Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday thoughts....

Have you noticed it yet? The traffic, the busy malls, the commercials and yes, even the Christmas music has started on some stations. Some even have Christmas lights strung. Long lines already tempting me to grab some hot cocoa, curl up in my PJ's and order till my heart's content online for Christmas shopping. :-) But I will be among the crazy ones, along with my husband searching for deals on good Friday. I think we are THAT desperate for time alone as a couple that we will face anything.... even the pushing, shoving, knock down craziness! Whew! We will be the ones on the sidelines shaking our heads, waiting for the frenzy to clear.

I feel that no material object is worth the life of my loved ones or me for that matter. Yet every year you hear of some tragedy, people being trampled, road rage, fights breaking out....really? No deal is THAT important! Just makes me wonder how many people have forgotten what the season is truly about. Not the latest gadget, toy, clothing, etc. It's peace and goodwill towards men (women & children too :0) ). Where in the world have we lost this concept? We need to remember the reason for the season. How many people can actually name and remember what they bought or what they received from a previous Christmas? If it is an overabundance then how will they learn to appreciate what they have? What does that teach our children?

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Yes, I'm a parent that wants to make my holidays special for my girls, of course! But teaching the right things. We always remember those less fortunate and buy and donate money for families in need. We could have very well been the family in need this year. When my husband lost his job in Feb, it put a lot of things into a clearer perspective. We thought he would retire there. We almost lost our home and even putting food on the table was a challenge. We were prepared with savings, yet, savings quickly run out when you lose a steady income. I am so thankful every day that he has a better job then he did before. A blessing I couldn't see at the time. We have insurance, which so many do not. So many many families this year struggling to keep warm and put food on the tables, many losing their homes. Children who may have no gifts under their trees. we need to remember them at this time of year and reach out to help. You never know what curve balls life can throw at you. Any one of us could end up in this same place for a variety of reasons. I guess it's been on my mind even more because I know how close my family came to losing everything.

We will be starting our Christmas shopping this evening and on and off through the holiday season. We will be remembering those less fortunate and I hope you will as well. My best friend made me aware that if you shop on you can purchase gifts for the Salvation Army from the Angel tree and they ship it for you. please take time to talk to your local community outreach programs. Salvation army, shelters, etc. Let's not forget our furry family members too at the SPCA needing homes and supplies this holiday season and all year. Our last donation gave us a new family member, our cat Elvis. We weren't looking for a new pet, but as we say he found us. We love him dearly and now can't imagine our lives without him.

Wishing you all safe travels while holiday shopping this year. Add our soldiers to your Christmas lists as well. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas there are so many ways to help.

Take time to enjoy the simple moments.....

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Hug your loved ones and be thankful to have them near this holiday season. :-) Be thankful for good health, among many other things we are blessed with in America.

I included a video of a song I love by Faith Hill. It is a separate post. I have not yet figured out how to type text in the same area as the video, it won't let me, but take some time to watch it if you can, it's a beautiful song.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Many blessings to you all,


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Donna said...

HI Jill, Boy do I agree with you about that! We know lots of people who go crazy shopping on the day after Thanksgiving to get all the Christmas deals.

We just won't. We like to enjoy the holidays with our family..quietly. No deal is worth it. We will go shopping..but it will be a fun and special occasion..not a scramble. Great post!

Donna @ Comin' Home

Anonymous said...

I will be working Black Friday so I will be out there with all the crazies lol I dread it so much but you gotta do what you gotta do, Im thankful for my job :o) It is a shame how people get hurt because of all the craziness. My Christmas shopping is about done and I always for years now have remembered the angel trees at our mall here and my daughter even remembers also even though she doesnt have alot of money, Im glad I had that impact on her :o) hope you have a happy weekend!

Julie said...

AMEN!!! my dear AMEN!!!

Kerri said...

My husband and I were just talking this evening about how we can cut back this Christmas. I think things are a little tight for everyone right now. You are right about trying to remember what gifts were given last year. There's so much to enjoy about the season. I went into school today to help my son's class make Christmas cards to send to our troops. Each student was given someone's name. My son was so proud of the card he made to send....he talked about it several times through the evening. We also do Operation Christmas just puts the whole gift giving thing in perspective.
Great post Jill!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I agree with you. It is sad that people do not remember the true meaning of Christmas.
God bless you.

Foxglove Spires said...

Such a thoughtful post Jill, thank you

Have a glorious weekend. xxx

Wendi said...

I use to go do the crazy after Thanksgiving shopping. Not anymore because it was insane and certainly didn't give me the Christmas spirit. I have been shopping a little here and there in hopes of having my shopping done by Thanksgiving. I really want time to enjoy the season, especially since there are only 3 Saturdays after Thanksgiving.

Hope your weekend is great!

Mama Hen said...

This is a great post Jill! We all need to remember what Christmas is really about and think of others in need this time of the year and all around the year. Elvis is adorable! I try to shop online if I can to avoid the lines and traffic. I hope you have a great weekend!

Mama Hen

Mandie said...

Oh so true Jill! I have even found myself getting mad at parents that buy tons of presents. It makes it hard for us parents that are trying to teach our kids that things aren't important. The thought behind the gift is. We have tried for the last 3 years to do 3 presents for each child to represent the 3 gifts that Jesus received. We do stockings too so they get more then 3 but we want to keep it simple. Our girls do not have cell phones or T'V's in their rooms either. That in its self is amazing how many kids do. I think parents have the right intentions just the wrong way of showing how much they love their children. I would love nothing more then to spoil them with things but I know that doesn't teach them anything and it is the wrong way to show them I love them. Boy oh boy, I am done, lol. I had a tangent going, haha. I am trying to say that I liked your post. Good job again!

~ Noelle said...

lovely post!
i have several family members that brave the crowd, I on the other hand will be asleep! lol, i can not deal with it...
:) just remember..
Jesus is the reason for the Season

Liz said...

Wonderful post for this time of the year. We always try to give to those less fortunate also. For the past few years we have "adopted" a family through a local organization and bought everyone in the family gifts. One of our local pet stores also have a Christmas tree with gift wishes from the local humane society and I always fulfill couple of the wishes. It's definitely something I want to instill in Avery!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Life would be so much simpler at Christmas if we could just keep in mind Jesus is the reason for the season. I dont like the shopping. It will be here before we know it & already I am dreading it. I love to decorate & have a good meal. I have tried to teach my kids it is not about all the gifts one gets. Our nativity came with a book. Tells the story of a manger scene that a young boy bought for his Mom for Christmas. It was on sale & the store owner told him that there was a piece missing. The boy did not seem to care he just wanted it for his Mom. Soon to find that baby Jesus was the missing piece. What good was it without baby Jesus? The boy was sad. On Christmas morning he discovered that baby Jesus was in the manger. The mericle of Christmas. It was a tradeition to read it on Christmas eve. We may just have to start that again. I have made birthday cakes & decorated for Jesus for Christmas diner. All in hopes of teaching them the true meaning. Elvis was a great addition to your family. Sam always takes pet food in for the schools animal shelter collection at Christmas. Blessings!