Thursday, August 12, 2010

A rainy day, new discovery and a decision...

Today was just one of those days.....rainy and yucky.....

Good weather for thinking and contemplating.

A walk around the garden this morning gave us a glimpse into new produce growing....

Pumpkins!! The girls are super excited, already planning for Halloween. LOL

Our tomatoes are finally starting to turn red!!! :-)

My rose bush is doing well also, may soon need a new pot.

This little girl may be tiny...but she's so strong...

She was like "look at me Mom!" :-)

I had a lot to do today so I started a crock pot meal.

I put chicken thighs in with diced potatoes, carrots, and water mixed with cream of mushroom soup. This was the early preparations. Then by dinner Kathleen and I were the only ones to eat. Jerry was feeling sick, and Hayley had started feeling bad again. I can only guess that a virus is working on them. I hope she feels better before next week and I'm praying I don't catch Sat. is our American Girl trip.!

So back to thinking and contemplating things, I had one of those days. I started college right out of high school and went for 8 years majoring in Early Childhood Education and Social Work. I taught, and was a Director of several centers while going to school. When I got married we moved frequently with my husband's job. So every state had a requirement of living somewhere at least a year to be considered a resident in order to get in state fees. I was in school when I found out I was expecting Hayley. I finished that semester and then decided to put school on hold until things settled down. (if there is such a thing,lol)
I have been restless in missing school, I know it sounds crazy to some, but I have always had very high ambitions and this is something I really want to do. I have about two years until Kathleen is in school full time
and I feel now would be a good time to get back into the classes. When I was younger I was involved in dance and modeling, I put my modeling career on a back burner for school too and never finished. My girls are my everything, but I still feel like I have lost pieces of me. I need to start putting those pieces back together again. I kept putting it off for the expense, I just payed off my other school loans and didn't want to accrue more debt. Well as the saying goes nothing worth having is ever easy. As my best friend said to me the other day..."when something is important in your life, you MAKE the time for it." So very true. The best thing about this college is all is completed online. This is perfect for my life right now. So I called the advisor, wrote my goal letter, have transcripts ready to mail tomorrow and I filled out my financial aid info. :-) I did it, really...I am finally getting the ball rolling. Now I worry..will I be accepted, will I get the financing I need? LOL. Hopefully in the next few days I'll have some answers. I know I can do this, just got to set my mind to it and make time for it in my schedule. Lots of praying that it will all come together and that I will keep my sanity. :-) Did I mentioned they are accelerated 6 week courses?
So begins this new journey......



Adriane said...

I love the little peeks at your day. This may sound crazy but your blog makes me smile. But I do hope that your family feels better soon.

And I'll bet your do great with your school! I can completely understand your longings to do what you are doing. I had started work on my master's degree right before I left teaching to come home. There are days that I would love to complete it. I have even thought about doing it online like you are. All that to say, I will be praying for you as you begin your new adventure!

~Krystle~ said...

I felt the same way only I didn't go to college right out of high school like I should have. I always said oh I'm going to go back this semester and life always happened and I put it on the back burner and I finally start next Thursday. I know you can do it, especially if I can do it with two very small ones! It might be tough on some days but it will all work out! I will be praying for you. You did it your going and you got the ball rolling so thats a great step to get started on. I think for me that was the scariest part was to get the ball rolling but once it started there was no stopping it. You can do anything you set your mind to. Hope you have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

What a great first step!
I hope it all goes as "planned". :)
Enjoy the day
we are planning for Hallowen too!!!

firefly said...

Jill- Your roses are beautiful!! I am sure you will be GREAT, doing online classes. Good luck!! :)