Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day at a local park

I love the beauty of Fall. The coolness in the air and the crunch of leaves at my feet. I love my children's laughter enjoying those leaves. I love snuggling with them and my husband on chilly fall days. Their excitement when we get the hot cocoa out. I love that it is baking season and the holidays are approaching. I love cider and pumpkins and hay rides, and the warm glow of my favorite scented candles. I love everything about Fall. Especially being outside and enjoying the days....

They were having such a great time running till their hearts were content!

As you can see Skippy is always poised and ready to run!

This old bridge was o.k. until I looked down, lol. Then I was like o.k. time to go now!

The dogs couldn't go across the bridge with all the holes so Jerry and I took turns.

Sally our sweet 12 1/2 year old lab. The only bad thing this day was when another dog lunged at Sally while we were walking and grabbed her neck and ear. Thank goodness Jerry got her pulled away quickly, as did the other dog's owner.. Sally is the sweetest dog ever and she is loved so much by all of us.

I love this picture of them running up the hill....

We had such an enjoyable day together as a family.

I do have a funny story to share... while I was taking this picture of the girls, Jerry was holding onto the dogs. Well Skippy our little Yorkie must have pulled the leash from Jerry's hand and started to walk away. Well from past experiences when Skippy knows he's gotten free he takes off and runs and it takes hours to get him at times. I guess Jerry was worried about this happening again. Next thing I know I see him leaping through the air and hitting the ground in a belly flop, arms flailing to grab the leash. He thought this would be more effective then running after him, LOL. Everyone in the park turned to stare and even Skippy whipped his head around, like what in the world are you doing Dad??!! These words cannot even describe how funny this was in person. He even had to laugh at himself. You know those moments when something tickles your funny bone and you just can't stop laughing? Well that's me every time I play this back in my head of him soaring through the air to "save" our Skippy. :-) What a man! LOL Of course I was so busy laughing I didn't get a picture! But envisioning it is half the fun!

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions about the cameras and the picture situation! I am so happy I was able to upload tonight. So lots more to come!

Have a wonderful evening!


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~Krystle~ said...

That park is beautiful! I love fall too, I just wish our weather would cooperate. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Anything to save the puppy...I am sure it was hilarious!

I am so jealous, that is such a beautiful location. Here in Southern California, we barely see the seasons change. I would love to spend the day there, absolutely beautiful!

Cindy said...

Beautiful park!
Love those kind of simply easy family days!
And way to dive for the doggie Dad!!!
Enjoy the day

Jenny said...

Such pretty pictures. That story about Skippy and your hubby is hilarious. What a guy!

Anonymous said...

Wow I wish we had a park like that close by here to go to it looks absolutely beautiful there, thanks for sharing, and I loved looking at the pictures :o)

~ Noelle said...

broxton would have LOVED to run with them...
he keeps me on my toes

Liz said...

I love this time of year too, has always been my favorite! What a beautiful park, I love all the fall colors! Looks like you had a fun (and funny) family day there!