Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sunshine and Busyness :-)

Wow, it's another scorcher out there today! So I thought it would be a great day to do our sunshine craft. Of course we sang away to Mr. Sun

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun Mr. golden sun, please shine down on me....
Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. golden sun, hiding behind the tree....
These little children are asking you...please come out so we can play with you....
Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. golden sun, please shine down on me! :-)
Kathleen always likes to dress up, today she wanted to be Tinkerbell LOL

Hayley was laughing because it was a bit windy and we had been chasing her "sun's rays" around. LOL

Kathleen picked me this pretty flower...smells so good!

To make the craft I gave the girls a paper plate and had them paint it yellow. While waiting for it to dry we traced and cut out the shapes of their hands. After the plate dried, they drew on their faces. Then they glued their hand prints around as the sun's rays. We will be putting a hole in with a hole puncher and hanging it up in the house.

They are being my little helpers today too. Since my foot is still swelling a lot I need to try to keep off it more and keep it propped up. However I just found out a good friend of ours, who use to work with my husband will be visiting for the weekend. He also use to take care of our animals while we were away. But my house isn't up to my standards for company. I have this thing.....type A personality, anyone out there can relate?
I like things just a certain way especially when company comes, good cleaning, food premade and ready to go, and of course the guest room tidied with clean sheets. My husband has been great helping me out, but I feel bad he has to work all day and come home and do things that would normally be done. I do the best I can but my foot has really been hurting. Which is frustrating because I just feel I have no time for that! Silly, I know, but true. We have no family nearby to help so we have always leaned on each other. We are definitely a team! So today I asked the girls to help with extra chores so it wouldn't be so much on Daddy when he got home. I even offered them a little extra spending money. So as I sit hear writing I hear the hum of the dishwasher, and my girls upstairs sorting and putting away clothes. I'm not even sure they can begin to know what that means to me. I take a lot on myself, and I need to learn to ask for help and delegate. I try to do it all. But as my foot is showing me, sometimes we don't have a choice but to slow down. If something doesn't get done, the world will not stop. I must realize that our guest is here to see us and not our house. That he knows we have children who will have their toys out to play, and our furry friends who will be leaving some of their hair behind. LOL But that's o.k. That's life and it's all the things that make me happy. So deep breath, pray the clothes upstairs will make it to the right closets.... the toys (at least some) will go back in the bins in the closet, the dusting, cooking etc. it will come together somehow. And if not...I will survive! LOL


Angie Berry said...

What fun for the girls!

I know what you mean girl, you are not alone! I am that way too. My kids have a chore list where they get paid money for completing their weekly chores, even my little 4 year old. I so appreciate their help around the home, it is a huge help but sometimes I find myself going back and re-doing because I'm such a stinkin' perfectionist. I am getting better at that though. I'm learning it's okay for it to not be perfect in my eyes and it's not worth the sweat! Yes, it's hard to let go but you're right... it's about the visit, the relationship, and the memories made! It will come together.

colonialhomestead said...

I sure hope your foot is better very soon. We will just have to agree in prayer the good Lord will heal you quickely. I sure do know what you mean when you mention having no family near by to help. I stress myself out very often about things getting done. I have been told I am like the man in the movie sleeping with the enemy (Julia Roberts stars in it). Only the parts about how things should be done and how they should be in their own spot. I guess I should accept nothing can be perfect and if the house is not to par today then maybe tomorrow. They do say tommorow never comes it just becomes today again. Oh my I could have a very unkept home within all those tomorrows. LOL! The girls look so cute and this craft & song is dear. Just thinking maybe I could share it with my granddaughter. Thanks.

Jill said...

Thanks to you both for sharing. Good to know i'm not the only one who stresses over little things. LOL
i enjoy doing activities with my girls so many more will be coming and yes feel free to share these ideas with your children or grandchildren!

blessings to you both! thanks for stopping by!

Sheila said...

I hope your foot gets better soon. It took me years to ask for help or let someone else do something. If they did a job, I'd redo it--yep, I had control issues!! It took a really major health scare to show me that it wasn't worth the stress of trying to have everything perfect. I bet your visitor will enjoy the visit no matter how much house work gets done. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

~Krystle~ said...

I completely understand about the type A personality I'm the same way and it drives my husband crazy. He thinks I don't relax enough. I love the craft project that is so cute my Punkin would probably love that, I've been looking for more things to do with her. Do you find that your house has to be spotless if you leave for a weekend getaway or a vacation too? I think it makes it much easier when coming home to a clean house especially since unpacking is a chore in itself. Cute blog by the way!