Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Fun

Had quite a restless night last night. Our cat Princess wasn't sure what she thought of our new cat Elvis, so there was lots of meowing and some hissing. I worried all night that they would fight, but it was o.k. I know the adjustment period takes some time. I just hope she learns to like him. Elvis was fine, didn't even seemed phased by it.

We had a quiet start to our day doing bill paying, grocery lists, etc. I'm working on a new freezer and pantry list update to plan my meals and shopping. I feel it's essential, especially for staying on a budget, and eating well. I try to make most things from scratch as much as possible. :-)

We also went to the park with our neighbor's for a cookout. We had a really nice time and before we know it, it was almost 9 PM!

Kathleen was so proud of the feather she found!

Hayley enjoying smores!

Some geese were trying to join our picnic LOL

My little gymnast! LOL She has no fear!

Now hoping I will be able to get some sleep tonight. Right now Elvis is hiding somewhere, so hopefully all will be peaceful tonight. :-)



Sheila said...

It looks like y'all had a wonderful time yesterday. I hope Princess and Elvis are getting along--I'm sure they will, it just takes time. I need to do a pantry and freezer update too--things tend to get lost in my chest freezer. I hope y'all have a wonderful week. Sheila

Camille said...

Yum...I *love* S'Mores too! :) Looks like you had a fun time at your cookout.