Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not enough hours in the day!

Ever feel like that? That there is just not enough time to get everything done? I planned a play date here for tomorrow, so of course I have regular cleaning for that and straightening up. But I am also reorganizing the freezers, pantry and fridge which takes time; to redo my menu planning and shopping lists. My husband, bless his heart has been picking up different items without a plan. There is tending to be a lot more junk and processed items then I would like in there. But I am grateful he's been helping while my foot heals, so of course I don't say too much to him. But I need to get my kitchen back in order! LOL  Here is a sheet I like to use for my grocery and menu planning. I like this method because as soon as I plan my menu I write down what I need right away. Then when all is complete I cut the sheet in half. The menu plan goes on my fridge, and the grocery list goes on a small clipboard that I take to the store along with my coupons.

I found this idea over a year ago on simplify101.com. I really liked the way everything was laid out and easy to use. It's so important to have a master list of what you have on hand so as to not re buy like products and waste money. I try to plan as well as use what I have on hand first. The organization takes time at first, but once in place it really does save time. I also buy products that I can make several different meal plans out of to stretch several days and even for lunches. I'll do example of a week's worth in another post.

So I had to keep the kids busy in other ways so I could work on some things, that were necessary. We did our reading first and learning, we do that each day. But I gave Hayley the chore of organizing her beads and jewelry materials ( I knew this would take time) This is only a small clip of all she has! She has a table set up in our living room, but her collection is growing, so we soon have to get another area for her. I am very proud of her, 4th of July holiday she sold over $100.00. We make her seperate it into, SAVINGS, BUSINESS NEEDS, CHARITY, and SPENDING MONEY for her. We feel it's important early to teach them the values of money and to save and give to others. We are very proud of her.

Kathleen being younger, I had several things planned for her.

Eating a big piece of yummy watermelon! LOL Well we had that for lunch. :-)

I find a great activity for this age is to give them a container of warm water filled with soap and cups, dolls, basters, etc. to play with. Keeps them occupied for quite a while! She loves it.

Another activity I find that's good to keep them entertained for a certain amount of time is blocks. These are the soft building blocks and she likes to sit and create villages etc. So a little more time for me to get things done. :-)

Oh, I do need to mention that I did not dress her today....LOL She chose her outfit herself and since we were staying home, I went with it!

I took a small break to catch up on my blog. We had a bad storm last evening and I kept losing my signal, and electric so I didn't get all my blog reading or responses done. I will probably be on later tonight to do that after the kids are in bed.

A few pictures of Elvis settling in. He seems to love hiding behind the curtains in our dining room now, I think it's because my other cat hasn't found him there yet. This was him last night getting cozy on our recliner.

He is certainly loved already in this house. He's such a sweetheart.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!




Kat said...

Jill those are such adorable photos of the your daughter with the new kitty Elivs. I love that name for him. Hugs

colonialhomestead said...

I did the frig last week. Today the bedroom walk in closet. Not because I wanted to but the carpet was wet. Lots of moving things. Seems the hot water heater is causing it. Elvis sure looks at home. He took the best seat in the house. The photo of Kathleen & Elvis is so dear. How wonderful for Hayley great sales. The saving plan is a good teaching tool. The charge card companies would not do so well if we were all showed that valuable lesson early in life. Your shopping list is neat. I never thought of a clipboard. I like that idea. Your blog shows such love for your kids. I was wondering if you knew you can have it printed into a book by blogger.com Just a thought for memories for the girls in the years to come. Take care & blessings to you & yours.

Sheila said...

Congrats to Hayley on her sales--WOW!! Kathleen looks like she is enjoying her jobs too. Elvis looks like he is fitting in just fine--I'm so glad.
I love the grocery and menu plan--I so need that. Thanks for sharing.
Have a blessed day!