Thursday, July 22, 2010

Puppet Show

Today is the day my Mom heads back home, so has been busy here again. We just got back home from a Puppet Show at our local library. the guy did a wonderful job and the girls really enjoyed it. I am so grateful to have library privileges and to enjoy all the great programs it has to offer, and it's all FREE! ;-) Soon we will be headed out for a late lunch when my Dad arrives. Then I have more packing and cleaning to do to prepare for another weekend away. Here are a few photos from the program.

Thank you Mr. Gene! what a great and entertaining program!!

Hope you all have a great day and get to enjoy your local libraries. ;-)



Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill,

How cool is that? Don't you love library stuff for kids :) :) :) I think the parents enjoy it just as much!!! I do need to go to my library soon. I have some overdue fines that I need to pay!!! Plus, they have a really nice collection of craft books...that's how I bought some of mine. I was able to check them out from the library and if I really liked them...then I'd go to Barnes & Noble and buy them!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Sheila said...

Good afternoon Jill,
The puppet show looks like so much fun. I'm sorry your mom is leaving but I'm glad y'all had this week together. I love libraries. The first place I find when we move to a new area is the library!! I am so fortunate that my girls also love the library--we are BIG readers in our house. Have a wonderful day!! Sheila

Jill said...

@ Heather, so true about the programs! The parents love them too, this guy was really good and we were all singing along to the songs. LOL
I love to read and so do my girls. Plus it's great to save money because the DVD rentals and video rentals are free! Can't beat it! I love Barnes and Nobles too!

@ Sheila, At least I will see her again this weekend in our travels, but after that not sure how soon again. Summer is flying by. We are big readers here too ( except my husband) So glad to hear you enjoy and support your libraries, they're the best!