Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spider!!!! Free photobook from Shutterfly Hurry ends Sept 1st!

We have a local milk store nearby that we LOVE! the milk is fresh from the farm and they have us hooked. ;-) now we can drink no other milk, LOL. Seriously it's that yummy. so the other night Jerry ran in to grab our two gallons while the girls and I sat in the car. I happened to turn and look towards the farm and I saw this enormous spider! Yikes, so this is a cell photo of him.
Yes, he's really that BIG! We were fascinated and yet very thankful he was not at our house! LOL!
I try to take every opportunity to teach my girls things, so when we got home first thing I did was sort through out animal and insect cards we keep from National Geographic kids, as well as others. I found this card and we're pretty sure it's the same spider.

As you can see it's called an orb-weaver spider. they spin a sticky web to catch flying insects to eat.
Whew good to know they don't eat people because they're sure big enough too! :-)

But we're safe because we have this amazing little spider catcher who would never let us come to any harm...

Yeah, that's if we can manage to get him out of Hayley's lap and wake up from sleeping on her favorite stuffed animal named Frankie, LOL
Guess we're on our own if this guy comes to our house for a visit...hope we have lots of insects outside!!

Enjoy the day, I really must get busy! I just loaded pictures and created a photobook at Shutterfly!
If you've never visited their site now is the time! But hurry this offer ends today, they are giving away a free 20 page 8 x 8 hardcover photo book. All you pay is shipping which is about $8.00. We've ordered from them before and have always been pleased. Simply use this code at checkout 8PBA91. Enjoy!!

I'll be on this evening to visit everyone's blogs!


Jenny said...

Yummo on that milk! I would love that, a farm nearby to visit, how heavenly. We have those spiders by our house too, they are very creepy. We looked them up once too to share with the kids and we were so glad to learn they were harmless. Have a great day! (with no more critters!)

~Krystle~ said...

I would have freaked about that spider, I have never seen one that big my goodness. Have a great week!

Stephanie M. Page said...

ugh! Spiders!! cute kitty....=) I am excited to get to know your beautiful family through the blog world! Thanks a million for stopping by on Friday! =)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

What a fab deal!

That spider would have freaked me out! Maybe that is why I am not a country girl. I love the beauty of nature, just not the little creepy crawlies who live in it!

Terra said...

Wow! I would have freaked out if I saw that spider. Spiders and roaches are two of my least favorite living creatures. YUCK! Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog. And thanks for letting us know about shutterfly's special deal. Heading there now!

Sheila said...

I miss my Ma-Maw and Pa-Paw's farm--we got the freshest milk there!! I still try to teach my girls about new things and creatures that I discover--and my girls are grown!! I don't think they are near as fascinated as I am though. Take care.

Mandie said...

We have those spiders in the front by our Azalia bushes. They sure are big! Glad to know they are not carnivores, lol.

Susan said...

I just took a picture of the same type of spider at my house last week! They are HUGE!
Thanks for the heads up about Shutterfly! Off to check them out.

Jill said...

LOL, They are huge spiders and that's the first I've seen them (and hopefully the last!)Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting!