Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple Woman's daybook # 8

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                                                                     For today:

Outside my window.........It is dreary and raining, with high humidity

I am thinking........today is going to be so busy

I am thankful for..........umbrellas to stay dry at the bus stop! :-)

From the learning rooms.......word recognition, math, projects for Fall and Halloween for Kathleen and for me reading, researching papers

From the kitchen......Lots of baked goodies! Sandwiches tonight with cut veggies and pineapple. Running around a lot tonight!

I am wearing......a short sleeve blue shirt with jeans

I am creating.......projects for Fall

I am going......out to a play date, to dance, to a meeting for band for Hayley.....

I am reading......textbooks, Tea time magazine

I am hoping...... to find some peace about some things in my life

I am hearing.....the wiggles singing on t.v. :-)

Around the house......carpets to vacuum, bathrooms to clean, constant floor cleaning from the dogs muddy paws, bills to write, grocery list to write with coupons, etc!

One of my favorite things......My camera and the ability to document my children's lives

A few plans the rest of the week......cleaning, organizing, comcast being set up tomorrow,schoolwork, decorating for Fall etc!!!

One of my favorite pictures from last week........
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!! Many Blessings, Jill


A Hopeful Heart said...

It's so funny to see that Hayley is just about as tall as the gym set. I'll bet when y'all got it, she was just a wee thing that wasn't even half as high as the gym.

I actually enjoy rainy days. I currently live in a desert climate, so I seldom get rainy days. (Our precip averages 11 inches a year, and most of that is in the winter in the form of snow and/or sleet). I would love a good rainy day every now and then...but not too many in a row, or the gray and darkness will send me into depression...I thrive on sunshine. But I DO enjoy rain every once in awhile.

Blessings on your day.


Guiding Light said...

Hi! Love your post! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Chelle said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I like your daybook.

Julie said...

Jill, I swear that your girls are growing up right before my eyes. They are such beautiful girls, takes after there mama!! :o)
Hope you're having a wonderful day. I love this Q&A that you do. Such a great way to get to know you just a bit more.
Take care and God Bless!!

Jess said...

A nice daybook...We have a 19month old who loves the Wiggles~so we often hear them on our TV as well. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

You have such lovely busy days! Its great to go to bed at night and know that you had a really productive day, is'nt it!? I have been thinking of you and wondering how your health results came back, maybe I missed an update? Hope you have a lovely day :)

Jhona O. said...

I pray you will find the peace you're seeking! By the by, I've been drinking cold apple cider since September 1st:) I had a cup of hot cider this morning. The temps were in the 50's!!! It was so wonderful. I hope you get your cider soon. You have beautiful children. Many blessings to you!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

It never ends around the house...always something to do!