Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simple Woman's daybook entry # 2

                                                                   For Today:

Outside my window.....It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day. The leaves have started to change and fall already.

I am thinking...... I have to feel better before Saturday's trip with Hayley. All the things I'm not getting accomplished because I feel so bad. :-(

I am thankful for..... Tissues, nyquil and Dr's. :-)

From the learning rooms......Planner is beginning to fill up for the first couple weeks of school at home for Kathleen. Also scheduled Preschool Science classes at the nature center for her again in September.

From the kitchen.... Well today whatever fixes itself! LOL

I am wearing..... Comfy workout pants and a t-shirt to relax in.

I am creating.... a huge pile of tissues for the trash today...LOL (Have to find some humor right?)

I am going..... Hopefully to bed....

I am reading....Shopaholic ties the knot by Sophie Kinsella. Cute little series that makes me smile. :-)

I am hoping..... My financial aid goes through for college

I am hearing.... My girls laughing, the A/C running and the jingling of my dog's collars.

Around the house..... I am stressing about all I need to do and don't feel up to it today. :-(

One of my favorite things...... a beautiful necklace Hayley designed for me for Mother's Day

A few plans for the rest of the week..... Doctor's appt. tomorrow, hopefully cleaning and laundry, taking Hayley to a mystery night at the library, planning to go to American Girl Place in New York on Sat.!!!

Here is a favorite picture from this past week.......
Spending a great day at Gettysburg with my girls!!!

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Have a wonderful Day!!!



A Gracious Home said...

I hope you feel better soon. Your daughters are beautiful. Have a great week, Doylene

Greg and Donna said...

Thanks for visiting Miss. mama. I hope your daughter loves her ballet classes. My daughters really enjoy theirs. I know you will have a blast at American Girl Place on sat. We have been 2 or 3times to the one in Atlanta and we all enjoyed it from the Granny to the youngest granddaughter, and everyone in between. Even my teenage daughters took their dolls for lunch when we went. Its like walking through the pages of their catalog and takes alot of self control not to empty the checking account in there.

Cindy said...

Thanks for visiting my little bloggy and inviting me to yours! Your girls are so lovely. LOVE the red hair :) Hope you have a great week and feel better! Cindy

Annie Jones said...

It definitely feels like a fall day here. Drizzly and lower 70s. But no signs of leaves changing yet, and it's supposed to be back in the 90s by the weekend.

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope whatever it is, passes quickly and that you feel well again soon!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I can't imagine visiting Gettysburg. Wow!

Denise Marie said...

Cute pic, Jill. I'd love to move out to the country and have these boys help us fix up an olden home too!!

~Krystle~ said...

Hope you feel better and rest up because you will need it the house can always wait and be cleaned another day. I loved the trip to Gettysburg and would love to go there one day, your girls are precious and I know Haley is super excited about the trip too. Have a great rest of the week!

Melanie said...

What a nice thing to write up. I love it.

Hope you feel better soon.

Jess said...

hope you feel better!!! a trip to NY sounds like fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for visiting my blog and for being my newest follower! I sure do hope you feel better in time for your special weekend. I remember going to Gettysburg with my family as a girl. Great memories!!! I'm looking forward to getting to know you through your blog. You have a beautiful family!

Jill said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies and for your lovely comments! :-)

Life with 5 dogs said...

Your girls are so cute, it looks like they had a great time visiting Gettysburg. I love the comment about the kitchen, I know who you feel.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Very sweet picture of your girls!! They're beautiful.


Camille said...

So sorry you are not feeling well Jill! Good to see that you can still laugh in the midst of it all...the kleenex pile you are creating. :)

How wonderful to have A/C...we have it only in the van and it has been HOT the last few days.

AND don't stress about what you are not getting done!! Take the rest you need...chores can wait!