Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two Tea Parties :-)

We have had one busy weekend yet again. Saturday our local library did a colonial tea for girls ages 6-12 so I signed Hayley up to go. They had tea, treats and played all sorts of colonial games.

Some of these games were:

Hunt the Ring....

The players sit on the floor and form a circle around one player. She closes her eyes. The other girls in the circle keep their hands hidden and pass the ring back and forth behind their backs. When the player in the center says stop she opens her eyes and tries to guess who has the ring. If she's right then she switches places with that person.

Hide the Thimble (parlor game)

All players leave the room while one person hides the thinkble. The group returns to look for it and whoever finds it wins!

The girls were told to bring their favorite dolls, Hayley took her American Girl named Kristen.  She really had a nice time. The library really does wonderful programs and they are all free. :-)

All dressed and ready to go!

The parents couldn't stay in the room during the tea party but I did get to snap this quick picture.

They were given little treat bags to take home.

Then today we took both girls to a tea room to have a Princess tea with Belle. I think the girls were a little surprised by Belle, Hayley said she must have dyed her hair! LOL, but the experience was great. Great meal and great memories.

They both made Belle a picture.:-)

Daddy was such a great sport.

The girls with "Belle"

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We had a great day together as a family, we also visited a nice park, those pictures I will be posting tomorrow! Have a great night!



LeeAnn said...

It looks like your girls had a lot of fun! They look so cute all dressed up for tea. :-)

Thanks for stopping by for Relax & Surf Sunday. I am following you back!

Camille said...

What a lovely post Jill! Such sweet memories you made with your girls. I really *love* a pretty tea room and the one you all went to was absolutely beautiful. :)

How fun that your Hayley has an American Girl doll...that's *ALL* Emma has requested as a gift for Christmas. :)

Blessings to you!

Catherine Anne said...


Cindy said...

Way to go Dad!:)
Love all the "girly frilliness".
Enjoy the day

Sheila said...

Your pictures always bring a smile to my face. I love them!! I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Giveaways for Mom said...

I have an award for you!

Rayanne said...

How wonderful! I just love little girls tea parties! It reminds me of when my daughter was a little girl, my Mom and I gave her a tea party at a victorian tea room. A great time, for me and my daughther.
I'm thinking about buying one of my grand -daughters an American doll. Are they holding up?
Thank you Jill for stopping by.
I added you to my side bar!

Jenny said...

You gals (and guy) get to do the funnest things!!! I was thinking of you today, I did some leaf rubbings with my boys today and I thought, Jill would totally be rockin these with some cool paint or something good to eat! They had fun. And congratulations on 20 years! Loved seeing the old pictures. So cute. I hope you have lots and lots of happy years to come.

A Primitive Homestead said...

This adventure is so neat. My daughter is older & would think she is to old for such an adventure but I have enjoyed yours. The girls are dressed so lovely. Where was your photo Mom? You got to get a tripod for the camara. Blessings!

Karen said...

Oh what girly girls you should be so proud.. they look precious.. and dad was a great sport.. you are truly blessed.. that second tea house was just beautiful.. I loved it. and loved the pictures..
Thanks for sharing..
It looks like life is treating you well.
God Bless

~Krystle~ said...

I love all of your tea parties they are so cute. Your girls look so adorable and like they are having a blast. Our library does a lot of stuff for free to, Doodle Bug is one today and I need to go to the library for some research for a class and I am planning on getting them both a library card and letting them get a book too!...Have a great week!

Sara said...

That looks like so much fun!!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Well, you know I LOVE tea parties, so this post was such fun for me. The girls looked so beautiful at their "Belle" tea. Hayley's hat is gorgeous...and Kathleen's crown...oh, my, such a princess.

And, I'm putting in a huge high 5/Kudos to your dear husband for enjoying a tea party with his girls. Many men wouldn't have anything to do with that.

Blessings and hugs,

~ Noelle said...

what a sweet dad!!!
i remember going to tea! fun times