Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Longwood gardens, Sunday tidbits :-)

Saturday night I stayed up making blueberry muffins and a breakfast casserole for my husband's work. They were working on a large order and had to go in on a Sunday, so I wanted to make sure they had a good breakfast.

To make the casserole I diced green peppers and a small onion, then sauteed it in butter.
While that was cooking I cooked several links of sausage until they were done.
Then I greased the bottom of a 13  x 9 inch pan. Diced the sausage up and added it to the bottom of the pan.
I mixed 12 eggs up in a large mixing bowl, then added in the peppers and onions.
Next I mixed in half a bag of cheddar cheese.
I put the casserole in and baked it at 350 degrees and watched it until the egg started to set, but not get overcooked.
Then I took it out to cool, and sprinkled more cheese on top to melt in.
Sorry this is not a low fat or cholesterol free food! LOL
After it cooled I stored it in the fridge and Jerry took it in today, and when they were ready they heated it up.
They seemed to really enjoy it as they would like me to do this every day! LOL As some of my readers already know, I send in baked goods for everyone each week.

My husband wanted to try his hand at a creative food too, so he made a Micky Mouse pancake for Kathleen.
Not bad...heh? LOL
Then Hayley wanted to add her personal touch and give Mickey a face!
Too cute!! :-)

Sharing some more pictures from Longwood gardens. I had so many favorites it's hard to choose.

Not a flower, but too pretty not to share!

She found some petals on the ground and just had to display them in her hair.
The lilies are some of my favorite flowers so I just had to post several kinds. Yes we stood in the rain to get these shots. :-)
Aren't they just gorgeous?
Orchids, they are another of my favorites and so many different kinds!
The flower under this one is one of my most special. :-)
One of the trees.
Giving us the thumbs up that she was still good to go!
I had to laugh at this Palm tree :-)
This is the full size shot. LOL

Have a great evening! Tomorrow will continue with some pictures of tiny little trees, and more flower goodies. Also will be posting some yard sale goodies as well as an Antique find treat. :-)



~Krystle~ said...

Looks like fun, we have a rose garden and looking at all your pictures makes me wonder if it is still open, its been years since I've been. I was probably Haley's age actually. The girls are so cute standing by all those flowers and I saw the American Girls dolls went I'm glad I'm not the only parent who has to cart around a "baby" too. Lol, Makes me feel a little bit more normal. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

oh you put me to shame with those weekly lunch deliveries! My man is lucky to have bread in the pantry sometimes lol The lilly's are gorgeous and I reckon that mickey mouse pancake looked pretty good too!

Sheila said...

Jerry and his coworkers are very lucky to have you. Love the Mickey Mouse pancake--and the face is too cute. Kathleen still makes me smile. I love waterlilies--we used to visit a pond when we lived in Alaska--it was almost totally covered with waterlilies. I wish I still lived in PA--I'd have to make a trip to Longwood Gardens!! I hope you are feeling well. Take care.

Jenny said...

Those lily pictures are amazing! So beautiful. I make stuff for my hubby's work all the time. It's those little things that make life/work more bearable huh? Your casserole sounds delish. I love these and always say I should make them more than just when company comes.

Karen said...

next time your in the mood to cook for someone in the middle of the nigh.. just let me know and I leave the door

A Hopeful Heart said...

That is a very beautiful garden. I can see why y'all enjoy visiting there as often as you can.

I love breakfast casseroles like that. We dont' have them super often, but when we do, they are always a hit. And blueberry muffins...well they are my favorite kind of muffin. If I could just reach through the computer screen and grab a couple...

We send goodies to my husband's office every couple weeks. Daughter and I LOVE to bake, and we used to send goodies with him every week, but we were requested not to. It's a very small office (6 people), and with that few people, there were always LOTS of goodies to go around. They were complaining about eating too many sweets. We still send in a large plate of goodies, but we just do it less often so that they eat less. Make sense?

Anyhow, hope your week is off to a lovely start.