Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ooops someone's not happy

This is Princess, our cat who was not happy the rest of the family got featured in the blog except her so far. LOL So here is a formal introduction and a post all her own.
Now my husband and I have always been dog lovers, feeling they were more loving and less "snotty" then cats can be. My husband was probably less fond of them than I. I love all animals. :-)
Well when my husband was working one evening at his old job about 8 years ago; the alarm kept getting set off and they didn't know why. One night Jerry came across this skinny, scrawny cat meowing away. Well he planned to get rid of her (at the pound) but when he picked her up something amazing happened....she purred at him and manged to capture his heart. Quite a feat as I had said he DID NOT like cats at all. So I get a call late at night fearing the worse...and here it's my husband pleading to bring this cat home. I was so surprised! Hayley was about a year and a half old at the time and we had 3 dogs then (2 of whom we lost to cancer). We agreed if he brought her home and the dogs accepted her in the family she could stay. Needless to say she hit it off perfectly with them, purring away and loving them. My daughter Hayley and her formed an instant bond that is still strong today. Princess alternates between Hayley's bed and ours throughout the night. She is the sweetest, most gentlest cat I've ever met, and I feel our paths were truly meant to cross. She's a big part of our family and we love her very much. However she is no longer skinny and scrawny, but moved up to fat and incredibly happy!! LOL



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Sheila said...

How sweet--I think she was meant to be with y'all. She is beautiful!! We have had stray cats show up here--I blog about them--any way, one is a female and one is male--both intact. Gracie had kittens under our shed about 3 weeks ago. I think she has moved them though because I haven't seen her go under the shed in a week or so. I so want to catch all of them and bring them into the house but I haven't been able to just yet. I'm working on it though!! Have a wonderful weekend.