Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Very busy day!

We had a lovely visit to a new park this morning. We went with my neighbor and her son. It's nice to switch them up and give the kids the chance to explore new playgrounds. Kathleen liked this one because of the disco ball. It was a former private campground. Then the township took it over, it has a pool and several nice picnic areas to enjoy.

We came home had lunch and started into our learning. I have a phonics book that is a story along with them identifying and spelling words. She did really well. Makes learning words fun. They match up letters. This forms a picture and they can "read" the words.
Next we practiced these learning cards I made up when I taught preschool.
We then read a few stories in Highlights. I also taught her about Kangaroos.
One of the things she learned was that a baby kangaroo is called a joey. She also learned that Mommy Kangaroo's carry there babies in their pouch. So we practiced having our own pouch to carry the baby, and we hopped all over downstairs!
To help her identify the letters in the word joey, we did a painting activity.
Love her concentration when she does things. :-)
Painting is one of Kathleen's favorite things to do. It is important to encourage their creativity. I gave her several items to use to paint her own pictures.
The list is unlimited. Some examples would be:
Paper towels, toothbrush, Q-tip, cotton ball, comb, cookie cutters, marshmallow,straw,sponge,popsicle stick, paper (crumble up), marbles (in a pan or box top), spools, and fruit such as apples. This is just a start. They learn a lot about the different textures and for creativity... the skies the limit!
She told me this one was me, sleeping. LOL How I wish, I am really lacking sleep right now!

We also had a great time playing a classic... Candy Land
Then we moved on to reading, which we do every day, usually a couple times a day.
By that time it was waiting for Hayley to get home. I sent them to play in the basement while I'm multitasking between dinner and blogging. I have three college papers due tomorrow. So tonight they are headed out for a kick ball game in our front yard with Daddy. Of course the neighborhood kids will be joining them, and I will be up very late! :-) If time allows I will visit blogs tonight. If not, I'll catch up tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a great week! Thank you for all your recent comments. I appreciate them all! Just pressed for time...



Anonymous said...

I think you may have mentioned before that you were a preschool teacher? I have been thinking very seriously lately about going on to further study to beome an early childhood/primary teacher. I like the flashcards you made, its great how the words are bigger than the pictures, I find it helps my kids to focuus on the word rather than the pic.Take care of yourself, dont burn out :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill...

So cool...It looks like Kathleen is really doing well with school...and I thought her painting of the word "joey" was really cute!!!! Then you get to meet Hayley coming home from school. That's really neat!!!! Oh, goodness, those girls are so blessed to have you for a mom :) :) You are super busy...concentrate on getting those papers finished. Don't worry about visiting blogs...that's got to come first!!! Besides....you are always faithful to leave a comment when time permits :) :) I'm glad you have lots to keep you busy...!!! What a blessing your hubby and kids are...okay...get those papers finished!!! Extra love and hugs for today...so you can finish your work, Heather :)

A Hopeful Heart said...

Thanks for sharing your day. It sounds delightful. It also sounds that although you and Kathleen are schooling, she is enjoying herself and developing a love for learning...and reading. If there is one thing I learned through all my years of homeschooling (after not homeschooling my daughter until the third grade), developing a love for reading is the starting point for ALL learning.

Sending a prayer for you as you take on the workload of your classes.


Wendi said...

Painting is a favorite activity here also. Looks like you had lots of fun and I love how you had her paint the word Joey. Great idea!

Cindy said...

What a fun filled day!
We used to explore new parks all the time when the girls were younger...before the days of school all day long!:(
Good luck getting it all done tonight. Don't forget to take care of you!

Catherine Anne said...

This post really made me smile!!!

colonialhomestead said...

How I loved the candy Land game. All of my kids are way past that now. I do still have the game. My Grandbaby likes to play it now at her home. I have not had the chance to play with her yet. They just moved & are not unpacked. I wish they were close by so I could help her learn new things. I love all those cute animal books You & Kahleen read together. It is so great you are teaching Kathleen. To boot you have a full plate your self. Way to go college gal. Blessing to you & yours Jill!

~Krystle~ said...

I feel you on late nights, and busy days! Coffee is now my best friend. I'm up late tonight doing discussion boards, submitting a paper, and working on a new one, while studying for a test. I also need to get up early tomorrow too so I can keep it up!...Good luck on your papers!

Mandie said...

She is so sweet! I love her sweet little smile. I thought for a moment that you homeschooled but I see that you don't. You would do great at it. I bet your daughter has a great time at home with mommy. You sure are a multitasker, lol. I love your header!!

Marla said...

What great activities! I especially like learning cards! It looks like they are easy to make, and I really think my daughter would love carrying them around and 'reading' them.

Kim said...

"Painting is one of Kathleen's favorite things to do. It is important to encourage their creativity."

I could not agree with you more. I am 100% behind the idea of encouraging my ballerinas' creativity. I wish my parents had done the same for me growing up.