Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Friday!!!!! :-)

It's another rainy day here, although the sun is trying hard to peek through the clouds. :-) We did get to see Eat, Pray, Love last night. I will say it was a good movie, but if you have read the book you may be looking for more from the movie. I was a bit disappointed. Julia Roberts was great as always, but I left expecting more. If you ladies go to see it, let me know your thoughts. I tend to think books are always better then the movies though, more details. :-) It was a great night out for me though, without the girls, that is VERY rare for me.

This morning Kathleen and I were up and out early. We were on a mission to Redbox to find the new Tinkerbell movie! Which we did and plan to surprise Hayley with it! We also rented Marmaduke and Letters to Juliet (For Mommy of course, LOL) Is anyone else familiar with Redbox? You can rent movies for $1.00 a night. Can't beat it! Great way to preview a movie and see whether it's worth adding to your library of movies or not. Great for a budget as well.

We then headed to Aldi's and another supermarket to get groceries for the week, actually it will stretch 2 weeks. I may get to posting my deals and menu plans a bit later this weekend. My school term is wrapping up with these last two weeks so I have major papers to write this weekend! We're hoping to stay home and get things done around the home. Decorating for Halloween is on the top of the girl's list. :-) The rest of the month starts getting crazy busy.

This is a picture of the girls when we went to Pennypacker Mills. They were enjoying the rocking chairs on the porch that day. Relaxing from the summer heat. :-) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Many Blessings,


Vic said...

TGIF for sure:) my girls love rocking chairs tooo! they are so cute! not much rain here....still muggy and the mosquitoes are crazy! we haven't seen the movie yet...i'm always late and end up watching everything when it comes out on dvd and then i still don't watch until years later....haha

Jhona O. said...

I love sitting on the porch. Especially right now. Things are really starting to cool off and it has been feeling like autumn. I love the cool mornings. My daughter and I went to her speech appt. and both wished we had a sweater! We LOVE redbox! I'm looking forward to seeing both of those movies.

I left an award for you over at my blog. Have a great weekend and I hope you get your papers written without too much trouble:)

A Hopeful Heart said...

All the rockers on the porch puts me in mind of Cracker Barrel.

I keep hearing about all the rain on the East coast, but we've had hardly a single drop in a couple months (typical summer/early fall); however, I'm hearing we're due to get some rain come Monday.

By the way, you know I far prefer old movies to new ones. However, I DID see Letters to Juliet...and really liked it alot. Very cute. I highly recommend it.

Have a lovely weekend.


Cindy said...

Have not seen the movie yet.
Maybe soon!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Wendi said...

Trying RedBox is on my list. We love to make pizza and watch a movie on Friday nights during the cold months. I would love to hear about your deals. I am always on the look out for ways to stretch our dollar. Hope your weekend has been great!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Hope you had a good weekend. Looks like you had fun this day. You girls look so cute rockin' out on the porch!