Monday, September 13, 2010

Delicious Banana bread recipe and back to a busy Monday!

We had a wonderful weekend. We spent some time getting our house reorganized, even though there's some tweaking to do. :-) I enjoy when a nice breeze blows through and I can open all the windows and get a good cleaning done. We also have moved Hayley to a spot of her own in the basement for her jewelry business. She was expanding it through my living room! She's still working on the area so when she's done I'll be posting pictures.

While driving to a friend's house this Sat. we saw these for FREE!

I guess they were tired of canning and freezing, LOL! So I have some work ahead of me. :-)

I also had in my plans to make the girls new chore charts. Last week I saw these at Target.

They were only a dollar! Plus they come with the pen and removable stickers. I figured I couldn't beat that!
They always have been very helpful. Both like to organize like I do. :-)

For Jerry's work today, I decided to try a new recipe. I found this in my Gooseberry Patch favorite family recipe's book.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

3/4 cup butter softened
1 1/2 cup sugar
3 eggs
3 c. all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
3 bananas mashed
10 oz. jar maraschino cherries, 1/4 juice reserved
6 oz package chocolate chips

Beat butter and sugar at medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy.
Add eggs, one at a time, beating just until blended after each addition. Combine flour and baking soda; gradually add to butter mixture, beating at low speed just until blended. Stir in mashed bananas, cherries, reserved cherry juice and chocolate chips. Pour into greased 9" x 5 " loaf pans. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour. Makes 2 loaves.

It is soooo good! Especially warm. :-)

Kathleen mashing the bananas!

Mixing it all together!

Enjoying a warm piece with a cold glass of milk....mmmmm
Fancy dishes optional ;-)

We had to run out this morning and do some errands. One of these was buying some supplies for Hayley.

My "baby" is beginning Jr. Scouts tonight. She graduated from being a Brownie last year. I still remember when she first started as a Daisy Scout. ahhhh, the time is flying by. It's a parent meeting tonight, but there will be activities provided for the girls. So I'll be headed out with my planner! :-)

When I came home I was happy to see my new Birds and Bloom magazine. So many stunning pictures and great ideas! I really enjoy looking through it.

So Kathleen and I did learning, and then I let her have some fun. We even incorporated learning into the fun.

We started by practicing letters....

Then just had fun!

She even made a picture of her and I. :-)

We had a great day. Hope you all are having a great day too!



Fiona said...

That recipe sounds gorgeous (I have copied it for future use), and I love the shaving cream idea. Was it difficult to clean up at the end?
I am tempted to give this a go with Emily (age 3) tomorrow while her big sister is in kindergarten.

Jamie said...

Jill,looks like Kathleen had a lot of fun making her letters and the bread(I have never seen that recipe before)looks good.I agree with you about having the house opened up,it is just beautiful.

The Teacher's Pets said...

Thanks for stopping by to read our 20 pound Buster's interview today! He is sooo proud of himself for staying awake during the entire interview process. Haha!
What a riot that you pick up things off the side of the road but your tomatoes seem more useful that the end table I picked up today! LOL!

Adriane said...

Yummy looking bread! Thanks for the comment on my weight loss post. Oh, and those tomatoes are beautiful and FREE ! That's just too cool.

Vicki said...

Jill, you always amaze me with the creative ideas for fun learning, cooking and organizing that you come up with. Your family is so fortunate to have a mom who is so "on the ball"!!! Your little chef is a doll, too. Have a delightful week, my friend. Vicki

colonialhomestead said...

The bread looks so yummy & the cook is so cute. I really like the birds & blooms magazine. I use the local library copy. I went today to get this copy but it was not there.

A Hopeful Heart said...

I LOVE your beautiful teacup!!!!

Kathleen looks like she was a having such a great time. Very cute pink chef's hat.

Hope you're having a lovely day.


Angie Berry said...

Yes it was a busy Monday for you! Free tomatoes and $1 chore charts?? You can't beat that! We have ours saved as a document on our computer and print them out, but the charts you found would be way more fun for the kids!

Don't you just love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks?! I have 29 of the spiral bound ones. I just love them so much! I love looking through them and the recipes are so wonderful. The banana chocolate chip bread sounds delicious! That's one of the books I don't have.

Shaving cream is so much fun to play in. You can tell Kathleen is loving it!

Itsy Bitsy Learners said...

I love the shaving cream pictures!! Have tried using pudding mixes too? Dosen't matter if they lick they're finger

Julie said...

Shaving cream, a tiny bit of paint, a stick and then paper. Put a thin layer of shaving cream on the table, add just a drop of two of paint...any colors. Stir to make pretty. Lay a sheet of paper down on it. Push down just a little bit. Pick it back up, let dry, brush off any dried up lumps and you have the most beautiful paper to make into other things. We have done butterflies and stationary. Just thought you might like this idea. Have you ever used a box, marbles and paint and paper? It's cool too.
Love the recipe. I found one in our boy scout cookbook that beats mine so been using that.
Thanks for sharing. Have a great afternoon. God Bless!!

Julie said...

Oh forgot, I was a Blue Bird, then Brownie and girl scout when I was little. Cool to see those supplies you got. Mike just finished up the last of his boy scouting and now is a Venturer. I sorta miss the boy scouting days with him but I am still very active in our troop so still get to do and go all kinds of places.
Okay, I've got to get some work done. Take care, have a blessed afternoon.

Donna said...

Jill, How sweet! This is such a precious time when your children are learning in such fun ways. It makes me think of all the fun projects we did when I first started homeschooling..Oh my--was it really 22 years ago?