheila said...

Y'all do such fun things with your girls. I love seeing that. I remember my first fish--it was about as big as the one in the picture of your husband with the smallest fish!!! I was so happy with myself. Have a wonderful week!!

Angie Berry said...

Looks like a wonderful time and lots of sweet memories being made!