Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yard Sale

First I have to start by saying THANK YOU to all the lovely ladies leaving such kind and encouraging comments for me. I can not tell you how much I appreciate that! :-)

I went to bed about 2:30 AM, and was up at 5:30 AM for our yard sale. I was very proud of Hayley, she was up at 5 AM with Jerry helping out. :-) We were sure to have Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. But that is only for yard sale weekends. As Hayley says, it's a tradition!

It was beautiful out, but the wind was something else. We actually had to take the tops off the canopies, they kept blowing over. We did really well today and will be out for awhile tomorrow too.

That is our neighbors house you see in the picture. Our house is nestled back behind some trees, so it's more private. I think I could probably start my own consignment shop! LOL

This is one of my favorite shots of Kathleen. She was drawing with chalk and the wind is blowing through her hair. :-)

We also decided to sell drinks and hot dogs. Believe it or not they were selling like hot cakes! People were asking for them by 8 AM! This was the girls money maker and they were so excited about it! After we split the proceeds they were getting their purses and were ready to shop!

We took them to pick something out. Kathleen wanted a fairy Barbie doll and a squishy ball! LOL
Hayley had her heart set on some new fish as we had lost all our other ones. We visited Petco and found some goldfish on sale. She was very excited to bring them home. Their names are hungry, zig and zag. LOL
Jerry and I took some of the money to treat us all to Outback Steakhouse. We did curbside so we saved money on tips and extras, like drinks.

Hayley so proud of her new fish!

Both anticipating releasing them into their new home!

I believe she named the big guy Hungry, and sorry but I'm not sure which one was zig or zag??!! LOL

Going to work on school work tonight. Another early morning tomorrow! Have a great day!!



Kat said...

Hi Jill thanks for entering into the contest! I really appreciate it. Your lovelies are so cute! I used to have fish in a fish tank, I had three fish tanks two were hexagon. Wow if your house is anything like the one there in this photos it's gorgeous. Have a great Labor Day Weekend! big hugs

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh that yar sale looks like so much fun. I'm glad it's going well so far!!!! That's awesome that the girl's worked for the money and that you all as a family could go out to Outback Steakhouse :) :) :) I've never eaten there..

Oh, yard sales, I found tons of cool stuff today...more stuff I can use in my home :) :) :) One of the items is a powder blue quilt with matching pillow shame for $8. I love quilts and this will fit nicely into my bedroom...:) :) :)The blue tone matches the pinks in my room..:) :)

Anyway...have a really good Labor Day weekend!!! Get your homework done!!! :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Sounds like a success. I love that you got the girls involved!

Camille said...

What an AMAZING looking yard sale Jill! I *love* the look of those coffee tables...could have used those a few years ago when I was "shopping"...too bad you do not live close to me! ;-) Sounds like a successful day for you all! Tell your daughter I think the names she chose for her fish are great!

Have a wonderful week!

Liz said...

Sounds like the yardsale was asuccess! Yay!! I've never done one but I can't imagine how much work it takes to set up and the amount of stress that is involved. I love how you had the girls do their own little fundraiser. What a great idea! I'm sure they loved doing it (I know I always like having lemonade stands as a kid) and I bet they learned a lot from it to. Congrats on the sale!

~Krystle~ said...

Wow, great job! our last sale Punkin had her first lemonade sale and put all her money in her piggy bank and had a blast. The girls look like they had a blast and were so proud they did a good job. I think as a mom thats the best feeling. Have a great week.

Angie Berry said...

Yikes! That's not much sleep, girl! We had a garage sale this past weekend and it wore me out. Here it is Wednesday and I'm still trying to recover. Lol! They are SO much work!

How exciting for the girls! I'm sure they loved having that money in their purses so they could pick out what they want. I remember being so excited about that when I was little.