Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pictures and video of Kathleen's dance class and I won again! :-)

Last night was Kathleen's last dance class for 2010. So they put on a little holiday dance for the parents. I am so proud of her, she wants to be a professional dancer and I think she's got the potential!;-) Here's a video of her dance. The little girl with blonde hair is her friend Kathryn, she kept trying to scoot in front of the camera, lol. So adorable!

She starts again in January and they start preparing for her May concert. :-)

Great job sweetie, we are so proud of you!!!

I received another goodie in the mail today. I won a t-shirt giveaway from Niki ! We decided to order a shirt for daddy for Christmas and it turned out great! We ordered it a little larger in case it would shrink. If you're interested in great t-shirts as well as other gifts check out

Thank you Niki!!! :-)

Busy day around here as usual, trying to prepare for a Math test tonight, wrap some more gifts, clean, etc. My to do list seems to be growing! LOL
These two just don't seem very interested in helping me out, lol.

Hope you all have a great night!



Grace on the Narrow Path said...

She is so sweet!!! I am glad you are enjoying being a mommy.
God bless you, my friend.

Olives and Pickles said...

Oh my goodness...she has a great gross motor is no natural on her.

~Niki~ said...

She is adorable!
I am so jealous~My only daughter does not want anything to do with girly stuff.
I tried to get her a dress for the Christmas pic and nope, she would have nothing to do with it. Red shirt, black pants. lol

Kerri said...

So so CUTE!! She looks so excited!
I remember the first time we went to our son's Christmas concert in preschool...I knew then that I why I wanted more children...just so I could attend this kind of stuff! It doesn't matter what our kids are's so easy to be so proud!

Julie said...

LOVE IT!!! Oh I love it!!! A dancer she is, a great one she's going to be. Thanks for sharing.
Love the t-shirt.
My two are sleeping on the couch together as well as my two wee ones. Time for just a little quiet time for me. Take care Jill and have a blessed afternoon.

Donna said...

She's just charming Jill! What a sweet little dancer..and the grin is priceless!

Love your cat and dog photo. I'm going to have to post a photo of our chihuini in the antique cradle in the living room. He just stre...tches out and relaxes like he doesn't have a care in the world. I try not to be jealous while wrapping a zillion gifts on the livingroom floor.

Though I had a nice cup of cocoa in a snowman cup to console me..just nearby on the coffee table. And the gingerbread scent filled the room.. You made the whole process a little less tedious. :o) I took photos to share about your gift on Saturday. Thursday will be a 'how to organize Christmas gift wrapping'. Fun! (not for me..but I know some people like doing it.LOL!)

Hope you math test goes well..What you are you studying for? I forget..


Donna said...

Jill, I had to watch that darling video one more time..It brought a tear to my eye! I'm not kidding! My dear Rebekah did ballet for a just that age. I would love to share that video with my readers on Saturday. I'll have to link back so they can come here and check it out. :o)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

What a cute little ballerina

mr. pineapple man said...

so cute!!! happy holidays~

Julie Harward said...

How sweet she is! I love going to dance recitals! Thanks for the Christmas card and I loved the pictures from the girls...burp! LOL (How did you get the dog and cat to lay down together like that, cute!

Carmen said...

Super Sweet, Jill. She is adorable.

A math test? ;) I am writing a 20 page research paper. I keep asking when will the Holiday break arrive?

Life In a Little House said...

Oh so cute!! Loved the video ~Heather

Anonymous said...

What a cute little ballerina she is, thanks for sharing the video. I love how your dog and cat lay together. My cat and dog does that but sometimes my dog gets frustrated when the cat it taking up too much room on her pillow lol

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Jill,
Oh how cute...K looks like she's having a blast...and she has such a huge smile :) :) It reminded me of when I was in dance school. I wore an outfit just like hers!!!

Sounds like you're busy :) :) :) The t-shirt is cute...and the photo of your cat and dog...oh, my goodness, that just melted my heart. C-U-T-E. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

McVal said...

Oh my! Could she BE any cuter!! I remember those days with my girls. What great memories she'll have of this time!

Jenny said...

What a sweetie pie! I love little ballerinas.

Susan said...

Your dancing girl is SO very cute! Your video brought back memories of when my three girls were little dancers too! I hope my grandaughter wants to take dance classes!

Mama Hen said...

A prima ballerina in the making! I love that she danced to Frosty the snowman! That last picture is so cute! My little furry ones are no help either! :) There is so much to do. Have a great night my friend!

Mama Hen