Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weekend preparations

Wow, we have been so busy trying to get packed for our weekend! We are loading up tomorrow and heading to my parents house for 4th of July celebrating with family and friends. Can't wait! We have quite a drtive to get there, so hoping traffic won't be too bad tomorrow evening. I will have to post pics sometime tomorrow of how our car gets packed with 2 children and three dogs plus, 2 adults and luggage! LOL It's always an adventure!

Today though I want to post some pictures from the Colonial Fair we went to in May. The children had a lovely time and we enjoyed ourselves as well. We love that period of time and we feel it's important for the children to learn to be self sufficient in today's society. Technology perfected, yes that's important too, but our children will still learn how to cook, prepare foods from scratch, read a map, fishing (from their daddy) and other necessary skills in case technology one day fails. The girls saw farm animals, participated in the May Pole dance, saw a puppet show, saw how wooden chairs were crafted. Also learned about how to make candles, cooking from scratch, and how to make brooms, etc. What a wealth of knowledge they received in one day! We also purchased several books at the bookstore on our way out. My Dad is a huge history buff and him and my Mom came up to spend the day with us. We had a great time and made great memories.

Enjoy a walk from the past.......

Have a great day!!

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colonialhomestead said...

I love this time period. That home is lovely. This would be my dream home. The May pole dance I remember as a child when my family moved away from where I live now. The grade school I attended did a fair every May and some luck girls got to weave the pretty ribbons. They do not do this where I live now. I enjoyed the adventure of this post. Another memory for your girls to treasure. Thanks for saharing. Have a wonderful July 4th.