Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last night's easy meal,pumpkin milk shake and fun crafts oh my! :-)

Ever have those nights when you need something quick and tasty that the kids will eat? Not to mention you're on a budget? Well last night I took out a pack of chicken tenders, added fresh green beans and a can of cream of chicken soup, can of water and added it all to my deep frying pan. Put on the lid and let it cook through and viola! Then I added a salad complete with fixings, tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, etc. Fresh cut peaches and apples and dinner was done! The girls loved it and the chicken was so moist! Nothing fancy but it was a hit! :-)

This morning I was reviewing Hayley's spelling words with her before school. We always do this on a dry erase board to save paper. After she went out to the bus, I came in and found this tucked into the couch by my computer....

It totally made me melt! I love that girl! What a great start to my day. :-)

I have a busy couple days so Kathleen and I got right to her learning first thing. Then I had some crafts planned. First we collected leaves out front at the bus stop. She brought in her selection and we taped them to a piece of colored construction paper.

Next we hung it up on our kitchen window where it will stay for several days to make our sun leaf prints! We'll show a picture update along with our acorns soon! (P.S. please overlook the dirty windows on my list for cleaning! LOL)

Next we got started on our pumpkin patch! I painted her palm orange to make the pumpkins first...

Next I painted her fingertip green!

Then she completed her pumpkins....when dry she finished her picture! Great job Kathleen, love your creativity!

With all this hard work we had to have a little treat! So we made pumpkin milk shakes! MMMMMMM

First add the ice cream, then the milk, then the pumpkin pie spice (secret ingredient) Adjust amounts to your preferred tastes! Can also sprinkle cinnamon on top for a little extra treat!

Drink up!

Enjoy with a foamy mustache! So good!!!

Tonight I'm making yummy, cute, Halloween/Fall inspired dinner menu! Will try to get it posted later on!

Have a fabulous day!!


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Sheila said...

I just love all the things you do with your girls. Almost makes me wish my girls were still small so we could do fun things like that--almost!!! What a sweetie Hayley is. Kathleen is too cute. Your supper looks very tasty. Take care.

Julie said...

I oh so love that smile!!!! Great supper. Something even my guys would love. We do so much chicken, nice to see a different way to cook it.
Take care Jill. Have a great afternoon. I'm going geo-caching with Mike. I can't wait!!!
God Bless!!!

Wendi said...

That chicken looks great. I love that it was a one skillet meal!

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are so talented and I love her finished picture. Your message your daughter left you on the couch would make me melt too, my daughter was always doing that for me, and it always made my day. Your dinner that you had sounds really good, thanks for sharing :o)

Mandie said...

Your dinner sounds great. I do that a lot minus the green beans... thanks for the great idea! Tonight I am making crock pot chili and cinnamon rolls, mmmm!!!

I love to see all of the fun ideas you do with Katherine. It gives me things to do with my kiddos, thank you for posting!!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Jill, you are enjoying some wonderfully precious times with your girls. Keep on doing that. No matter what else you do with your time, there is nothing more important than tying heart strings with your children. What you invest with them now will return to you later...complete with years' worth of I LOVE YOU notes.

Seems like we were on the same wavelength with pumpkin shakes. A definite yummy treat, huh?

Last night's dinner looked delicious. And easy makes it even better.

Have a great weekend.

Love and prayers,

Jamie said...

Jill,sorry I haven;t been commenting BUT I have been reading.I love the crafts you 2 did today.That gave me some ideas for my homeschool co-op class tomorow.Thanks

Jennifer Kay said...

Thanks for the idea, I'm going to teach the leaf project to Ryan this weekend...I LOVE FALL!!!!

SonyaAnn said...

Looks like another wonderful and enriching day in your house and don't forget tasty!
I can't wait to see the sun leaf prints.
Have a wonderful weekend!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Sam will love this milkshake. So sweet of Hayley. Kathleen is a precious little artist. Sending you a special thanks for your kindness!

Shauna said...

Have a great weekend! Hope you'll come visit me too :) Shauna from

Miranda said...

Looks like a great dinner. Simple and yummy. You sound like you're having a great time with the girls lately. I like your little projects. How fun!

AmyBarkerPhoto said...

I love the smile with the mustache!! I wonder if my 8yr old daughter would like that leaf craft, I bet she would, we'll have to try that.
Gotta love easy dinners and the "hand painted" pumpkins are awesome, we'll have to try that too!

Buckeroomama said...

I might just have to borrow your pumpkin art idea for my kids... so cool!

It's such a difference being able to stay at home with the kids, isn't it? =)

Thank you for the follow. I'm following you, too! I really enjoy reading your posts. :)

~ Noelle said...

milkshake secret..
thanks for sharing