Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot Air balloon Surprise!

Good morning! First I have to say Happy 40TH Birthday to my husband Jerry! I've been blessed to spend 20 of those years by his side. :-) He called this morning to tell me that his job filled his office with 270 balloons, and they had a string attached to confetti so that when he opened the door it fell down all over him and his office. LOL They also got him a big cake. It is such a different atmosphere working for a small company, then when he was with his other company. They would have never have taken the time to do something like this for him. We feel so blessed to have found them! We thank God every day. :-}

So while I was in bed this morning I heard the whooshing sound....I knew what that meant! So I got up and got dressed and grabbed my camera and out the door I went! As I mentioned over the weekend hot air balloons seem to like our area, particularly our neighborhood a lot! LOL Sure enough this morning one landed literally outside our backyard gate! Talk about the excitement! The girls were running out in their PJ's.
It was so cute, the balloon even had a smiley face on it! It was very close to our house, again thank goodness it cleared the trees and fencing and no one got hurt!

I also wanted to do a little walk and survey how our garden was coming along.

Pepper has really grown since my last photos! We love peppers, plain, with dip, cooked in our favorite dishes....Yum!

This tomato plants are on a table on our deck. The girls had done a build and grow workshop at Lowes around Earth day. They made little planters and as an extra bonus that day they game them soil and tomato seeds. So the girls are very proud that these are the tomatoes from those little tiny seeds! :-)

Even our Topsy turvey plant is also producing tomatoes. This is the first year we've tried these. Ours seem to be doing o.k., but I've heard a lot of people have not had much success.

Last Lilly left, the others petals have fallen down, but I love their beauty!

These are part of the wildflowers we have growing and the pink one smells so nice! Kathleen picks these for me a lot. :-)

While on the porch taking pictures, I noticed this shot of Kathleen with Elvis and I just had to share.

In just a couple short weeks he is such a big part of our family!

Here is a poem I'd like to share about the garden.....

Prayer in a Garden

Today the world seemed cruel, but evening hours were filled with perfume from forgotten flowers.
I saw again familiar filigree of moonlight through my lacy lilac tree; I heard the robins stirring in their nest; And saw the path that fairy feet had pressed;
Reflected stars were in my garden pool; on my warm face the breeze was kind and cool.
The silence seemed to speak, my head was bowed,
Then ramblers that had grown into a cloud lifted my eyes that, tear washed, now could see,
The beauty that today was lost to me.
Dear god, who is so near to flowers, and birds, be nearer still, as I search for words
To thank thee for the blessings night revealed,
Which through the day discouragement concealed.

Eva Sparks Taylor

We enjoy fairies here, if your new to my blog you may want to go to June and see the Fairly post and Fairy houses we made!

I also like to sing many songs with my girls, especially when we follow particular themes. This is one that is fun to do!

What makes a garden Grow, Grow, Grow?

What makes a garden grow,grow, grow?
(measure from floor with hand at 3 levels)
Lots of work with  a rake and hoe
(pretend to rake and hoe)
Seeds gently planted in a row
(pretend to plant seeds with thumb and index fingers together)
That makes a garden grow, grow, grow
What brings the seedlings up from the ground?
(with palms up, close to floor, measure at 3 levels)
Rain from the sky coming down, down
(raise hands high and flutter fingers down, down)
Bright yellow sunbeams shining around
(make arms into big circles overhead)
Help bring the seedlings up from the ground
(with palms up close to the floor measure at 3 levels)

Patricia Elizabeth Garner

I have lots to do today in preparation for Jerry's birthday so I may be on late again tonight! I do want to share one more picture of some goodies I got!

I love Vera Bradley's designs! My Aunt had a bunch of purses between her and her daughter and asked my Mom and I if we'd like some. So I chose these two and I can't wait to transfer my stuff into these! Right now I have a large Vera Bradley that my sister had given me for my birthday last year. It's filled with my needs, but also everything for the kids....meds, fruit snacks, wipes, lollipops, notebooks, pens, tissues, phone, etc etc LOL. The thing I like best about the new ones is they have zippers!! So when I bend over all the contents of my purse won't be able to come rushing out of my purse like they do now! LOL
Does anyone else enjoy Vera Bradley? Such beautiful designs and so many to choose from!

Have a blessed day!



Adriane said...

Hi Jill! I came by and read your post that you referred to. We too have been through a layoff and that is part of what I was speaking about in my post. Your words were encouraging and the poem was beautiful. Thank you for your encouragement. I hope you all have a blessed day. By the way, I loved this post!

Sheila said...

First off, I'm sorry I've been spelling Hayley's name wrong--don't know where my brain is some days!!
Happy birthday to Jerry!! 40 is young!! I'm coming up on 47 this September!!
What a neat way to wake up!! I would have been right out there taking pictures too. Your garden is lovely. I most definitely have to plant one next year. Stargazer lilies--one of my most favorite flowers ever! I have one Vera Bradley purse--I saw a new one on her website a couple of weeks ago that I would really like to get! I don't remember the name of it but I'd know it if I saw it again.
I love the picture of Elvis and Kathleen--what a sweetheart she is!! Have a blessed evening! Sheila

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill..

Happy Birthday to your hubby and congrats on being together for so long. What a blessing that is :) :)

I love the story about his em ployers wishing him happy birthday with all those balloons. That's a good company in my eyes...when they treat the employees like people and not just something to be managed like office supplies. So cool. What did he do with all the balloons?

I've never seen a hot-air balloon in real life. This photo you shared was cute with the smiley face :) I've never heard of Vera Bradley either...but I do like those bags that you photographed. Those are so bright and colorful :) :)

Have a great Tuesday Jill. I'm off to watch an old episode of Perry Mason and do more crafting!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Anonymous said...

My husband turned 60 this year! And we have been
together for 40 years!!
Glad he is 60 retirement is so close.


Jill said...

@ Adrienne, So glad you stopped by and I'm glad my post helped! I understand what you are going through. I hope everything goes well for you and I wish you all the best! :-)

@ Sheila, That's o.k., there are so many ways to spell Hayley. Hers is like Hayley Mills and Hayley 's comment LOL. Hard to find printed on things though. Thanks for my husband's birthday wishes, we had a nice evening. I love Vera Bradley..didn't even think about checking her website...I'll have to do that! ;-)

@ Heather, Thanks for my husband's birthday wishes! Actually I think they ended up popping from the heat LOL He said they were scaring him all day popping unexpectantly! They also got him with Silly sttring. LOL they are wonderful there.
Great environment to work in. Hot air balloons are pretty cool. I enjoy watching them. Oh I just know you would adore Vera Bradley, I can tell. She has such beautiful designs. You can look on her website as Sheila mentioned. She's very popular here, she does wallets, cell phone holders etc. :-)

@ Pamela, Thanks for stopping by my blog, welcome! Wow 40 years I think that is so wonderful!! I hope to see that with my husband! Enjoy the years to come, retirement will be awesome! Have a great night!

Blessings to all and thanks for all the lovely comments, so glad you came by!

Olives and Pickles said...

I love the pictures you have in your blog...so colorful!!Flowers always cheers me up!!I am glad I stopped by..you have such a wonderful blog and beautiful kids!!
Thanks for your sweet coment in my blog.

Karen Long said...

Hey Jill..its Karen from
Yea.. I actually put 2 or 3 post on in one night.. I did the Truths and then ran across these jokes and they made me smile, and i thought it would make everyone else smile too..
I was reading them off to my son,,and started cracking up when I read the one about holding a cat and a blow dryer at the same time.. the visual on that one just gave me the giggles..
And I needed to laught...
so good to see ya again..my blogging buddy..
talk to you again real soon.

OMG.. I love that balloon.. what a funny sight to see coming over the trees.. that to made me smile...and FYI.. I am a cat person. and to see your daughter with your new family member, is just so precious..YOu are bless.. Happy Anniversray as well..

Anonymous said...

Always love seeing how other people's gardens are doing! Peppers look beautiful.

Jill said...

@ Karen, I know how funny to see a huge balloon, not expected that's for sure. So glad it didn't cause a lot of damage! We love cats and dogs here too, I just couldn't resist that picture.:-)
Thanks for stopping by!

@ Abbie Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.:-) I can't wait till we can start picking everything and enjoying it! Do you have a garden as well? Have a great day!!