Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another surprise for Kathleen and Hayley too! Breakfast with santa at Boyd's Bear Country!

The girls were so excited when we told them there was more to their birthday celebration. When we told them they were having breakfast with santa at Boyd's Bears they jumped up and down with excitement. We surprised and took my Mom with us. We had a wonderful time!

As part of the breakfast you get a hedgehog and a bear!

The Grinch and Lucy were a surprise!

Daddy being silly! He was just as excited as the girls!!

See that smile? daddy is enjoying himself LOL!

This was taken on the fireplace, I love the photos in the background, depicting war stories.

Some interesting facts about the soldier's food.

They had a beautiful tree displayed!

Uh oh, I think the Elf's in trouble! LOL

Love that smile!

This was neat, after they saw Santa they slid down and an Elf gave them another bear.

Here they had just come out of the secret Santa shop. They had $20.00 a piece to spend and came out with all these bags! They really liked this and the parents wait outside.

Nestled in the countryside of Gettysburg, Pa.!

We had a great time! So many things to see, they even have a thomas Kinkade gallery (I just love his work) and they sell Longerberger baskets.

This was a picture of our dog Skippy I captured through the sliding glass door at my Mom's house. Usually he won't hold still long enough for a good face shot, but here he was peering in and couldn't see us well. I jumped on the opportunity!

These two pictures my Mom took of Hayley and I just love how they turned out. Growing up into such a beautiful little lady!

We are off to a playdate this morning. I am busily preparing for the holidays so will have lots to post this month!

Have a great day!



Marah said...

my home is 30 minutes from gettysburg!

i'm you newest follower from the chickadee blog hop.

i'd love for you to come by my blog and follow back! :)


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

What an exciting place for children!!! I wish we had something like that here in NC. Thank you for sharing your special family moments!!! I know your girls were having the time of their lives.
God bless you, my friend.

Miller Moments said...

What a magical experience! My boys are afraid of Santa so our last photo op with Santa was when they were babies. But I love stuff like this!!! Hopefully when the boys get older we can do more Santa experiences.

Anonymous said...

What a great and exciting time! The pictures are great. Wow what a fun experience for the girls and mom/dad also.

Have a great day!


Mandie said...

I love Boyd's Bears!! What a beautiful place to visit. And it is all decked out for Christmas, how beautiful! Did you eat any hard tack? LOL Doesn't sound yummy to me at all!

Marissa said...

what a fun place...wish we had something like that here in Texas! Precious family and cute blog too! Found you from the chickadee blog hop!

mr. pineapple man said...

ooh and people from whoville!! looks like so much fun :)

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Oh precious! That looks like fun!

Following you back. Good to meet you.




Melanie said...

That looks so fun! Following you! :)

Sheila said...

Wow--it looks like everyone had a great time. No pictures of you? The girls are gorgeous as always. Boy, that picture of the countryside sure makes me miss PA. We lived in Dillsburg so we were right there!! Y'all do the most fun things. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Take care.

Jenny said...

What a lovely surprise for the girls. That looks like so much fun. The grinch and Cindy Lou Who are cracking me up! You're right, Hayley is quite the beauty, I hope daddy is ready to fight those boys off in a few years!!!

Vic said...

HOW Rad is this! My girls can't see this post...they will be soooo very jealous...this mom isn't that cool! What a beautiful day for pretty girls! ahhhhh! thanks for sharing:) love it! and i wish i could have a dooggyyyyyy! poop....ut oh...here comes hannah...gotta scoot! haha...j/k...she loves seeing other kids on blogs....that way they know this mama ain't the only one blogging about their biz....heeee:) have a good night doll face!

Jen M said...

Thanks for following me! I'm glad I made you appreciate your prices :) Everytime I shop in the States I feel like crying, because I wish that prices were as low back home.
Jen @ My Secret Home

~ Noelle said...

i want to go there...
lol, yeah, i guess we can take the boys!
thanks for sharing