Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updates, Thanks to Verizon DSL we had no internet service! :-(

Isn't it fascinating how dependant we have become on this item? I never thought I'd see that day. Our internet service has been with verizon dsl the last 5 years. We've experienced problems for most of that time. But remained committed to them. Well after our ordeal the last few days with customer service, we are done! Next Weds. I will finally be switching to cable, and hopefully enjoying better quality services. I hear my speed will be a lot quicker too. It happened that the internet stopped working the day I was to watch an important webinar for school. I was so stressed out about missing it. The realization that there was nothing I could do. We had a repair man out tonight to "fix" the issue, but I am still excited to switch next Weds. as everyone tells me how much I'll love cable. Hmmm any thoughts?

We've been busy as usual, still learning each day.....

I tackled the lovely job of a top to bottom refrigerator and freezer cleanout. :-)

Now if we just didn't have to put all the food back in! LOL My children must put a million half drank cups in there each day. Not to mention items snuck in there that need no refigeration at all. I like taking everything out and washing the drawers and shelving with warm water and dish soap. I also dry it well before placing it back inside. Then I like to line things up according to how often we use it, then it gets it's special place on a certain shelf, LOL Yes, you get the picture I like being organized! :-)

Hayley's jewelry business is growing! We set up a bigger table for her in the basement area. She worked hard to get it organized how she wanted.

Looking pretty tired in this picture :-)

I gave her a few tackle boxes I had purchased when I sold Mary Kay. This is a wonderful way to organize her beads and tools she needs. This is just a sneak peek into all her organizational bins. Being only 9 years old I am very proud of her for sticking with it, and doing so well. When we were out with my parents this weekend, a lady commented on my Mom's necklace. Of course it was one Hayley made, so Hayley gave her a business card. The lady is planning to order Christmas gifts from her. :-0

Kathleen was busy entertaining some "friends" while Hayley was hard at work organizing! LOL

She just loves this doll! Santa brought to her about 2 years ago. She drags her everywhere. Always playing dressup with her. Yesterday she dressed for a pajama party with her dolls. When it was time to get Hayley from the bus she came racing down the stairs dressed like this.............
Singing secret agent oso! Apparently she was a little "spy" LOL

I just can't seem to stop capturing cute pictures of Elvis with the girls..... I'm pretty sure he's a ham. :-)

                                                               They love him so much.                         Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm happy to have the internet back!!



Ella said...

Mrs. Jill, you have a very sweet looking family! Bravo to your daughter for starting a business at a young is a wonderful way to earn money!

And I know what you mean, we are very reliant on the internet. I realize this when I have been gone all day and then, by the time I do get on, I discover a lot of things that I missed out on....because everyone seems to share news online these days. I must be honest, I love the internet. God has brought me many blessing through it.


Julie said...

Say Jill, I have an idea for Hayley's beads. I'm a jewelry maker also, have been for about 8 years now and I use fishing tackle rounds for my beads. Like the rounds you put sinkers in. Just an idea if interested.
I so love the pictures of your girls and all that you do with them.
We have Verizon here and have been really lucky with our service. We are looking to get broadband through Century Link in the next few months. A bit cheaper and faster.
Take care and have a blessed and terrific Friday.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, I'm glad you have your internet back. It really IS a pain to be without it, that's for sure. Yes, I'm a lover of the 1940's and would live in that decade in a heartbeat!! But they didn't have internet then...would I survive?

When we used Verizon for our cell phone service, we had alot of problems. Never used them for internet, though.

By the way, will you be able to make up the webinar you missed? Hope so.

The photos are really cute. The girls are extremely photogenic. And how wonderful that Hayley has her own little jewelry business. That takes alot of discipline to keep at good for her.

I'm glad you enjoyed my family photos. We needed a shot of the 4 of us for our Christmas letter this's been a photo of the kids only since 2006...high time we sent a shot of the whole family.

Well, hope you have a lovely weekend.


Sheila said...

I just love how dedicated Hayley is to her craft. She sure does look tired in that picture. Of course, I just love the pictures of Kathleen--she still makes me smile. Elvis is too cute too!!
We have cable internet--used to have cable TV too but that service was horrible so we dropped the TV part, kept the internet part and went with dish network for TV. I hope your cable internet service works well for you. I miss checking in with my "friends" when I can't get on here!! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Annie Jones said...

We have RoadRunner internet (Time Warner Cable) packaged with our cable television (we have no land line phone, but it can be packaged in as well).

I can't tell it's any faster than when we had AT&T DSL, but we do have far fewer connectivity problems. Also, the bills are MUCH easier to read, which was something I always hated about AT&T.

Is that a Tupperware spice rack holding beads on your daughter's wall? If so, that's a great idea!

Jenny said...

Wow! I am impressed Hayley! What a collection of jewelry supplies you have. Please have your mommy take picutes to show us all your creations! I had one of those big Barbie dolls too when I was little, she was my "sister" since I didn't have any real ones. :) I agree Jill, we are all too dependent on our electronic devises.

~Krystle~ said...

Very nice to have you back. We have the same internet problem with att. If it rains our internet quits working because of "water in the lines". It's quite annoying so I have to plan all my test for bright and sunny days for fear the internet will cut off during my test and I will receive an incomplete :(. The fridge thing is to cute, I did that yesterday haha. Haley is doing a great job and Kathleen looks so cute!...I did get your messages and will hopefully get the award posted sometime this weekend, most of my internet will be school this weekend lots of papers to write. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill...I'm glad you are switching to cable...That's what my dad and I have and it works great...cable for tv and internet :) :) :) The last couple of weeks have been sort of crazy here...but I think it's getting back to normal. I'll come back and read more of your post later. Oh....Elvis...such a cute kitty...and I love the photo of Kathleen with Elvis ;) :)...and Hayley...yeah...for her growing jewelery business. That's awesome...and I LOVE how she organized everything!!! have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Okay...back...I haven't cleaned out the refrigerator yet...I think I'm a little scared to do that :) :) Our is a little on the short side, so I always have to bend down to reach things...but it works great!!!

Kathleen in her "spy" outfit was really really made me laugh...she's always so creative with fashion...I've noticed that :)..and Hayley...that's awesome...she's got orders for Christmas!!! Who knows where it can go from there...

did I mention that I actually managed to find a yardsale last Sunday...when it was raining? I bought three items. It must have been the only sale in town that day. Anyway, have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)