Friday, October 1, 2010

Blessed with another award :-)

I was so blessed to receive this award from Jhona. Jhona has a lovely blog and I always leave with a smile after visiting her site. Please stop by and say hello to her!

For this award we are to list 7 things about ourselves and send on to 15 other bloggers. Again I would have a hard time picking just 15. So please take this award all my blogging friends. You all deserve it! I enjoy visiting each and every one of you! Some of my friends feature a blog weekly, perhaps I will start doing that as well. That way you each get the attention you deserve. :-)

7 things about me:

1) I love potatoes, lol I know funny thing to post, but I do! All kinds.

2) I have followed Madonna since I was young all through the 80's and today. (Yes I even dressed like her and did talent shows singing her song) While now I may not agree with all she does, I respect her as an artist. We saw her in concert about 2 years ago and it was incredible. She is in amazing shape for her age. Man, can she play a guitar!

3) I LOVE to cook and wish I had an unlimited amount of money for groceries to experience a variety of foods.

4) I love everything to do with vintage items, anything from the past. Tea parties, The Victorian era, love it all and wish I could have lived back then.

5) I had a very difficult time conceiving my children, after being told I couldn't have any, God gave me my girls, my whole world. Can't even begin to tell you how many prayers were prayed for this gift.

6) I find the older I get the less I like being stuck in a large crowd of people. Start to feel anxious.

7) I would one day love to restore an old Victorian home!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks again to Jhona for giving me this award!



Camille said...

I love the Victorian era too...fixing up an old Victorian home sounds lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend Jill!

Foxglove Spires said...

Congradulations!! What a joy it must be to receive these awards and thank you for the answers you have written so we are able to get to know you better.

Have a beautiful and joy filled weekend. xxx

Anonymous said...

I love all of your 7 things about you, and congrats on the award, hope you are having a good weekend :o)

Vicki said...

Hi, Jill,
Congratulations on another well deserved award, my friend!! I would love to live in a Victorian style house with gingerbread trim, too. I am so glad you were blessed with your precious daughters. When others say "no way", God always finds a way. Enjoy your autumn weekend! Love and blessings always~ Vicki

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love anything Victorian or vintage. I practically drool on the magazines! I'm so glad you have your children. God has blessed you. My sister has had the same trouble with concieving. It broke my heart to watch her while I had no trouble at all. Even though we are twins, God shows us we are different.

Julie said...

You so deserved this award Jill. I love visiting you, seeing what you and your family has been up too. I too had a hard time having Mike. It took me 13 years to have a baby.
I love this Q&A, a chance to know just a wee bit more about you.
Take care Jill and have a blessed week. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

Lisa B. said...

Congrats on your award. We have a lot in common. (#3, 4, 6, & 7)

There are 11 years in between my two boys... that was not by our choice. I learned God works on HIS timeline.

Liz said...

Congrats on the award Jill, you definitely deserve it! I love potatoes too! One of my favorites! fixing up the victorian house sounds like fun but I don't think I'd have the patience for it! : ) Congrats again!