Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New york part 3

We're having a play date here today so I wanted to try to get a few more pictures loaded of our trip. :-) When leaving New York we couldn't find anyone from our bus group, so Hayley and I were on our own to find our way back to the bus stop. Which was several blocks away. I was so proud of myself that we made it back! LOL Since everything looks a lot the same in New York street wise. So I took the opportunity to take pictures as we were walking. You may want a nice warm cup of tea or coffee and maybe a little snack as you join us on this small tour of New York City. :-)

This is right next to American Girl... one day I'll go back and shop there! LOL

And of course Kenneth Cole!

Sorry it's sideways, LOL

Let me tell you, you sure feel small in New York!

There we go right side up now! Love to see a show here one day.

They were even having street fairs, wish we had more time to visit the stands.

This was where the bus dropped us off. We loved Mama Mia the movie and would LOVE to see it live!!!!
See the guy in the back checking out Hayley's bags??? Red vest... he asked her if he could carry them for her. LOL NOT!!!!

My "baby" was tired!! She said Mom can I sit down? Of course I was thinking...hmmm on a New York City sidewalk!!??? No way!!! But she was tired..... so she sat. :-)

Posing with Honey one of the pets she got.

A horse drawn carriage in New york! So cool.

Back on the bus ready to head home!

Bye New york....until next time!

Getting to close to going through the Lincoln tunnel..... oh joy.

Couldn't resist... LOL

Sorry, taken from the bus so it's a little blurry!

One of my favorites from this amazing day is my Hayley on the cover of American Girl magazine!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me and my girl! We had such an amazing day together and it is a memory I will always cherish. Love you my little Hayley girl.....


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Sheila said...

What amazing memories y'all made on this trip!! I'm so impressed with both of you---I'm much to chicken to go to such a big place. Have a blessed day.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, I love the photos. New York is SO totally fascinating to me.

Looks like you and Hayley had a lovely time...and made some life-long memories.

By the way, you went by bus? Did you go with a tour group?

Thanks for sharing your photos. I love them.


Anonymous said...

What awesome fun! I would love to visit New York City. Oh and this is probably one of those ignorant questions people who's only NYC experience is through the movies but did you get a hotdog from a street vendor? I couldnt imagine going to NYC and not getting a hotdog lol I know that is probably like me being asked if I have kangaroos in my backyard but it just seems like such a NYC thing!

colonialhomestead said...

Thank you for the NY tour. A once in a life time first adventure to NY for you and Hayley to share. I am sure she will never forget this awesome time with her Mom.

Jenny said...

I am so jealous! I wish my daughter and I could be there with you. We love American Girl too! What a journey! So wonderful you can share this. You are so lucky, your daughter is the luckiest girl in the world too. What a good mommy you are! She'll remember this trip forever. Thanks for sharing the photos, looks like so much fun.

kewkew said...

I grew up in Queens NY, but could never navigate Manhattan. I left that up to my dad, sister (who still lives there) my mom (who worked in Manhattan) and my best friend.
I did recognize Radio City Music Hall (been there) and Rockefeller Center.
I noticed the comment Bec left about the hot dogs from the street vendor. Just wanted to say I used to love those hotdogs, they were delicious, hope you had a chance to try one. Of course, pizza and bagels are not the same where we live now either. Nothing like NYC bagels and pizza!