Friday, July 30, 2010

A little art, a little wash, a little bubbles! ;-)

Started the day with my hairdryer catching on fire and sparks shooting out at my head! LOL Do you know how bad a hair day you can have with no BLOWDRYER??? Especially when you are cursed , I mean have straight hair? So after tossing that away and waiting for my hair to dry.... I got the girls fed and ready to head out to the library. We are traveling to Hersheypark tomorrow so we checked out some movies at the library for the long car ride. We also replenished our reading list. :-) Then it was off to Aldi's to save some $$ on a few groceries. $22.97 later we left with 6 bags. Most for tomorrow's journey.

Bananas  $.89
Box of juice pouches $1.89
Turkey lunch box combo $1.79
Ham lunch box combo $1.79
Cheeses slices $1.79
Deli turkey breast $2.69 ( pack)
Strawberries $1.89
Cheese puffs $.99
Peach fruit bowls ( pack) $1.59
Cheese and crackers snack packs (2) $1.19 each
Potato chips $1.29
Shredded cheddar cheese $2.29
2 loaves of bread $.79 each

Not a bad deal. This was a quick trip, but I can get a lot of groceries in there for a great deal. One of the cheapest places to shop. I'll do a post on menu ideas soon!

Stopped a few more places, home for lunch and some fun! I hung up a sheet on our fence outside to let Kathleen get creative with painting a mural. Hayley worked on jewelry so I will feature her another day. :-)

Oh and again she dressed herself for the project, but we DID NOT go in public misdressed, LOL she had a dress on as always when we go out.

Lol, as you can see we reuse a lot, that cat litter bucket was also a stool as well as for planting our tomato plants in!

Then she got really creative! Look at that face....

I LOVE it!

Mommy had a plan to get rid of the paint.... we had a car wash!

All clean! Notice the outfit change again? Don't even want to talk about the laundry in this house! LOL

What do you think of my cool goggles Mom??

Then we enjoyed some bubble time! Uh oh....looks like another shirt will be out. ;-)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!

Probablly post late Saturday or on Sunday since we'll be at Hershey all day, lots of pictures to share then. :-)



~Krystle~ said...

So cute and awesome deals as the grocery store! We have some of that side walk paint and thank goodness it washes off. Have a GREAT weekend!

Jill said...

@ Krystle Thanks! I use tempera washable paints, it's great and it doesn't stain their clothes. :-)

Karen Long said...

your such a creative momma.. that is awesome

Jill said...

Thanks Karen! :-) We have lots of fun.

Sheila said...

Wonderful grocery deals!! Kathleen makes me smile--she has such enthusiasm for everything she does. Have fun at Hershey Park. We lived on the other side of Harrisburg for 4 years and we visited Hershey often. Have a wonderful weekend. Sheila

Fiona said...

Have a great trip to Hershey Park.
And I love the idea of painting on a sheet - hmmm, off to look for old sheets in the linen cupboard very soon I think!!

Wendi said...

I love the idea of hanging up a sheet to paint on. Great idea!

Jill said...

@ Sheila Thanks! Isn't Hershey Park great? the girls love it there. ;-)

@ Fiona Thanks for stopping by! Yes, your children would have lots of fun with it! :-)

@ Wendi Thanks for stopping by! I bet your little one would love this project! ;-)

Have a great evening!!!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

What a fun-filled day! My daughters love having car washes too! It is a great way to keep them busy and clean up their outdoor toys.

Have fun at Hershey's Park! Can't wait to see pics!

Jill said...

@ Michelle Thanks!! I will probablly be overloading everyone with pics when we get back! LOL Then I am entertaining friends on Sunday too! Busy weekend! Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Jill, I love your post! It's so sweet seeing what the kids are doing. I'm impressed at how much you got at the store on $23.00! Good job!

Thanks for the sweet comments.:O)I'm glad you like making a welcoming home as much as I do.

Have a great day!
Donna @ Comin' Home

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

this is so cute...It really made me a good way. It was fun to see the photos of your daughter having fun painting that mural. The car wash idea was great!!! The fact that she likes to be properly dressed for the occasion, that's just precious :) :) :) I love your ideas for fun with yoru girls. I can't wait to see your other daughter's jewelry!!!
Oh, I love Aldi...I used to shop there when I lived in Germany!!! It's a great store...that one and Lidl...both super discounted food items. I haven't seen an Aldi here in Southern Oregon...but we do have Grocery Outlet. That has pretty good prices!!!
Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to meet new blogging friends. Too funny about your daughter going through so many clothes...we do to. Every time I turn around my son has on something different. 3 outfits yesterday. LOL
Nice to meet you.

Lecia said...

Your girls remind me of my little one, lots of laundry generated!
Have a fun trip!

Karen Long said...

Hey Jill, thank you for the encouraging word you left on my blog.and i agree with you when you say sometimes i feel like life it flying by too fast..
i want to be IN THE MOMENT of all of it.. i think that is my problem..i need to limit and prioritize my life a little better,,
any thanks again for stopping by and for being a sweet friend..
talk to ya again real soon God Bless

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

This mama and paint do NOT mix! I avoid paint like the plague.

You are very creative. I love your little "red-headed" Hayley. I can picture my niece when she gets a little older!

Thank you for following my blog!

Mandie said...

What a great blog you have! Have fun at Hershey Park. What a great idea to hang a sheet and let them paint away, I must try that.

Thank you for stopping by both of my blogs. I just love Christmas so much, lol!

SonyaAnn said...

You have perfect little life!!

Camille said...

What a great idea Jill! Looks like she had a fabulous time! :)


Southern Lady said...

Hey Jill, thanks for stopping by my blog. I came over to yours to meet you. It sounds like you have a lot of neat stuff going on at your house. I am very gald to meet you. Come back over any time to visit. Have a great weekend. Carla

Vicki said...

Hi, Jill,
I have had my hair dryer do that before. Scared me to death, thought I was going to be electrocuted or burned!!! The trip to Hersheyland sounds like a lot of fun (Hershey's chocolate is my all time favorite). I am amazed at the great deal on those groceries. You may have the next Picasso there in your little one. Great idea to let her paint her mural on the cloth attached to the fence. Wishing you much happiness always~Vicki

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You are one brave woman! I admit it, I hate the paint and kid's combo, LOL. I'm blessed to have a homeschooling friend who is going to let me come to her house and I will teach her teenage Earth Science while she teaches my kids arts and crafts. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

You're daughter is adorable. You know how I love those redheads ;)

Jill said...

Thanks to all of you for the lovely comments! Have a great week!!

Angie Berry said...

What fun! I love the idea of the car wash afterwards. My girl changed outfits every time she went down the hall it seemed like. I know what you mean about the laundry build-up. Thank goodness she has mostly grown out of that stage. It was so much fun for her though.