Friday, September 10, 2010

Yeah it's Friday!! :-)

What a gorgeous day it is here! Sunshine with a lovely cool breeze! All our windows are open and Fall is in the air! So today Kathleen and I began the decorating process. :-)
This little guy welcomes us as we come in the front door. Since my girls were little I have taken a picture of them next to him to see how they grow.

Wreath for our front door.

We hung up Kathleen's banner of nature goodies she made this week. :-)

Decorated our fireplace. This was Kathleen's idea with the scarecrows and planters. :-) Mommy likes a grander approach, but my kids and their ideas are important to me. I like to encourage their thoughts.

This is an area you see as you walk in our front door. This candle smelled so good!!

We did some more learning and activities today too. We learned about ducks. Yes we practiced our waddling around! LOL Ummm no, no pictures. :-)

We worked on a number to number connection in her workbook. She loves doing these and it really helps with having them learn their number recognitions. The more fun it is, the more they enjoy learning.

Anyone remember there? LOL I always loved viewfinders when I was little. As a matter of fact these were mine and my sister's when we were young. See the newer ones how they changed over the years?

Kathleen had a great time looking through them.

I am hoping to get some notes written this weekend. I have several older people I write to who do not have the internet. But even for those that do there is nothing like receiving a handwritten note. I will always feel it adds that personal touch. Something to treasure. I still have all the old letters my husband wrote to me. I also have some from when I graduated high school, got married etc. I like being able to go back and read through them.

I had a few requests for more pictures of the cookbook. It was printed in 1950, first edition.

Can you imagine cookbooks today printing like this? The basic food groups?

There is even this section about planning meals. All geared towards the homemaker.

This was illustrating ways to decorate your dining room and set up your dishes.

So Kathleen and I decided we were going to set the table for dinner tonight a tad bit fancier. :-)

The cookbook is wonderful. Great information. I just love finding Vintage items. I wish more families took the time to sit and have proper meals together and share their days. It's so important.
What are some specials traditions you like to spend with your families?

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I feel so blessed to see that I have over 100 followers and I just start at the end of June. I have met so many amazing people! I appreciate every comment you leave. I will always try to answer back on here or visit your blogs to respond. Thank you for stopping by to share pieces of my life.

One last picture I hope will make you smile as you leave.... This was another "surprise" picture Jerry had taken at the fair that day. My "little" girl!!



Heather's Blog-o-rama said...


How cute...and I love the fall decorations...the lovely nature goodies that Kathleen collected are so cute up near the valance :) :) Oh, I agree about encouraging your kids thoughts...and I actually loved how they decorated the fireplace mantle...very nice!!! I might have said this before...I'm more of a winter/spring/summer girl...but you've decorated everything so nicely for fall...that I'm slowly changing my mind :) :) :)

LOVE that Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook. I remember there's a section on household budgeting or something like that..and the first step was "It's always good not to spend more than you have..:) :) :) It's so true...and yet it made me roar with laughter too. I LOVE it..I'm still so excited you were able to find an original copy. A high school friend of mine has a hardcover copy of the orignal too :) :) I'll be happy with my humble reprint :) :) :)

Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Jenny said...

Jill, you are so on top of things! Decorating, lesson planning, studying cookbooks, you rock! Love the decorations, so pretty and inspiring. I haven't got mine out yet, we haven't done much deocorating for the past year since we are trying to sell out house. I miss it.

Someone got me a copy of that cookbook for my bridal shower way back when. I use it all the time. The pie recipes are my husband's favorites. I love the photos too, so cute. I love all things retro.

Have a great weekend.

Sheila said...

It looks like y'all had a lovely week. I love all the fall decorations. Love, love, love that last picture of Kathleen--she is just too cute!! I have that same cookbook. I bought it when we lived in California--there used to be a man who sold used books in the parking lot of the BX every now and again--my girls and I loved those days--we always found great books there. I haven't made any recipes from the book but I get it out every so often to read through it. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Camille said...

What a fun post Jill! SUCH pretty decorations! How lovely that you decorate for fall. I *love* candles...they are so cozy. Your front entry is warm and welcoming.

I enjoyed those viewfinders as a child...they were fun!

I agree with you on the handwritten notes...they are so special! I really think the "old" ways were far better. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Samantha said...

very cute! and i love the decorations. my house is always a mess!

see you!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Cute, Cute, CUTE! And, how fun to have a cook book first edition like that. what a treat. Love your blog! =)

Cindy said...

Can not wait to start decorating for Fall!
Love it....
Enjoy the day

Foxglove Spires said...

Your Fall decorations look lovely and the cook book must be a wonderful treasure!

I remember the viewfinders when I was little, my daughter when she first saw one was so fascinated by them...
And hand written notes are always cherished I think especially as these days not many people send them, it is such a lovely thing to do.

Liz said...

Love all the fall decorations, such pretty colors and gets you in the mood for this time of year! I LOVED my viewfinder when I was a kid, so much fun. The cookbook is great, it's amazing how different things are now, just 60 years later. So cool that you have it and it's in such great shape.

Donna said...

Jill, This is a wonderful post! Here North of Houston, it takes another month for Fall to arrive. The weather is hot but the leaves are beginning to turn. It simply not as hot as it has been. We are praying for cool. I SO love your house and beautiful decorations. Tell the girls I said they did a GREAT job! BTW your header is SUPER! I love it!

Thanks so much for visiting so faithfully. I really do visit a lot more when life isn't so crazy..but since I started digging deeper into the estate work and trying to get it finalized, it's sort of taken over. So many phone calls, so much paperwork, all while trying to care for the teenagers pursuits and grandbabies. It's really almost more than can be done in the time allotted! I enjoyed coming over to your place for a nice quiet and lovely break.

Blessings Jill!
Donna @ Comin' Home

Julie said...

Thank you Jill, for posting some pictures. I so love all that you do with your wee ones. The decorations are wonderful. I have a few decorations but not as many as I'd really love. I did get a cute fall type decoration at the craft show this weekend.
So take care and have a blessed evening.

~Krystle~ said...

How I love fall too! We had a tease of cooler weather two weeks ago and then it was right back to blazing hot. Hope it gets and stays cool soon! Your fall decorations are beautiful and I love your cookbook and that ya'll eat dinner as a family. I think that is very is such an important family thing to do. Hope you have a great week!

Angie Berry said...

What a cute idea to take their picture by the scarecrow as they grow year to year. I'm like you, I encourage my kids because decorating our home for the different holidays is a big deal. They are always more than willing to help me out. I try to do my decorating when the kids are in school though because they don't always do it like I would. =]

Love that old cookbook! It is fabulous!