Monday, August 16, 2010

a little girl's dream comes true....

This little girl wished upon a star and her dream is coming true... tonight we signed her up for dance classes! :-)

She's already been practising!!

We took Hayley to her library class tonight and this dance school happens to be right up the St. from there. So we walked her up and surprised her, she kept hugging me saying "thank you, thank you Mommy!"
Yup, melted me into a puddle on the floor it did! LOL, I love this little girl and she is going to be an incredible dancer. She's already talking about her tights, leotard and hair styling! :-) Mommy remembers this same dream very well. :-)

On a yuckier note, I am sick, blah, stuffy nose, sore throat etc. American Girl is Sat. so I made a Dr's appt. for Weds. I CANNOT be sick for my first trip to New York! Pray for me.... I'm gonna need it. :-)



Cindy said...

Oh the joys of dance class!
We just signed up this weekend for another year.
Hope she enjoys every minute of it, but something tells me she will!
Sending well prayers your way
Enjoy the night

Julie Harward said...

Hi there, thanks for your sure have a cute daughter! :D

A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, how sweet. I remember when my daughter was that age and in her first dance classes. I hope Hayley loves it!!

On another note, with the exception of the doctor's appointment, try to lie low as much as you can this week. Give your body the downtime it needs to fight off the bug you have. Take it from me, I refused to slow down when I was sick...and I always grew sicker. I actually was chronically ill for years all because I ran like The Energizer Bunny. I absolutely refused to stay home and take it easy. I've learned that it really IS okay to slow our lives down and take care of ourselves.

I'm kind of envious about your NY trip. I have never been to NYC in my life, and it is definitely high on the list of places I MUST visit.


~Krystle~ said...

I know the feeling of a little girl getting her dream to come true. We can't pass gymnastics without Punkin screaming "there's nastics, theres nastics." I hope you feel better for New York, I'm excited for you. That sounds so much fun and Im sure you all are going to have a blast.

Karen said...

Get better soon my friend..
and enjoy your tip with that precious little girl of yours..