Saturday, August 14, 2010


While Daddy was off fishing and spending the day with his brother, my parents and I took the girls up to Gettysburg to visit. I have always loved going there, and there's so much to see you can't possibly fit it all into one day. This morning it was so nice to wake up to these fresh peaches..... Yum!

Then we enjoyed watching the hummingbirds on the deck. These little guys are so quick but we did manage to capture them on the feeder. My parents have trumpets vines growing up their fence and the hummingbirds are always busily buzzing to and fro. :-)

In the morning before we left Jerry and my Dad were working on a Adirondack, or lean to but more durable to build a cooking area in for the outdoors. But my Dad doesn't like his picture on the internet so you'll have to use your imagination... LOL I did however manage to capture this picture of Hayley and Sally looking like she's laughing in the background. LOL I mentioned in a previous post my parents have 5 acres to explore, the girls love to visit!

Then off to Friendlys for lunch and to the Battlefield to walk it all off. :-) It didn't rain, but it was overcast all day so I apologize for the dreary pictures. Did you know Gettysburg is one of the most haunted battlefields in the United states?

This is the eternal flame that burns, it stands for eternal peace with the hopes of no more wars. Wouldn't this truly be a blessing if it could happen?

Here is a better shot of the flame.
Yes, Charissa the American Girl doll came with us today, Hayley didn't want her to feel left out, as Lanie is going to American Girl next Sat.! We can't wait. :-)
The view from where we were standing.
I LOVE this shot of Kathleen!
Love this shot of Hayley, she's becoming so grown up.
This was at the bottom of the monument but I had to include it. The loyalties of the dogs back then were incredible, and of course that still holds true today, probably why I love them so much!
This was Dwight Eisenhower's farm.
Getting ready to set the cannons off!
View from little round top.
This area was the extreme left of Union Army, the anchor of the line.
This was looking out of the monument on little round top.
This is a picture of what it looked like after the battle.
Couldn't resist this shot!

Then we have a little girl who ate too many blue M&M's and ended up hyper with a blue tongue! LOL
We had a great time, and this is just a few of the many pictures we took.
Hope to get some pictures from Jerry tomorrow of his cat fishing trip on the Susquehanna river. :-)



Cindy said...

I have never been to Gettysburg before. Looks beautiful. Love all the history.
Had to laugh when I saw Chrissa...we had to tote all 7 to MD, and of course they were hardly played with!!:)
Glad to see you are enjoying the trip.
Enjoy the night
Love the nursing calf!!!:)

Kat & Steve White - The other White House said...

Jill those are great photos! I love the green tongue and cows! LOL! that is so funny!
My husband was born in PA, close to Ohio. My mom was born in Ohio, so I feel very connected to those two states. I was born in Delaware but have never been there as an adult.
It looks like you had fun seeing Dwight Eisenhower's house and Gettysburg and a nice visit with your parents too!I
Thank you for your sweet words.....just the things I have been telling my husband all week. It's hard to see him so in the dumps about his job. I know God has a plan and that is what I keep telling him, and I believe it with all my heart. But it's nice to hear it from you as well, it's very encouraging. Thank God for God folk!
I had a great time on your journey with you and the girls.
I bet your dads Adirondack is gorgeous I can only imagine that it is. I love to watch the hummingbirds they are fast. I have a few great shots of them, you have to be fast for them! Have a great weekend. Big hUgs

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh my sure had an adventure. Your girls are so adorable...and they had a chance to see history!!! That's so cool. The one photo of Kathleen sitting in front of the, that monument is so big. I've never been to Gettysburg, but I'd love to go sometime. I did see the Civil War documentary by Ken Burns years ago...and I have the book that goes with it!!
I thought your pictures were great!!! You don't have to apologize for the quality. They were good!!...oh good lunch and a walk afterwards sounds like fun too!!! Clearly you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for letting us share part of the journey :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

p.s. I thought it was precious that they brought their American Girl doll, so she could see some historical sites too!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thanks for pointing me to this post. We enjoyed looking at these pictures very much. Can't wait to go someday!