Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Mayhem LOL

Well it was another sleepless night last night. I guess that's when Elvis feels a little more secure exploring until Princess sees him. One time he went to jump up on the bed with me, but landed on my face, well I screamed so loud I'm surprised I didn't wake the kids! LOL I think that prompted Princess into protection mode and she meowed and chased Elvis down the stairs. ( she already has taken over our bed, lol) They don't fight but I think she likes intimidating him. I guess in her mind she was protecting me. Still keeping my fingers crossed they'll work this out. The dogs are pretty unfazed by him. Just more curious than anything.

I did have to get up early and go by the SPCA and get some antibiotic for him he's been sneezing. Also some ointment for his eye, he had surgery on it and it was oozing a lot yesterday. For the first two weeks all care is at no charge to us, so that really helps. He has been hiding out under my daughter's bed all day.

Hayley has a class at the library tonight so we'll be headed there in a bit, and to get some new good books and turn in our tickets for their prizes. It's a great program and they really enjoy it.

Trying to get things caught up here, my husband liked the cookies so much he asked me to make them for his work so we made 3 more batches today. Still trying to find time to work on my pantry and freezer reorganization but today has just flown by, I have ribs cooking and plan fresh green beans with red potatoes to go with it. I don't eat red meat so I may have a sandwich, but the sauce I have it marinating in in the crock pot sure smells good! :-)

The girls and I did manage to get a craft in today even with all the running. Then I went and scheduled a play date here for Weds. so I have more cleaning and organizing, plus I'm hosting the lunch. Looks like more late evenings.

Today the girls made ice cream cones. We used construction paper rolled and then taped into a cone shape.
Then they put the pom poms on, then used some of Hayley's small beads for the jimmies. Would have liked larger pom poms but then they liked the small ones cause it was doll sized. :-) Yellow seem to be the popular color choice for today. As long as they are being creative and having fun, that's all that matters.

Of course Lanie, the American Girl gets lots of privileges. She got a Mickey Mouse cone. LOL

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Sheila said...

I love the crafts you do with your girls--and I love how your girls are always so happy. I hope the cats figure out their hierarchy soon--it just takes time. I bet Elvis was as scared as you were when he landed on your face. I hope Elvis heals well-and soon. Have a blessed evening! Sheila

Jill said...

Thanks Sheila! They are such a joy to me! And yes I do believe I scared Elvis as much as he scared me! LOL I hope to get some rest tonight.
You have a great evening too!

colonialhomestead said...

Good luck for a restful night. Another fun day of crafting for the girls. Your meal sounds good. I posted some giveaways from other bloggers in my side bar if you are interested in entering any of them. When I won the giveaway form Berry Homespun Primitives it was so fun for the boys and I to open and unwrap all the goodies. If you enter good luck. Blessings to you and yours.

Jill said...

Thanks for letting me know, being new to blogging I haven't gotten into the giveaways and all yet, but I'd like to!

Kat said...

Hi Jill I have not gotten into the give aways either. Wherever do you find the time?
In any event I think it's fun that so many do win and enjoy them.
I love your daughter's cute smiles, it must be nice to wake up everyday to those sweet smiles.
Cookies those sound good! yummy!
When you post in here comments back to people do they know you're leaving them a message?
I would not know to look back to read a message.
I have seen people do this and wonder how that works?
You're a busy mama enjoy your day and did you get a new kitty I will have to look down your blog. Have a great day!