Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yard Sale, Bowling and more

I had to laugh this morning, Kathleen ran up to Jerry and was like "Daddy, Daddy, I need a flashlight quick!" He was like what for? She said " I need to find more dirty things" We were like what do you mean? She said "Well when I was getting my shoe out from under the couch, I found a dirty sock and I want to go searching for more dirty things!" AAHHH nice, keeping it real LOL. :-) Ever wonder where that matching sock is after doing laundry? We seem to lose many socks in this house, although we do have plenty of sock puppets, hmmm.

We went to a yard sale this morning to help support Race for the Cure. I saw a dining room table set with a rug and corner cabinet included. We've been needing a new kitchen set, but it wasn't in our budget for a new one. The guy told us to take everything for $100.00. We thought that was a great deal! Also helping a great cause. The girls got lemonade and other goodies and a few little toys. So after we were loading it, a man and his wife approached us interested in the corner cabinet. Well I didn't really need it and they explained that their daughter bought an older home and after settlement they went to move in today and the previous owners ripped out the corner cabinet! They wanted to know if they could buy it from us for $50.00. So we said sure! We even delivered it to there house for them. It was a great deal for us, and we also gave them the rug since we didn't need that either. When we went to deliver it the Mom was so excited for the kids that she invited us in to see the house, moving boxes and all. I understood her excitement, we've been their ourselves several times. They were just the nicest family. So we got a dining room set with 6 chairs for $50.00 :-)

The chair seat covers were really nasty dirty, you can't see too well in the photos but I wanted to recover them. Off to Walmart we went to pick fabric out. My kitchen is Victorian with a fruit theme tied in, so I have a green color scheme. We found a nice green that would blend into everything we already had.

This is the yucky before ( The pattern wasn't bad, but ewww the dirt....)

So I recovered them. :-)

I was very pleased with how they turned out. A little elbow grease on the table and that came together nicely too.

My husband found a nice hunting jacket brand new, normally about $150.00 in the stores, he got it for $13.00 so he was very pleased. We had a few other really great finds. I just love yard sales, you never know what treasures you'll be taking home.

After that we decided to go Bowling since it was way too hot to be outside today. This was Kathleen's first time, we use to take her along as a baby, in her stroller, but this was her first time bowling so she was so excited!

She said "Mom there's just one problem...these shoes don't match my dress!" LOL

They also had a nice arcade there so the girls played some games. Jerry and I squared off with air hockey, I love that game. Been awhile since I've played. Girls were like uh Mom and Dad we want to play too!

Then as we were heading back out we saw a hot air balloon. We get these a lot around here, about 2 years ago we had one land right outside our house. Scared us hearing this loud swooshing over our house that morning, oddest sound! Thank goodness the people inside were uninjured. They are so neat though, the kids get really excited when they see them.

As we were getting ready for a late dinner, Kathleen came down in this.....

Said she just wanted to dress up for dinner! LOL Yes, that is last year's Christmas dress, LOL
It's actually a pretty dark green with sparkles, but my camera hasn't been taking the clearest shots lately and I'm not sure why. It's only a couple months old.

We found out also that his twin brother and his family will be coming up for the day tomorrow to visit. My parents are also coming up and my Mom will stay the week. So I'm sure it will be another crazy busy day tomorrow. I love have family and friends in our home to visit. I miss them so much!
Hope you are all having a great weekend!



Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill..

Oh my goodness, your post had me drooling over your yard sale finds and laughing out loud all at the same time...mainly your kids...just had the funniest things to say, so innocent but so funny :) :)
Okay...yard sale, garage sale, church it ALL!!! You got a FANTASTIC deal on that table and chairs!!! I've always wanted a corner cabinet myself because of the vintage look...and you were so generous to sell it to that couple!!! What a blessing you gave them :) :) That's a very nice table and chairs....I love it when God looks out for our pocketbook!!! That dining room table and chairs for $50....that is a steal...Oh, I love the fabric you chose to recover the chairs. I didn't like the other one...your choice is much better :) :) :)
Okay, Kathleen is just cute, she wants to color coordinate when bowling...but doesn't every girl :) :) :)...and dressing up for dinner :) :)...that is precious too. That's adorable. You should definitely keep a record of this kind of stuff for when she's older :) :) :) That's so cute. This really made my evening :) :)
How often to you go shopping at yard sales? If I had the money I would go EVERY weekend all throughout summer and early fall!!!
Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill, I just thought of something else...when you wrote on my blog about responding to comments. Whenever someone leaves me a comment, I go to the comment section of the post itself to leave a comment. That way I know it's there for sure!! I've never tried responding via a comment sent to my email. Let me know what you figure out!! Hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Jill said...

Thanks for letting me know about the comments, I'll try here and hope everyone sees back what I write to them! :-) I so appreciate your sweet comments, and thanks about the chairs! Those other cushions were so nasty, just can't tell in the pictures LOL And the new green goes with more things. Yes I love any kind of yard sale, estate sales, etc. Such great deals! We especially try to hit the ones fundraising for a good cause. :-)Kathleen is always making us laugh and smile, she comes up with the cutest things! She always wants to wear a dress, every day, even to bed! LOL But I treasure every moment. Have a great day!!! :-)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill, I just had to write back :) :) Did you ever watch the "Christy" tv series when it was on tv back in the 90s..or have you seen the Anne of Green Gables movies or Road to Avonlea tv series? The women, in some scenes , were these beautiful cotton nightbgowns...almost like dresses. If you sew, maybe you could make Kathleen a "dress" she could wear for bedtime :) :) That's so precious...maybe make one for your other daughter, too? :) :) The stories you share are so cute !!! Hugs, Heather :)

Sheila said...

I love that Kathleen wanted to dress up for dinner. She is just too cute. She reminds me very much of our youngest daughter--J always keeps us laughing. We haven't been bowling in years--maybe we should go again--looks like everyone had a blast.
Love the table and chairs--what a find!! That was very nice of y'all to help the other family out with the corner cabinet. You did a great job recovering the chairs! I love to do things like that. Have a blessed day!! Sheila

Vicki said...

Hi, Jill,
You all had a busy and very fun day!! What a great buy on your dining table and chairs. They look very nice in the material you covered them with!! Enjoy your family as they come to visit! Wishing you a week full of fun and joy always~ Vicki