Thursday, November 4, 2010

A craft, some songs and a learning idea :-)

Good afternoon!!

It is a dreary, cold, rainy day here in our neck of the woods. I drove Kathleen out to her Preschool story hour that started at the school. It get's them ready for Kindergarten. On the way she said "Mommy, can we take a nap today?". Hasn't happened of course, but it sounded good. I'm such an emotional Mommy, watching her sit at the big kid tables and do her craft, as well as tour the library, I could feel myself getting all emotional. Less then a year and she's off to Kindergarten. The time has gone by so quickly.

On a funnier note, we went to Pizza Hut last night. I've been having some health issues that can affect my insulin levels, so I saw a nutritionist yesterday. Today I started a meal plan to reduce sugars and carbs and to stabilize my blood sugar. So I said last night at the restaurant that I wouldn't be able to eat these bad foods anymore. (meaning the unhealthy part of the lovely grease pooling in the pizza, but I did also have a salad :-)
Anyhow.... Kathleen looks up from her coloring and loudly states "THEY HAVE BAD FOOD HERE??!!!"
I wanted to climb under the table, then I rethought that, thinking of what might be lurking on the floor. LOL We had to shhh her and explain what I meant. She also informed us she wanted to be a VENT, a VENT I said? Are you sure?? Hayley started laughing and said "don't you mean a vet?". I just love these moments. I already have a whole book from Hayley and Kathleen of cute sayings.

So today we made a WAMPUM necklace for Thanksgiving. I could not find my yarn anywhere.... so we had to settle for twine. We chose our noodles, and colored, then strung them to form our necklace. You can also use watercolors to paint or markers to color them.

She had a great time, and letting them string things is always wonderful for developing their fine motor skills. The lighting doesn't give this necklace justice with the colors.

Next we did another letter recognition project, using the letter K today. This will stay up for a week. We are searching for pictures to cut out, and drawing our own. However, overlook the quick drawings of mine. At least her coloring makes them look better. Since Kathleen also starts with K, she is in the picture too, lol.
This is just a start, we will add more each day. Then of course continue to change out the letters.

It's a kite, a foot KICKING a ball, a kangaroo, and Kit.

I have also been teaching her songs for Thanksgiving. Below are two from this week:

The big turkey on the farm is so very proud (form fist)
He spreads his tail like a fan, (spread fingers of other hand behind fist)
And struts through the animal crowd (move two fingers of fist as if walking)
If you talk to him as he wobbles along, he'll answer back with a gobbling song,
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble..... (open and close hand)

Our turkey is a big fat bird (curve arms at sides)
Who gobbles when he talks (open and close hand)
His red chin's always drooping down (point to chin)
He waddles when he walks (place hands under arms, move elbows)
His tail is like a spreading fan (link thumb, spread fingers)
And on Thanksgiving Day, he sticks his tail up in the air
And whoosh he flies away! (move hands as if flying)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



Kimberly said...

cute thanksgiving finger play. I'll have to do that with my kiddos. Thanks so much for following my blog! It's great to have you!

(having a giveaway right now, check it out:

Cindy said...

Oh I haven't had Pizza Hut in sooo long!
It sounds so yummy, pool of greasy goodness and all!:)
Enjoy the day

Jenny said...

Yum, I used to love going to Pizza Hut and getting pizza and a big pitcher of Coke with my friends. Haven't been there in a long time. I have a book with funny stuff my kids say too. I love to read it. I feel the same way about my Parker going to school next year. It breaks my heart.

Kelly Polizzi said...

aww my daughter and I just did a similar craft but it was a lot more messy by the looks of things. she painted the noodles first.

Your daughter is so so beautiful.

A Hopeful Heart said...

Yes, the years when our kids are little go by so quickly. I know that sometimes when we are in the midst of them, we don't think that. We wonder if we'll ever have a moment for ourselves again, if we'll ever be able to have a break from the demands of children. Sadly, those days come all too quickly. I would go back to the days of toddler/preschooler demands in a heartbeat.

We didn't start homeschooling until our kids were in 1st and 3rd grades, so I had the kindergarten experience with both of them. It was moderately difficult with my first child, but by the time my second child was in kindergarten, I was a few years into my battle with fertility issues and really longing for another child, so it was agonizing for me. I cried for days.

Changing the diet is always a hard thing....those less than healthy foods taste SO good. Though I must admit, when it comes to Pizza Hut, I prefer their thin and crispy crust, so I guess that's a bit healthier than the pan pizza.

Have a lovely day.


Life In a Little House said...

Oh cute!! great pictures!:-) ~Love Heather

McVal said...

LOL! My kids used to say things like that too. SSSHHHH!H!!!!

Julie said...

We finished our turkey's today. I love the noodle necklace. It's been years since we've done that. I love you giving me these ideas. Marshmellow painting is on the list for Monday. Gotta get some marshmellows first.
Take care Jill and have a blessed weekend.

Donna said...

Please Jill...don't start talking about pizza!! What a great idea..a wampum necklace. Your photos and stories of the kids always give me such a chuckle.

I'm teaching Jacob how to drive this week...and helping Christian get some holes filled in mentally with his Algebra I..and I had tea and a chat with my 20 yr. old. She and Jacob are off to college station this evening to square dance with some friends.

It's been so long since we did sweet little fun things...I love re-living those moments of long ago with you. :o)

Donna @ Comin' Home

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I hope your health issues improve. Your daughter is too cute, I remember when I was about her age telling my uncle I wanted to become a vegetarian. Of course, I meant veterinarian. But, then I discovered I had a fear of needles and those plans went out the window!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

They do grow up so fast! Wasn't that long ago and mine were where yours are now. This week my baby had her first baby. Sooo amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love your letter lessons. I really like the idea of putting things on the door during a weeks time. And of course we can't forget Kit starts with a K.

Carmen said...

Sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry about your sugar, its so frustrating when we cant eat and do the things we want. I loved the funny pizza hut story and yes our babies do grow up too fast, mine is 22 already and she has a hubby. I loved your Thanksgiving songs, I have never heard those before. I did all the hand movements while reading them lol Hope you are having a good weekend.

Liz said...

I just love all the fun, educational stuff you do with Kathleen. You are so good! The song is so cute and I love that it has movements with it.

Sorry about your insulin problem, not fun at all! Hope you get it all straightened out!

A Primitive Homestead said...

I can imagine just how hard it is to change eating habits. Keep up the will power. Since surgery I have had to change a bit. Friday I get all my test results back. I may be eating even less of the many foods I like. But if it helps. So be it. Kids have a way of taking our words so seriously & making us want to crawl under a table. So funny. I got a laugh. How soon do you think you will visit Pizza Hut again???? Blessings!