Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fun, Park, craft,reading, swimming.....

Since it was another scorcher today, we got up early and headed to another one of my favorite parks in the area. So peaceful here! I guess we were the only ones today brave enough to go out in the heat because we didn't see anyone other than a lone fisherman! I have quite a few photos to share today, I had lots of favorites, and these are the moments I want to remember always. Please join me for a visit to this beautiful park! Then it's another fun craft, and some neat books to share.

An Ant farm (you know we enjoy exploring our surroundings :-)  ) I remember when I was younger I use to search for Ant farms and lay down in the grass and watch them for what seemed liked hours. They are hard little workers too.

Nice area for a picnic, it overlooks the water.

Girls running to find rocks to skip...

Little shells

Tossing stones from the bridge and watching the ripple effect.

Kathleen may be tiny, but she has incredible strength! She loves climbing up the poles, then she looks at her hands and say "these hands are awesome!" :-)

Today we made closets to hold our American Girl Doll clothes and shoes. We have more crafts but were running out of time today. We started with 2 boxes. Sally my Lab just had to be in the photo, LOL!

Then we cut off the top and bottom smaller flaps. Then inserted a dow rod into the boxes, just a bit down from the top. The girls then got busy decorating with paint, stickers etc. They aren't completely done with their creativity, but this gives a good idea of how to do the craft.

Even added door handles. Brads are great for making door knobs too, just let them be creative! The girls also have several old cards that they clipped the front picture off, they plan to hang these up as posters in their doll closets.

We also made hangers out of floral wire to hang up the clothes. We had a great time and they are gathering up the rest of their clothes and shoes to place inside. :-)

LOL , Kathleen was making a weird face here, LOL Was probably thinking "Oh no Mom, not another picture!" I've been photographing everything they do since the moment they were born. I remember when Hayley was born, before digital cameras really took off, every week I lugged bagfuls of film in to get developed at the one hour photo places. Never knowing how the pictures would turn out, until they were developed. Wow to technology! I wouldn't trade digital cameras for anything now!

Every day we take time to read together. I love this part of the day...we snuggle up and go on new adventures! Two cute books I want to share today are:
Saving the Liberty Bell By Megan McDonald

This was written very well to hold the girls interest in an important part of U.S. history. We always try to incorporate learning books in with just for fun books.

Next is Miss Smith Reads Again! By: Michael Garland

We enjoyed this because it's a delightful book about telling stories. Takes the kids on a fun adventure and encourages the imagination.

Both are great books to check out at your local library. ;-)

I know many people are all excited about the kindles, etc. but to me there is nothing like curling up with a great book. Just the textures, smells, wonderment....I'm not sure I could ever give up my books. :-)

Thought I'd post this photo of Elvis, our new cat we adopted a week ago. I couldn't resist. When we go out we crate our two smaller dogs so our house stays in one piece. We have two skylights that are over top their cages and many times I use a sheet to put over their cages so the sun doesn't beat down too harshly on them while we're gone. So when we got back from the park today; we found Elvis curled up on top of the cages enjoying himself in the sun! LOL I guess he's beginning to feel pretty comfortable with them, or he's just smart enough to realize they can't reach him from their cages.

Bit lengthy today and lots of pictures, but so many were my favorites. :-) Tonight we are taking the girls to a drive in movie theatre to see Despicable Me. This will be their first time at a drive in movie, so they are very excited!! Already loading the car with dolls, stuffed animals, blankets and pillows. I just hope they can stay up long enough to see the whole movie! Today we were up at 6 AM. We're gonna cool off in our little pool first and have a nice dinner. I'll post pics from the drive in tomorrow sometime.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Sheila said...

Another lovely post!! Gorgeous park and girls!! I love the closets--wish my girls were small enough to enjoy dolls! Elvis looks like he is fitting in just fine--I'm glad. When I was small, I had an aunt and uncle who ran our local drive-in. I loved visiting with them. I think we have a drive-in here--I'll have to check and see. I would love to go to one again. Have a wonderful weekend.

SonyaAnn said...

I love all of your pictures! And your girls are adorable. Great idea to use a box to make a closet!
Have a great weekend!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill,

These are great photos. I really love the gazebo..I'm partial to gazebos...and the photo of your girls skipping down that stone-paved path to the water. That is really sweet. Curious...did that stone path serve a purpose at any time in the past? Hm..I like it, because to me it looks like it has a bit of history :) :)

That's so cool, you made closets for their AMerican Girl doll clothes. How creative!!!!

Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Camille said...

What a GREAT park to go to!!! You are very blessed! How sweet your girls must enjoy them very much! :)

I think your closets for the American Girl doll clothes are WONDERFUL! Great job!