Tuesday, July 13, 2010

uh oh

Was multitasking again tonight while making dinner and somehow when the butter mixture I was boiling bubbled over it caught the stove top on fire! I quick grabbed my baking soda and threw it on to put it out. (Never put water on a grease fire)!! Anyhow, Hayley was like I was gonna run and grab Frankie (her favorite stuffed monkey) and run out the door! I said to her honey, you never take anything if a fire is out of control...just get yourself out and that's it. I was surprised she said this because we have discussed fire safety a lot. We even have our meeting place by the mailbox out front. I guess we'll be reviewing it more frequently until it sinks in.

I was lucky to get it under control quickly, lots of smoke and of course the alarms went off, but it was o.k. I remember learning about fire safety and keeping baking soda nearby as an extinguisher. Thank God, I have always followed that lesson. If not for that it could have quickly gotten out of control.

My husband was a volunteer fire fighter for 13 years and has seen many tragedy's start from simple mistakes.
I thank God tonight we were not one of those statistics. If you have small children, please go over the importance of fire safety and how the firemen sound when they come in.( Darth Vader) It can be a scary experience for small children. Be sure to have a common meeting place as well. You never know, it could save a life. Also stress the importance of learning 911. Post it on the phone and even at age 3 teach them the importance and what to do.

Hope every one's evening is wonderful, with less excitement then mine! LOL

Blessings, Jill


Kat said...

Hi Jill,

Oh I am so glad things worked out okay and your house didn't burn down. I agree to teach kids about fires and what do if there is one. I think it helps when your husband was a volunteer Fireman. Now I am off to look for this other post, is it in Feb? I don't see any check boxes in your blog, but I have seen them before so I know what you're talking about.
Well I guess I will find out where it is or not. Have yourself a better evening- and I hope you get that icky smoke smell out of the house!

Sheila said...

What a great reminder. I'm glad things are okay. Sheila

SonyaAnn said...

I'm so glad that you knew what to do. I would have panicked!
And I love the look of your blog! Have a great day and thank you for visiting me!