Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some learning fun and a treat! :-)

We have the best neighbors ever! I'm not just saying that either because she brought me this lovely treat at the bus stop this morning. :-)

I know, it's a bit blurry; plus a little secret... I ate the candy bar before I thought to take the picture so it's a little flattened out, LOL. Our neighbor's are from England, and they have the most awesome chocolate over there. Her sister recently came to visit and Julia thought enough to share a chocolate with me! :-) She is so awesome. But really for more reasons then just the chocolate.

We actually headed out to the park with her and her son early this morning. It was good for a bit, but then the heat was just too much! We had a lovely time though. I always enjoy time spent with them.

When we came home Kathleen was so eager for her learning. She wanted to "go" to school in our schoolroom so bad. To be just like Hayley. So she packed her "schoolbag"

And said "Let's go to school, Mom!" Well how could I resist that face? Our school is in full swing next week, but I did a mini lesson of things for her today. First we started with work in our Blue's Clues workbook.

We focused on the letter B and C to review today.

She takes her schoolwork very seriously. I love these moments with her.
Then we read about Prairie dogs. I have a whole series of these books I found at a yard sale for 50 cents. They are associated with Leap Frog. I really like them because they teach about the animal in a way younger kids can understand.

After reading the book, I asked her questions and she knew them all! Then I had her draw her own Prairie Dog picture. She did really well!

Then she informed me I had to do one as well. LOL So I tried to recreate the cover freehand and quickly...

I use to really enjoy drawing and painting, but it's been awhile so I'm REALLY rusty at it. LOL

I also saved Hayley's old Highlights books so I could review them with Kathleen. We read a few stories to get us started in this series today. There's enough activities in there for several days.

On our walk around the neighborhood and then to our mailbox, she was very thoughtful in selecting me more flowers and putting them in a vase herself for me. I love this little redhead. :-)

For some busy work and to help with her fine motor skills she practiced with different lacing cards.

She was feeling mighty proud of herself, LOL

Meanwhile Elvis was making himself quite comfortable and Kathleen wanted to make sure he was nice and warm. :-)

What do you think? Does he seem comfortable? LOL Our animals are so spoiled!

Hope you all have a great afternoon! Hope to be back on in a little while to post yummy recipes. We're also busy planning for a yard sale this weekend. The girls are excited!



Lesley said...

My sister brought me some of that chocolate home from Europe and it was DELICIOUS!! Totally understand why you only have the flattened wrapper left to take a picture's really THAT good.

Karen said...

Oh I had forgotten about Highlights... I used to love for my mom to take me to the doctor cause back then that was the only place you could find

And Blues Clues.. how cute.. the one thing I hated about my son growing up was that he stopped watching Little Bear.. I loved hearing that soft music (its intro music) loved it.. miss it...
Thanks for sharing,, was nice traveling down memory lane,, for me , the present for your little girl...
Have a blessed ay

Kat said...

Hi Jill I love England chocolate too! I heard that Hershey's bought the Cadbury chocolate that I love so much!

Oh my Kathleen is so cute what a dolly she is! how exciting for her. I remember when my daughter wanted to go to school like her big brother.

That school desk and area you made up for the girls is so cute! I love that.

I like all your Ideas you make a suburb teacher for the girls and they are going to be so smart! they all ready are.

My pets are so spoiled as well!

Have a great Labor day weekend! big hugs

Kat said...

I love your new banner I was looking at that when I arrived here and mean to tell you how cute that is. Love it!

KBraden said...

I am following you back! Thanks for the follow!

Wendi said...

Chocolate is one thing that I miss about living in Germany. At Christmas all of the good European was available. Yum!

The new banner looks great!

colonialhomestead said...

Your new header is great. All my kids & I enjoyed Highlights over the years. Kids learn when they can enjoy it. So wonderful you are doing so much with Kathleen. The best teacher is always their Mother. Elvis looks quite spoiled & well loved.

Southern Lady said...

How sweet is she! I remember when my girls were that little. Carla

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing the recipes, I love to try new things, yummo! I trust my blogging buddies to have the best tried and true recipes. Parker and I have "school time" every day too. We do workbook pages, coloring, puzzles, all kinds of stuff. I think it is so fun and of course it is helping him get ready for real school. Have a great weekend.