Thursday, July 29, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance?

There is this show called So you Think you Can dance here that I love to watch. I enjoy seeing all different styles of dance. I use to dance alot when I was younger and I miss it some days. This show helps me to remember the joy and the hopefulness you feel when trying to get parts, or to make it big. Such incredible talent these dancers have along with really hard work. So many truly inspiring stories. Amazing stories told through dance in a way no one else can express simply by using words.

  It's been on my mind today, missing the joys of dancing freely. Enjoying the beauty of so many different forms of expressions and feelings. How they can speak to the heart without a word spoken.

There was a particular dance I watched performed by Robert and Alison called Fix me, a contemporary piece. What a beautiful and emotional story choreographed by Travis Wall ( A previous contestant on the show) It is the story of his mother's fight against breast cancer and after it was performed there was not a dry eye in the audience. I'm trying to post it on here for you all to see. I hate cancer as most of us do. How selfish a disease it is, how it takes the ones we love. It seems more and more people are developing this disease and I feel a lot of it is due to the artificial EVERYTHINGS that is in most of our foods.  Growing up it seemed only a few people had cancer, it was more "rare". I'm not very old, but how it has spread is scary.
I watch this video and I miss those I have lost to this terrible disease. This one video of an expression of dance speaking volumes through the beauty of motion. What incredible talent! (See first video posted above)

Another previously choreographed dance on the show about breast cancer was This woman's work, I have included the link to an article of this dance as well. See the dancing with cancer link below.
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I didn't intend for a dark post today, just when something touches me, it stays on my mind and I like to express it. :-)

Hope you all enjoy your day! We have my daughter's friend's coming over soon for a play date so it will be a very busy day, and it's raining so lots of giggles and squeals inside today! LOL If you get a chance today Dance! With your spouse, your significant other, your children, your friends.... or even by yourself, I guarantee you'll smile! ;-)

Many Blessings,


~Krystle~ said...

Breast cancer runs in my family and I've almost lost my grandmother to it but thankfully she beat it and has been in remission for going on 5 years now. Thank you for this post it was so sweet and the dance is great. I love dancing too! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Frances said...

I love SYTYCD. I love any dancing shows. Some of the choreaography for SYTYCD is absolutely brilliant.

Jill said...

@ Krystle I am so happy to hear your Grandmother has beat this awful disease! Dancing is great for "curing" so many things.

@ Frances, Thanks for stopping by!! I love them them too! Could watch them all the time :-)

Have a great weekend Ladies!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Breast cancer is everywhere and it is so scary. I agree with the artificial everything in our foods. Our environment is polluted with so many different things that contribute to why we are getting sick and do not even get me started on all the childhood diseases.

My husband works on SUTUCD and it is so much fun being there to see them dance in person. The energy level is amazing and the dancers are always phenomenal. I love Travis's choreography.

Jill said...

@ Michelle Yes i am very passionate about changing things for children. So many things linked to bad diets, and the environment! That's a whole other post!

Your husband is so lucky! I love Travis's choreography too! How blessed you are, I bet it's incredible in person. Kent is such a cutie! LOL Have a great weekend!