Monday, September 13, 2010

Simple Woman's daybook # 6

This is a journal entry I like to take part in every Tuesday.  Please visit She is the lovely host of this daybook. :-)

For Today:

Outside my window..... It is dark, with a nice cool breeze coming through the window. Posting Monday night as Tuesday will be very busy!

I am thinking.... About my paper I am working on for class. Also about a new Dr. I'm visiting today.

I am thankful for..... the comfort of my pets :-)

From the learning rooms..... Two papers, plus discussion due this week for me. K's writing resources and math.

From the kitchen..... Lots of goodies planned.... Italian stuffed chicken for one. :-) Plus made yummy banana bread today.

I am wearing..... A nightgown ( remember typing this Monday night, LOL)

I am creating..... A organized toy room for my girls

I am going.... to the Dr's tomorrow (Tuesday), also taking Kathleen to her first dance class and to Hayley's school for meet the teacher night.

I am reading..... APA style guidebook. Communications book. Various children books to Kathleen. :-)

I am hoping..... things are o.k. with my health.

I am hearing..... my dog Sally snoring and the hum of my computer.

Around the house..... I am preparing for my parent's visit on Weds. through Sun. :-)

One of my favorite things..... pictures my girls drew for me :-)

A few plans the rest of the week..... Schoolwork, spending time with my parents, cleaning and working on organization of playroom ( does that ever really end?) LOL

Here is a favorite picture from the past week:

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Many Blessings,


Karen said...

Great post Jill.. and i agree i like that picture of your daughter too...
but one question.. what is the chicken stuffed
Love ya girl.. talk to ya soon

Sheila said...

Love the picture of Hayley. I'd hold your hand at the new doctors office but I don't want to spread my germs. I'm there with you in spirit though. Y'all are in my prayers each day. That chicken dish sounds really good--hope you get a chance to post the recipe!!? Take care.

Jill said...

@ Karen, Lots of yummy stuff in that chicken! LOL

@ Sheila, Thank you, you are so sweet. :-) I appreciate your prayers. I have the chicken planned for tomorrow so I will post it, hopefully with pictures! :-)

A Hopeful Heart said...

Saying a prayer for you right now...that all is well with your health and that your doctor appointment goes well.

Have a lovely visit with your family. We miss family so much...and are hopeful of moving back to the South, so we can be somewhat close again.


Angie Berry said...

I have another blog friend that takes part in the Simple Woman's daybook quite often and I just love reading those posts of hers. I always say I'm going to do one, but haven't yet. I enjoyed reading your list!

I hope all went well at the dr. office and you have good news about your health.

Enjoy your time with your parents. I just love when mine come for a visit and stay a few days. The kids always have so much fun with them.

Julie said...

Enjoy your visit with your parents. I so love mine living the country next door. I love the picture of your daughter, she is going to be a heart breaker one day.
Chicken, gotta share the's the meat we eat most.
And.... How'd you're doctors appointment go? I hope lots of encouragment and congrats too. You have worked so hard and look so good.
Now take care, find a few minutes for you today. God Bless you my friend.

Camille said...

The photo of your girl is lovely. :)

These "simple woman's daybook" entries are great! I always enjoy reading them.

Ah, yes...organizing and, I don't think it's ever done! AND enjoy enjoy enjoy your time with your parents. :)