Monday, July 26, 2010

Mommy's Little helper :-)

Mondays here are always so busy. Especially after being away for the weekend so my posts may be brief.
Kathleen is my "mini me" as everyone tells me. She looks exactly like I did at her age, and we have common mannerisms too. LOL She loves to help me in whatever I do. Since today I am pressed for time, and now my laptop is not running right, I came to the desktop to pull a few pictures from June, when my clematis was still in bloom. It's one of my favorite flowers! This particular day Hayley was still in school. Kathleen and I set out to do our daily chores and on this day I made sure my camera was out, and I'm so glad I did. I enjoy these moments with my girls. :-)

Getting ready to water the flowers, notice the snow boots? Smart thinking, she I don't get my feet wet! LOL

This is around the front side of our house where we have wildflowers growing. My parents van and my husband's 62 Ford Galaxy convertible are in the background. The house is my neighbors. :-)

We just thought these were pretty!

My clematis plant growing up my light post. I'm so excited because every year it grows more and more and I started it from a tiny little plant.

Please overlook my irises, at the point I took the picture I hadn't yet clipped the tops off. That's the only problem with them, so beautiful when they bloom, but they don't last long.

This is one of my favorite shots. We were playing hide and seek and she ran and hid behind the large trashcan, I came over the top to snap her pic and caught an awesome little smile.

It doesn't take lots of money, or jam packed schedules to make a child smile. In fact, the simplest things I find, make them the happiest. I don't over schedule summers. We do learning but not as much as the fall. I feel they need to enjoy their days as a child, without all the hurry and worry. I feel the summer is flying by and I wish I could slow it down! Soon I will be sitting and preparing the Fall year for Kathleen. Since she will not be 5 until November I am blessed to have her at home with me another year. I am excited about lesson planning, but enjoying the summer pace.

I'll be adding another one of my favorite songs to a separate posts, in honor of my girls. There are several I like, but will do them every couple of days.



Sheila said...

Kathleen is so cute. Gorgeous flowers--my iris still look like yours--I was out pulling weeds today but didn't feel like dealing with the irises! I need to dig them up and thin them out. I love the snow boots--smart thinking!!I hope y'all have a wonderful day! Sheila

Country Whispers said...

She's a cutie patootie!
I too wish we could slow the summer down and cool it down a bit as well so that we could fully enjoy it!

SonyaAnn said...

Your daughter is super cute!! As is your yard and pretty flowers. Thank you for sharing!
Have a great week!

Jill said...

Thanks Ladies! Sheila, my irises are taking over! LOL

Angie Berry said...

She is a cutie! My little one and I had so much fun together last year as the older two were in school. He will start half day Pre-K this year so we'll still have some time together... just not all day. I do treasure this special time with my kids and I know they will look back and remember that mom and dad were always there with them and for them. I'm sure your girls will do the same!