Friday, July 16, 2010


Since I'm pretty new to blogging I just have to ask....will someone please tell me if on my blog you can see the little pictures of the tools, like under my Profile, and by feedjit etc or does that just show on my page? If you can see do I hide it? It's probably something very simple, lol but I'm learning as I go! Thanks!!! If you can't see it, you're all probably thinking I'm nuts, lol but in my defense it is after midnight here and I should really be in bed. LOL

Goodnight all! ;-)


Joyce said...

I only see the little (5 square) icons next to the Posted by Jill at the TIME.
ON your main page I see Feedjit under your personal photo by your profile. I hope this helps and welcome to blogging. Your girls are adorable and your craft blog was so clever.

Sheila said...

I too see the 5 icons under each post and the feedjit under your profile picture. I'm still relatively new to blogging too so I'm not sure how to hide things. I want to do lots with my blog but I'm not sure how!! I hope y'all have a blessed weekend. Sheila

Lea said...

Jill, I'm not sure what "tools" you're talking about but it all looks right to me? Your blog looks beautiful! I really like the "I'm really glad you're here" at the top right corner. Then I see your profile pic and profile, and below that your feedjit.
Looks great!
Welcome to the bloggyworld!

Jill said...

Thanks Joyce, Sheila and Lea for giving me feedback on how it looks. I guess the tools are just on my page for editing things if needed. :-)
Have a great weekend!

Camille said...

That's right Jill...the little screwdriver looking things only show up for you when you log into your account so you can edit your own page by clicking on them. Hope that helps. :)